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Cracking the Facebook Feed web 2.0 2011


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Awareness Favorability ConsiderationIntent to Purchase Purchase
  • 2. Who We Are Strategic Online Marketing Approach SEO, Social Media, Social Ads & Pay-Per-Click management Industry leading technology for managing, optimizing & tracking search based campaigns Awareness Some Brands We Have Worked With Favorability Consideration Intent to Purchase Purchase@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 3. Lead Funnel – Search Vs. Social Awareness Favorability Consideration Intent to Purchase Purchase@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 4. Intent Vs. Propensity VS VS@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 5. Time Spent Online@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 6. Share of Time of Facebook@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 7. Percentage of Fans Who See Your Post Source: Page Lever@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 8. The New “News Feed/s” Real Time Ticker Friends, Pages,SubscriptionsWill Come up under News Feed based Facebook will offeron Algorithm Suggestions in yourand Timing of Feed. Since a Few Post Weeks ago, Users can dictate what a top story is for them @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 9. Facebook’s AlgorithmObjectEdge @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 10. Facebook’s Algorithm WeightLikes, Comments,Shares, Tags, etc.Recency Affinity @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 11. Likes Alone Are Not Sustainable@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 12. Gaining WeightA Good Thing On Facebook – Will Spur on Recency & Affinity @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 13. Gaining Weight Are You “Open”?@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 14. Gaining Weight Is All Your Content Meant To Be Social?Automatically feeds all posts into Facebook @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 15. Reasons People “Unlike” Brands On Facebook How Much Can You Get Away With? @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 16. Timing of Your Posts Source: Buddy Media 27% higher Engagement on Posts Outside of Business Hours@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 17. Timing of Your Posts Peaks out after 3 Hours Source: Bitly@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 18. Gaining Weight Make sure they can engage with your post within the feedPrevious concern with Third PartyEngagement API’sBranded URL Shortner Source: Facebook seems to have recently collapsed API generated posts @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 19. Gaining WeightFacebook Seems To Favor Direct Posts On Their Platform @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 20. Gaining Weight We Live in a Limited World@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 21. Ingredients for Gaining Weight on Updates Educational Entertaining Exclusives@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 22. Gaining Weight Provide Facebook Exclusives@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 23. Gaining Weight Ask for the Like!@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 24. Gaining Weight Ask for the Share Posted before Game 5 of Divisional Series@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 25. Gaining Weight Getting The Comment@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 26. Gaining Weight Leverage Images to Stand Out in The FeedPhotos Don’t Just Stand out in the News Feed, onAverage GenerateMore Comments & Shares @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 27. Gaining Weight Getting The Comment – Leveraging Photos@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 28. Gaining Weight Ask Questions, Leverage Polls@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 29. Questions and trivia are a great way toentertain your audience. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 30. Gaining Weight Are You Connecting With Your Audience?@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 31. Gaining Weight Make it Relevant Not Our TargetMarket forThis Post @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 32. Gaining Weight Make it RelevantTarget UsersFor Location Specific Content,promotions @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 33. Continue The Conversation Same Thread, Commenting on Your Own Thread Leads to More Engagement@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 34. Gaining Weight Are You Being Responsive? How Long Does it Take? Could a Brand’s Response Time Be Factored Into Edge Rank? (Google Factors in Load Time in Their Algorithm)@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 35. Watch What Your Competition is Doing Leverage“Smart Lists” and segment by industry,and learn from your feed @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 36. Facebook Ads – Paid Media@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 37. Facebook Ads – Paid Media@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 38. Facebook Ads Sponsored Posts in Ticker@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 39. Facebook AdsSegment Your Ads For Better Performance/Engagement Segmented our ads to Micro Groups. Campaign – Limited Budget Generated 1581 Likes and Over 200% Increase In Engagement. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 40. Defeating Ad Fatigue When Possible, Rotate Ads When your CTR Starts to Drop@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 41. Facebook Ads Target Users Who Are Discussing Your Topic/s PosedQuestionon Profile Minutes Later, I Started Seeing Targeted Ads Related To My Post @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 42. Facebook Ads: Leverage Your Content PosedQuestionon Page@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 43. Facebook Ads: Leverage Your ContentTargeted at“Likers” ofInfluencing Tools @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 44. Leverage Your ContentReposted on Klout (Klout likes it) @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 45. Leverage Your Content@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 46. Leverage Your Content@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 47. Leverage Your Content@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 48. Leverage Your Content@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 49. Keep An Eye Out for Opportunities 3 “Tags” on this post Facebook enabled YouTube comments Video on logembedded onFacebook page @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 50. Keep An Eye Out for Opportunities@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 51. Keep An Eye Out for Opportunities@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 52. Keep An Eye Out for Opportunities@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 53. Incentivizing Engagement@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 54. Incentivizing Engagement Leverage Pre Contest Posts for Engagement@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 55. Feedback% Jumps up @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 56. Incentivizing EngagementTop Fans Can Win Pointsby Engaging on The Wall @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 57. Incentivizing Engagement This Reveal TabFeatured Over TheSummer Resulted in an Increase of 950 Fans, from a Non Existent Fan Base @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 58. Incentivizing Engagement Days After Promotion,Feedback rateat 1%, no Paid at the Time @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 59. Metrics to Keep in Mind Raw Number of Users Who AreEngage With YourBrand in The Last 7 Days @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 60. Metrics to Keep in MindContent Strategy Off? Posting Too Much? @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 61. Metrics to Keep in MindThe missing link,unique viewers of your individual post Uniques Who Uniques Have Clicked Who Took into Your Post An Action “Talking About This” Divided by “Engaged Users” @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 62. Passive Engagement – An Improved Open Graph Will this be considered into the Edge Rank score? Reading and Listening of Apps Showing up News Feed@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 63. Do You Go Out of Your Page? This “Like” Is Unique To ThisProduct, It Has its Own Fan Base! @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 64. Do You Go Out of Your Page?@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 65. Keep An Eye Out For Good Ideas / CompetitionBonus Step by Step to Set Up Your Own Lists@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 66. Setting Up Your Smart ListsLike All The PagesYou Want to Track On Your List @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 67. Setting Up Your Smart ListsOn Your Home PageNews Feed, Click On “Lists” @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 68. Setting Up Your Smart Lists On The Next Screen,Click on “Create a List” @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 69. Setting Up Your Smart ListsPop up Box Will ComeUp, Go Ahead & Name Your List, Then Click On Create List @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 70. Setting Up Your Smart ListsNext Screen, Click On Add Friends @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 71. Setting Up Your Smart ListsThis Box Will Pop Up, Click on Pages, and Start Selecting Pages That areRelevant To This List, Then Click on Done on The Bottom Right @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 72. Setting Up Your Smart Lists Go Back To Home Page, Click on the List You Created, and Start Seeingthe News Feed Just for That List @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  • 73. Thank You!Presentation and ask additional questions on our wall at Connect/Subscribe @ @rubenq rquinones@pathinteractive@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e