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Always on facebook
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Always on facebook


facebook addiction by ruchi verma

facebook addiction by ruchi verma

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  • 1. Social Networking ServiceA social networking service is an online service, platform, or site thatfocuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relationsamong people, who, for example, share interests and/or activities.
  • 2. The Worlds Billionaires Mark Zuckerberg Fortune: Self Made Source: Facebook Age: 27 Country Of United States Citizenship: Residence: Palo Alto, California Education: Harvard U Marital Status: SingleWorlds youngest billionaire leading his addictive social networking siteFacebook. Fresh-faced entrepreneur launched Facebook from Harvarddorm room in Feb 2004. Left school for Silicon Valley later that year;bagged initial $500,000 investment from PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel.
  • 3. “More than 800 million peopleuse Facebook. If it were acountry, itwould be the sixth mostpopulatedcountry in the world.”In 2010, Zuckerberg wasnamedTime magazines Person of theYear.
  • 4. Facebook rests upon one solid, simple principle. Connect people.
  • 5. 2005 2007 2011
  • 6. Facebook applications videos Messaging Facebook EventsMessaging-notifications Messaging: Inbox Personal Profile Facebook Photos Facebook Groups Facebook News Feed
  • 7. Statistics
  • 8. Are you suffering from Facebook addictionDisorder? 8.
  • 9. Facebook addiction Disorder
  • 10. Signs of Facebook addiction disorder You lose sleep over Facebook. You spend more than an hour a day on Facebook. You ignore work in favour of Facebook. Thismeans you do not do your job in order to sneaktime on Facebook. If you try going a day without Facebook andit causes you stress and anxiety, this means youneed help. If your only mode of communication with yourFamily is via facebook.
  • 11. AdvantagesFast communicationLow costsMeet celebritiesExchange with people around the worldEmployees are searched by companies (good profile)Share your experients (music, video etc.)Keeping contact with family, friends and colleagues
  • 12. Cybercriminals Divorce Disadvantages Data Mining Affects relationship
  • 13. Bad performance Potential for misu Addiction Psychological effect FB at schoolOnline Bulling Trolling Risk for Child safet
  • 14. Issues related to Facebook‘Social media more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol’. Feb 7,2012. The Times of India.Facebook addiction causes anxiety, depression in youngsters.Parth Shastri, Jan 24, 2011. The Times of India.Saudi Facebook campaign sees women drive cars. 12:54PM BST17 Jun 2011. The TelegraphFacebook blocked in Pakistan over Prophet Mohammed cartoonrow. By Rob Crilly in Islamabad, 19 May 2010. The TelegraphWoman sacked after abusing boss on Facebook. By RichardEdwards,14 Aug 2009. The Telegraph
  • 15. In May 2011, HCL Technologies announced that approximately 50%of British employers had banned Facebook from the work place.In November 2011, several Facebook users reported that theiraccounts were hacked and their profile pictures were replaced withobjectionable images. It has been reported that more than 200,000accounts in Bangalore, India were hacked.Schools blocking access.Facebook fuelling divorce, research claims. 21 Dec 2009. TheTelegraphFacebook Kick a Ginger campaign prompts attacks onredheads. By Matthew Moore 22 Nov 2008.The Telegraph
  • 16. ChinaBangladeshIranPakistanUzbekistanVietnam
  • 17. PIPA and SOPA are both U.S. Government Law’s forstopping the Online Piracy which includes, Software, Music,Movies, anything.. The big companies like Google andMozilla once supported this ACTs.. But now they arestanding against them.... They want that this Bills never getpassed...• PIPA stands for Protect IP Act• SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act
  • 18. Medication ?33 Benefits