Tecnlogy and education


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Tecnlogy and education

  2. 2. 2013 When faced with a steam-rolling technology, you either become part of the technology or part of the road” Nigel Willets INTRODUCTION Through all my scholar days I have never been a literary snob, I believe all reading is good reading, but for some reason I pay special attention to this three documents of Ambientes Tecnologicos, once I start reading, I began devouring “How to integrate ICTs in education” this document encouragements to broaden my horizon about the new technologies, it was strange, every time I was reading a line, a paragraph I encountered the need to read more and more. I was in the middle of the reading, kept reading reading became monotonous, but I never stop, I and reading and found this “teachers may become involved in the integration of ICTs” and this words call my attention, may be this words reminds me something real, it becomes a buzzwords, serving to evoke specific emotional responses, an encounter with a real world, our world that we live right now, the endless problem that Colombia and the world are facing, we are preparing our students for a society that no longer exists. Colombia is among the European Union Countries with
  3. 3. more and more school system failure, youth unemployment, school desertion, because we are not preparing our students for a good future, we must make a clear an objective diagnosis of what is wrong and also recognize the mistakes of the past, we need to adjust our education system to changing times and establish a plan of action together with teachers, parents, students. Technology integration in face to face education In retrospect to the past, and looking closely the aggressive transformation that the world has been experienced in recent years, the ICTs has become one of the cornerstone of today society and the teachers today must provide an education that reflect this reality, I think is impossible understand the world today without a minimum o computer culture, we must understand how its generated, how it is stored, how it changes, how its transmitted and how to access the information in its many forms, we the future teachers must try to participate in the generation of that culture. But here it’s the great question, how and why to integrate the ICTs in education? I strongly believe that internet era require big changes in education, the ICTs offers enormous potential to transform education, this changes are necessary to provide update and quality education, nowadays our classrooms must provide to the students a rich virtual learning environment because is a response to the social needs for
  4. 4. educational change, we are in a world highly mediated by technology , we are in century XXI. How to teach in the XXI century? How to integrate the use of technology in everyday practice? Well, its well known that the internet has dramatically changed the way the students learn, the mobile internet, the social networks, are shaping forms of learning and interaction that the educational systems in schools, universities have become obsolete, therefore, urges that teachers are updated with the ICTs. But there is a problem teachers are not prepared to this challenge, they don’t know how to use the computer in creating innovative opportunities for their students, they do not receive any training on the subject, some of them just attend a course on managing “hardware” and “software”, but very few are trained to integrate the ICTs to their programs. The integration of ICTs in education seems uncertain, and nobody questions the capacity of our teachers nowadays but the teachers role has changed ostensibly, now teachers has to stop transmitting information, like it or dislike us, the teacher of the future can not be like the present, if society changes the school changes as a result of the demands and the teacher necessarily is involved to change. How those changes should be? How to prepare school to meet this needs? I believe that we have to prepare prospective teachers to incorporate technology into their teaching, classrooms equipped with computers, give appropriate training to teachers, and something very important is to encourage teachers to teach in ways they have not taught before. In conclusion in order to successfully integrate technology in education, the use of technology needs to become part of our culture, because we need to be aware that in a near future every child, every student will have a tablet-sized computer connected to a wireless network, and the educational benefits of coming technological innovations will
  5. 5. depend upon how we plan for this future, and remember the future is here, we are in a connected world, in a networked world, in virtual learning environments!. End.
  6. 6. depend upon how we plan for this future, and remember the future is here, we are in a connected world, in a networked world, in virtual learning environments!. End.