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Swe presentation

  1. 1. Software forHostel Management Group 2 Madhumita Sharma Richa Goyal Ritika Sharma Ruchi Bhatnagar Ruchita Jain
  2. 2. Why do we need a Hostel Management Software…??
  3. 3. What all will it do….???
  4. 4. Data Flow Diagrams
  5. 5. Level 0Data Flow Diagram
  6. 6. Data StoreDescription
  7. 7. Level 1Data Flow Diagram
  8. 8. W P1.2 A DF1a&2a View/update/ S P1.1 R Authentica delete TA U D tionU D E P1.3T E N Draft/readH NE TNT S DF3c&4c P2.2 DI T P2.1 View/update/ BC U Authent deleteA D DF3a&4a icationT E P3.3I N Draft/read NO T ON T F P3.2 ID A View C DF5a&6a P2.1B C E Authen U P3.3 S tication T Draft/read L Y
  9. 9. INVENTORY W DF1a&2aA A P1.1 P1.4 DATABASEU R Authentica View/update D tionTH EE N AN P1.5 TT COMPLAINT, view TI SUGGESTIONS n EC FEEDBACK NA DF3h&4h DT S P2.4 AI T Fill /Submit NO U DF3a&4a CN D P2.5 P2.1 E E update/D N Authent view ication DB T DF3k&4k B IMPORTANT CONATCTS
  10. 10. DFDDataflow Description Dataflow DescriptionDFD 1a Login ID, password from warden DFD 2a ACK 1aDFD 1b Check ID and password from DFD 2b ACK 1b authentication databaseDFD 1c Select Student DFD 2c ACK 1cDFD 1d View/update student information DFD 2d ACK 1dDFD 1e Select Notices DFD 2e ACK 1eDFD 1f Read/draft e-notices DFD 2f ACK 1fDFD 1g Select inventory DFD 2g ACK 1gDFD 1h View/update inventory details DFD 2h ACK 1hDFD 1h View/update inventory details DFD 2h ACK 1hDFD 1i Select attendance DFD 2i ACK 1iDFD 1j View attendance DFD 2j ACK 1jDFD 1k View/update complaints DFD 2k ACK 1h
  11. 11. Dataflow Description Dataflow DescriptionDFD 3a Login ID, password from warden DFD 4a ACK 3aDFD 3b Check ID and password from DFD 4b ACK 3b authentication databaseDFD 3c Select Student DFD 4c ACK 3cDFD 3d View/update student information DFD 4d ACK 3dDFD 3e Select Notices DFD 4e ACK 3eDFD 3f Read/draft e-notices DFD 4f ACK 3fDFD 3g Select attendance DFD 4g ACK 3gDFD 3h Fill and submit attendance DFD 4h ACK 3hDFD 3h View/update inventory details DFD 4h ACK 3hDFD 3i Select inventory DFD 4i ACK 3iDFD 3j Fill and submit inventory DFD4j ACK 3jDFD 3j Select important contacts DFD 4k ACK 3hDFD 3k View important contacts DFD 4k ACK 3k
  12. 12. Dataflow Description Dataflow DescriptionDFD 5a Login ID, password from warden DFD 6a ACK 5aDFD 5b Check ID and password from DFD 6b ACK 5b authentication databaseDFD 5c Select Student DFD 6c ACK 5cDFD 5d View student information DFD 6d ACK 5dDFD 5e Select Notices DFD 6e ACK 5eDFD 5f Read/draft e-notices DFD 6f ACK 1f
  13. 13. Process Description Level 1
  14. 14. UML Use Case Diagram
  15. 15. User Case Activity Diagram
  16. 16. Class Diagrams
  17. 17. Sub and Super Classes
  18. 18. Association Diagrams
  19. 19. Function Point Analysis
  20. 20. Component Diagram