Nursing Communication


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A. Process of Communication
B. Methods of Communication
C. Influence of Communication
D. Communication with Health Care Team
E. Therapeutic vs. Non-therapeutic Communication
F. Nurse-Client Communication

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Nursing Communication

  1. 1. COMMUNICATIONPrepared by: Faelden,R.R.C.
  2. 2. Communication Is “a process by which two or more peopleexchange ideas, facts, feelings orimpressions in ways that each gains a‘common understanding’ of meaning, intentand use of a message.”-Paul Leagens
  3. 3. Process of Communication
  4. 4. Process of Communicationsender receivermessageresponse(feedback)
  5. 5. Sender The sender (communicator) is the originatorof the message. Sender formulates, encodes and transmitsthe information which he/she wants tocommunicate. The impact of the message will depend onsenders communication skill, social status(authority), knowledge, attitude and prestigein the community.
  6. 6. Message A message is the information/desiredbehavior in physical form which thecommunicator transmits to his audience toreceive, understand, accept and act upon. The message may be in the form of words,pictures or signs.
  7. 7. Receiver Who receives messages from the sender,decoding, interprets the meaning and givingfeedback.
  8. 8. Response/Feedback The response is the message that thereceiver returns to the sender. It can be either verbal, non-verbal, or both.
  9. 9. Methods of Communication
  10. 10. Verbal Communication Pace and Intonation Simplicity Clarity and Brevity Timing and Relevance Adaptability Credibility Humor
  11. 11. Nonverbal Communication Personal Appearance Posture and Gait Facial Expression Gestures
  12. 12. Influence of Communication
  13. 13. Influence of Communication Development Gender Values and Perception
  14. 14. Influence of Communication Personal Space  Roles and Relationships Territoriality
  15. 15. Influence of Communication Environment  Interpersonal Attitude Congruence
  16. 16. Communicationwith Health Care Team
  17. 17. Communication with Health Care Team 4 C’s of Professional Nurse Communication: collaboration - seeking and giving info, filteringimportant info, concise language, preparednessand organization credibility - precise, accurate, assertive, direct,adjusting communication appropriately compassion - consideration, caring, respect,positivity, advocacy coordination - delegation, organization,teamwork, leadership, mentoring
  18. 18. Therapeutic vs. Non-therapeuticCommunication
  19. 19. Therapeutic Communication Is a process in which the nurse consciouslyinfluences a client or helps the client to abetter understanding through verbal ornonverbal communication.
  20. 20. Therapeutic Communication Techniques Using silence Providing general leads Being specific and tentative Using open-ended questions Using touch Restating or paraphrasing Seeking clarification Perception checking
  21. 21. Therapeutic Communication Techniques Offering self Giving information Acknowledging Clarifying time or sequence Presenting reality Focusing Reflecting Summarizing and planning
  22. 22. Non-therapeutic CommunicationTechniques Overloading Value Judgments Incongruence Underloading False reassurance Invalidation Focusing on self Changing the subject Giving advice Internal validation
  23. 23. Nurse-Client Communication
  24. 24. Nurse-Client Communication 3 C’s : Confirm feelings and thoughts Clarify information Collaborate to evaluate healing