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Bible reading course

  1. 1. Bible Reading CourseHow to Read the Bible Three to Five Times in One Year for Maximum Gain in: 1. Knowledge 2. Comprehension 3. Perspective 4. “Knowing” God Personally
  2. 2. Know the Word• Discover how to read a book of the Bible a day• Learn why volume reading is essential and how to do it.• See how preachers, individuals, pastors and entire denominations get off course over time? – Now you can avoid that. – The Bible is too conceptually large to only read and study a few versus at a time.
  3. 3. Know the Word• Find out why “Knowing the Word”, simply “knowing” the Word, through the Bible, is the start of all knowledge, understanding, fruit and salvation it self.• Know the Word by reading the Word, the Bible it’s self.• Once you know the Word and discover that Jesus is your Teacher, your only Teacher and you’ll keep perspective of others – pastors, priests, preachers comments, commentaries, and sermons – giving them the positive perspective of ideas or reflections but as direct instruction from God.
  4. 4. Know the Word• You’ll actually discover the “meaning of life” and you’ll know that you know the meaning of life after you learn the Word.• Avoid traps, counterfeits, bad teaching – by knowing the Word well.• Become far more purified in the Lord, quickly, and in a shockingly amazing way.
  5. 5. Know the Word• Understand how we are all susceptible to being slightly tricked and fooled, let off course from the Lord by our flesh, world nature.• Discover the Antidote for our “sinful flesh disease”.• When you start this 3 or 5 times in one year Bible Reading Plan You will be SHOCKED how far your insides have shifted from the Lord!• It’s a scary thing to me to not be reading a book of the Bible to me – a recent rediscovery to this typing)!
  6. 6. Know the Word• We have ambitious plans for this site.• What I’ve discovered in the planning process is that there will be significant expenses coming soon for content, content management, SEO and email list management.• Additionally we want to be able to advertise to get more people saved by knowing the Word.• Consequently our only option is to raise funds.
  7. 7. Know the Word• We think the best method maybe to sell this course (which can be applied for amazing comprehension and learning to other aspects of life) in addition to monthly memberships based on content.• If you have any other thoughts or ideas on how you can help us with content, content management, SEO and email list management by volunteering your resources, time for the sake of the Word, Jesus, and countless souls who need to know the Word Now – please contact us at support at know-the-word .org (take out spaces and replace ‘at’ with @)
  8. 8. This Blog PostOur Website – Know the Word Bible Reading System Bible Reading Course Email