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  • -
  • - orginial scope – wayfindings project – towns assets, keylocations – wayfinding analyisTalking to community member- what they had to say-project took a different turn-placemaking idea
  • - Little of stowe, where it is -orange-Stowe BDAC-small business district-only 6 miles from downtown pittsOn map… - lenght miles – time - Demogrpahivs-important info-age----breakdown-unlike a lot of city of pittsburgh…most of stowe are in the younger and middle age-almost 40% under 24, another 40%-Importaant what stowe is trying to accomplish-sustain populationpkey of what we want to achieve
  • Brieftimeline – main points-larger part of land -….. -
  • Wlakscore website…%
  • Verify amenitites…already has a lot of food activities, schools, religious and-business development plans
  • Revitalisation CBD…xmile stratchLots of activities walkableOnly lacks – post office, bank, family dollar
  • Historic fabric…early 1900s-archtiectural features include geometric elements-craftsmen-visible elements-- Chrachter valued by community residence…retained for streetscape plans
  • ‘Visually’ lot bigger than LitterCluttered storefrontsGaps, problems that can be addressed to continue with overall revitalisationVacany+streetscape
  • Several plans in place…township commissioned Stowe Strategic Plan
  • Stowe as a place for cuisine, culture and communityWe’ve identified 3 priniciples that guide our vision – - Community Identity - Youth Interest - Capturing potential new market These three principles guide our recommendations and we hope that they will provide a guide even for future ideas for growth within Stowe.We identified several small and large scale things that Stowe should do.We categorised them as policy,CAN be implemented… -our focus when identifiying recommendations was that they should be easily implementatble considering the current resources that Stowe has. We wanted to provide them with simple- and easy to implement recommendations.
  • Charettes, continue dialogue, community input, why important
  • -reinforce-overarching directionSigned by all key stakeholders within the communityFeel that they have a real stake in developmentPortrays the community commitment..
  • Not noticed by passreby-not enetering-needs comprehensive-navigational-get-in-retainElements of wayfinding-includes…Also identified the order in which they can be implemented
  • Signanges-3 locations – welcome signs
  • After getting in-keep them in-aware of various places – ADD labels to picturesOrder – C, A, B
  • Identity to communityCharette - Blend-modern & historicalCommon theme-colourful banners - work with a local artist to involve youth in design process -had banners – brackets – low cost and they are already aware of how it works
  • Could do-promote the idea of stowe as a place for food and culture-map we created of where the food businesses are-promoting themeselves-internet preseneseMore unified – welcome kit-policy in place-stowe as a place – image or identity to stowe at largeWay to attract pple into stowe - web-site that can be handled by the youth
  • We have identified several resources that we thought could be helpful to Stowe-Funding and institutional resources that can be used by Stowe to implement some of these strategies - An important one we want to highlight is the ‘Placemaking Event’ Grant sponsored by the Sprout Foundation. The Sprout Foundation will award a $10,000 fine to a community for a proposal for an innovative event. The deadline for this event is May 11th. Activity, budget and organizational details need to be provided along with the proposal.b) We have also identified several communities currently in Pittsburgh that conduct even


  • 1. STOWE TOWNSHIP A place for culture, cuisine and community:An exercise in ‘placemaking’ and ‘community branding’ Ruchie Kothari Mugdha Mokashi Nicole Muise-Kielkucki
  • 2. Project Process Wayfinding Initial Scope SWOT Analysis System ‘Placemaking Existing/Ongoing Proposed Vision Proposed Vision Process’ Plans Stowe: Community ‘A place for cuisine, culture and Engagement community’Carnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design 2
  • 3. Location and Demographics Stowe: Location and Demographics BELLEVUE • Situated along Ohio River • Neighboring Kennedy Township and McKees Rocks STOWE • Stowe CBD is located on Broadway Street between 5th Business District Street and 9th Street KENNEDY • Well Connected to Pittsburgh Downtown McKEES ROCKS - 10min drive from downtown Pittsburgh (6.8miles) - Bus every ½ hour PITTSBURGH Stowe TownshipDemographics: Population: ~6700 Median Household Income:$29,688 19.9% less than 18 7.2% aged 18 to 24 Poverty Level:13% below poverty line 27.1% aged 25 to 44 22.7% aged 45 to 64 Pittsburgh Home Ownership: Just over 50% 23.1% aged 65 +Carnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design 3
  • 4. History Stowe: HistoryCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 4
  • 5. Stowe: Walkability Rich in Basic Amenities Pedestrian FriendlyCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 5
  • 6. Stowe: Amenities within 0.5 mile radius PNC Bank PNC Bank Family Dollar US Post office BUT Family Dollar No Parks! US Post OfficeCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 6
  • 7. Stowe CBD Location Stowe: Amenities within 0.1 mile radius Stores and Markets Restaurants and Food-Outlets Grocery Restaurants Hardware Store Dentist Optician Theater School Church Bookstore Recreational, Educational and Religious ActivitiesCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 7
  • 8. Stowe: Historical Character Churches Buildings Craftwork Memorials• Historic fabric still intact.• Simple, straight-forward facades with geometric ornaments• Influence of craftsmen movement evident in the façade designCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 8
  • 9. Stowe: Gaps and Opportunities Visual vacancy Cluttered more than actual Covered tree-pits storefronts vacancy Existing businesses Litter Youth Active community Lack of trees Excessive signage Safety New businesses HistoryCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 9
  • 10. Existing/Ongoing Plans Stowe Strategic Plan Community Activities • Job creation • Business district improvement • Develop anchor institutions • Attract manufacturing, wholesale ‘Easter’ on Broadway ‘Christmas’ on Broadway Stowe Streetscape Plan Business Development Plan ‘Vintage Cars’ on Broadway Halloween Trick or treat Memorial Day Parade Summer Fair • Foster’s community goodwill • Activities for children and adults • Use existing resources • Overall CBD beautification • Follow Allegheny Restores • Aesthetics guidelines • Safety • Business development plan Want More! • Retain historic & community • Welcome packet for new oriented identity businessesCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 10
  • 11. What should be done now?Carnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 11
  • 12. Stakeholders Community Members connected to aim to serve reps of/ Stowe BDAC Other Business liaisons to Owners advises support initiatives of Allegheny Sponsors, Fun Project Managers & Together ders Planning Teams Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.Carnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 12
  • 13. Stakeholder Engagement Activities undertaken to engage Stakeholders : 1. Presentation to Stowe BDAC 2. Interviews with key business owners 3. Community Charrette @ ‘Easter on Broadway’Carnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 13
  • 14. Community Feedback Community Likes Community Wants• Authenticity and Diversity • Parks• United Community • Clean Streets and Improved Sidewalks• Safety • More Recreational Activities• Activities for Children • More Community Parking • Place for Gatherings“ Where I grew up. It was great. Would like to see our town back like it was.” “ Would love to see the streets cleaner and it would be a great place to walk.”“ Stowe is a nice place to me. It cares about the kidsand it is a friendly place for kids to grow up at.” “ a bad place for kids. poor little town. it could be a “ Home to me!” better place – more activities, parks. make it look nicer ” “ On the verge of a RESURGENCE. But teetering on an abyss.”Carnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 14
  • 15. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses walkability of neighborhood reputation as unsafe community oriented town litter, storefront disrepair solid group of core businesses vacant properties dedicated and involved leadership Opportunities Threats potential new market in art, culture, cuisine general decline in Pittsburghs outer areas low barriers to entry for new business competition from nearby towns proximity to downtown, sports attractions low visibility of Stowe within larger landscape youth population’s desire to be involved sparse funding opportunitiesCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 15
  • 16. The proposed visionCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 16
  • 17. Vision “Stowe as a place for cuisine, culture and community” The vision integrates the identified community strengths and wishes to create a platform for future growth… Cuisine Culture Community ?! Two Questions that need answers: Is this the RIGHT vision? And HOW do we implement this vision?Carnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design 17
  • 18. Recommendations Three Principles Guide our Recommendations: • Involve and Engage the Community – Especially the Youth • Comprehensively Market the Community Brand – “Everyone to Know” • Use Existing and Potential Assets – For Easy Implementation Separated as Policy, Program and Project to ease implementation and identify funding Policy Program Project • Wayfinding System: • Placemaking Events • Install Signage • Youth Workshops • Adopt a Charter • Wine-Theater-Food • Create Brochures • Create Web-Site Festival • Public Art InstallationsCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 18
  • 19. 1. Conduct a ‘Placemaking’ Event• Most Important Recommendation – To be Implemented First• The „brand‟ depends on the community• Essential to continue dialogue with the community• Present vision and incorporate feedback into the vision• Opportunity to use the event to create public art installations I Live In…Carnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design 19
  • 20. 2. Adopt a Charter• Helps reinforce community vision• Provides the policy makers, business leaders and We are „Stowe Township‟ community with an overarching direction Vision:________________________• Helps the community feel like it has a real stake in Our Principles:__________________ the development Our Goal:____________________:__• Helps portray community commitment to potential sponsors, business owners, housing Our Responsibilities: investors etc Council:_______________________• To be implemented second Community:____________________ All of Us:_______________________ Pledge and Commitment XXX XXX BDAC 1 Policymaker XXX XXX Youth Senior CitizensCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 20
  • 21. 3. Develop a Comprehensive Way-finding SystemWayfinding is a process which consists ofnavigational elements to assist visitors inan unfamiliar environmenta. Wayfinding Requirements External To get people into the community Stage 1 Stage 3 Goals To help people find Internal activities within the community Stage 2 Stage 5b. Signage Requirements• Gateway Signs • Pedestrian Signs• Proximity • Banners Destination Signs • Regulatory Signs Stage 4• Trailblazer Signs • Kiosksc. Theme Based Signage• GREAT opportunity for community branding• Important to brand existing wayfinding elements such as web- sites, maps, brochures etc using new Implementation Order themeCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design 21
  • 22. 3. Develop a Comprehensive Way-finding Systema. Install Signage for External Wayfinding 2 1 Install Gateway Sign 1 Paint Walls 2 3 Install Kiosks 3Carnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 22
  • 23. 3. Develop a Comprehensive Way-finding Systemb. Install Signage for Internal Wayfinding 4 2 A Mazottas Market 3 2 Proximity Destination Signs Blue Eagle 1 Fox’s Pizza Parkway Theatre 2 Mancinis Bakery Parkway Theatre Marge’s Place Lynn’s Cafe 1 1 B Trailblazer Signs Kiosks CCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 23
  • 24. 3. Develop a Comprehensive Way-finding Systemc. Install Theme Based Integrated Signage What sign did the community pick? Glamour Natural Classic GatewayExisting Signage: Suggestions:• Faded Signs • New theme based colorful banners• No common theme • Attach to Existing Posts Using• Too Many Brackets• Community wants NEW • Changeable Banners + MODERN • Combine „Banners‟ and „Trailblazer‟ Signs • FRESH + MODERN + Festive The Winner – By 2 Votes HISTORICALCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 24
  • 25. 4. Develop marketing for Existing and Future Businessesa. Develop an uniform on-line presence: Stowe Web-site Theme based marketing: ‘Food as culture’ • Use wayfinding to direct outside visitors to Food Attractions • Develop a Food and Art Festival • Provide opportunities and guidelines for new food businessesCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 25
  • 26. 4. Develop marketing for Existing and Future Businessesb. Develop brochures with activities for visitorsCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 26
  • 27. 5. Promote future businesses using the vision plan a. Continue with current marketing b. Build off from existing businesses in programs for theater neighboring communities• Parkway Theater, Stowe • Father Ryan‟s Performing Arts Theater, McKees Rocks• Small Café (wine, craft beer & cheese)• Theater • Art, Music and Dance Studios• Workshop Spaces • Art Gallery• Informal Art Gallery • Theater• Nightlife hub in conjunction with • Café future „evening restaurant • Conference RoomPlanned Activities: Current Activities:• Music Venue (jazz club) • Summer Peace Camp• Independent Movie Viewings • Dance, Music, Visual Arts Workshops• Theater Workshops • Childcare Services• Set for Advertisements, Films • Studio/ Conference Rental Services for• Plays Schools, Businesses, Community, Professional, Weddings Street Play • Art Themed PartiesPossible activities to markettheater till opening day: Benefits:•Street Plays•Street Art Workshops • Interesting activities for toddlers, preschoolers, youth and teens, adultsPossible Venue: Municipal Building • Opportunity for volunteer and civic engagementparking lot, Broadway Street Street Art • New job opportunitiesCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 27
  • 28. 5. Develop Spaces for Public Art – USP ‘Green Art’ and/or ‘Art Deco’ Opportunity to… • Create town asset • Involve community • Low-cost visual improvement to CBD 1 3 • Link to proposed community branding 2 Attractive storefront on CBDCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 28
  • 29. ResourcesCommunities that have implemented similar visions successfullyFunding and Institutional ResourcesCarnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design 29
  • 30. Questions?Carnegie Mellon University – Sustainable Community Design : Stowe Township 30