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Social Media Brazil 2011


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Twitter: @rubenq Creating & Sustaining a Winning Fan Page on Facebook Ruben Quinones, Director of New Media June 3 rd , 2011 • Fecomercio, Sao Paulo Brazil Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 2. Top Growth In May 2011 Awareness Favorability Consideration Intent to Purchase Purchase Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 3. Lead Funnel – Search Vs. Social Awareness Favorability Consideration Intent to Purchase Purchase Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 4. Intent Vs. Propensity VS @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e VS Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 5. Edge Rank – News Feed Optimization @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011 Affinity Level of Interaction Timeliness
  • 6. Incentives Website Conversions Facebook Ads Causes Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 7. Some Reasons Why Businesses Fail on Facebook
    • Assuming Facebook is a purely a direct response vehicle
    • Underestimate investment of time
    • Don’t produce, or don’t produce enough content to fuel their page
    • Failure to synergize all existing media outlets
    Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 8. Creating A Facebook Business Page – Search Tips The About Box Provide some relevant keywords along with a good description. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 9. Creating A Facebook Business Page Search Tips The Info Button, another opportunity for relevant key terms. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 10. Making The Most of Your Page VS Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 11. Making The Most of Your Page @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e S Make the most out of your logo. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 12. Applications & App Providers @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 13. Applications– RSS Graffiti When You need to schedule – Apps like RSS Graffiti, Social RSS & Hootsuite automatically publishes to your feed. Set a delay time, and a schedule of checking your feed for new content. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 14. Applications– YouTube Video Box Input URLs of YouTube videos and they show up on your page and in a tab. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 15. Applications - ShopTAB Add products right into your Facebook page. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 16. Applications- Wildfire Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 17. Applications- Reveal – Non Reveal Tabs Non Fan Fan Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 18. Applications for Live Streaming Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 19. Announcing Your Page What is typically done - suggest to friends Gets lost in your Facebook mail @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 20. Announcing Your Page @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e Send them an email directly Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 21. Facebook Ads – Paid Media Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 22. Defeating Ad Fatigue Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 23. Facebook Ads – Paid Media Cost per Lead reduced close to 30% compared to broad campaign by segmenting Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 24. Facebook Ads – Paid Media Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 25. Facebook Insights Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 26. Earned Media: What is Engagement on Facebook?
    • Educational
    • Entertaining
    • Exclusives
    Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 27. Reasons People “Unlike” Brands On Facebook How Much Can You Get Away With? Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 28. What’s the strategy here? What’s feeding your posts? Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 29. Is it just about you? Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 30. Are you part of the community? Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 31. Questions and trivias are a great way to entertain your audience. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 32. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 33. Case Study Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 34. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 35. 3 “Tags” on this post YouTube Video embedded on facebook page Facebook enabled comments on log Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 36. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 37. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 38. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 39. Results - Facebook
    • Facebook Referring Traffic
    • Overall traffic to the site grew 40% for the month
    • Highest conversion rate of any referring or organic traffic – 3.74%
    • Over 800 Video Views, 522 new likes
    Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 40. Case Study 2 Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 41. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 42. Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 43. Results - Facebook Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 44. Other Facebook Features Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 45. Sample Launch Schedule
    • Reasons for Facebook Brand Page Launch
    • Brand Awareness: With over 500 million users, facebook has established itself as a credible community to have a level of interaction with. Instead of relying on facebook users to go to the _____ web site, we are making it easier for them to find ______.
    • Drive Traffic to Site: A facebook presence provides another portal by which users can gain access to your site.
    • Integrate and Publish Content: Although this should not be the only material on the page, publishing worthy content via the site provides a constant reminder of ______’s presence on facebook. Feeds should be inclusive of relevant press releases, new content pieces, videos, product launches, fan interaction, etc. There is currently a news feed in place on main site.
    • Event Marketing: The wall and or a dedicated tab that will be leveraged to market future events.
    • Gauge Feedback: Get a good overview of brand, product, and event sentiment.
    • Interact with Audience: Deepen the relationship with customers, prospects, vendors and other valuable relationships relevant to _______ by engaging with their comments.
    Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 46. Sample Launch Schedule
    • Corporate Facebook Page Launch
    • Below we recommend a schedule to provide a soft launch in March and official launch of the facebook page in April.
    • Recommended Administrators: Path, ___, anyone else from corporate, social media A team? Path can provide or assist content status updates, any event marketing updates, etc. We can properly evaluate responsibilities as the fan page grows and or scope of work has changed.
    • Recommended Architecture: To start off with, below is the recommended tabs to start off with, we can introduce new tabs as needed in the future. Path can execute on these tasks.
    • Top photos above the wall should have 5 pictures representative of the different business units.
    • Tabs on the left (new facebook pages)
    • Wall – We recommend turning profanity blocklist to at least moderate.
    • Info - We would recommend brand and keyword rich text in the description.
    • Photos – Should show case select business unit photos
    • Videos - Feature the videos that are on the ____ Youtube channel.
    • Events – Iframe application that mirrors the events page on main site.
    • Recommended Schedule:
    • March: Build primary applications for the wall, start flowing content into page
    • Last week of March: Soft launch, invite employees via email.
    • First week of April: Recommend producing press release of official fan page opening, send out invites to clients, vendors and friends.
    • End of April: Evaluate next steps if necessary.
    • Second week of April: Start supporting promotion of ___ event.
    Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011
  • 47. Thank You! Presentation available at Twitter: @rubenq #smbr2011