Social Media for Development, Part 3
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Social Media for Development, Part 3



My implementation of the Social Media for Development course developed by Emmanuel Lallana, PhD for the UN AP-CICT.

My implementation of the Social Media for Development course developed by Emmanuel Lallana, PhD for the UN AP-CICT.



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    Social Media for Development, Part 3 Social Media for Development, Part 3 Presentation Transcript

    • Social Media for Development Day 1:August 7, 2013 National Computer Institute Ruben Canlas Jr Based on materials originally developed by Emmanuel Lallana, PhD for UN AP-CICT 1Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • 3. Social Media as a Development Tool 2Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • ICT for Development (ICT4Dev) The use of ICT to facilitate integrated approaches and cost-effective scalable solutions in key sectors of development, such as: • Poverty reduction • Education • Health care • Natural resources management • Disaster risk management. Social media for development (SM4D) is a subset of ICT4Dev 3Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • Another way to put it ICT in general, and social media in particular, are tools for “advancing the richness of human life” 4Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • 5Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • 6Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • Puddle gives everyday people the opportunity to own a small virtual “bank” with their friends—no fees and no applications. Users decide on interest rates, who can be members, and who can borrow money. The best part: profits made from the interest rates paid by borrowers are distributed among group members. 7Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • 8Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • Ideo tackles big social problems 9Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • Possibilities for Philippines 10Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • Possibilities for Philippines 11Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • 12Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • Google discovered it could predict flu trends by tallying search keywords 13Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • 14Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • 15Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • 16Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • 17Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • 18Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • 19Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • • The idea behind it is to pool our own individual little funds to help these children get to school safe and dry. • Initially, donate yellow school boats •Evolved to providing school supplies, medical/dental missions, scholarships and livelihood programs. 20Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • Group Exercise • Visit now • Click through various sections and discuss what strikes you about the site: • Would you donate to them? Why/why not? • What elements of the site compel you to help out? • Would you invite others to visit the site? What parts of the site make it easier for you to do this? • Do they have Facebook and Twitter? • Based on your discussions, what would you say are the elements of a good campaign using social media? 21Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • Group Work • Report on how a government agency (preferably your agency) uses social media. • Identify 3 key strengths • Identify 3 key limitations or potential uses • 3 Slides only • Restrictions and Options • Agencies in other countries are allowed (only if your agency doesn’t have a social media presence) Reporting on Day 2 22Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • Individual Work • Do any 3 of the following: • Facebook: Create an advertisement (go through the steps but don’t pay). • Twitter: find tips on how to improve your effectiveness on Twitter. If you don’t have an account yet, open one. • Read about Hootsuite. Sign up and try it out. Demonstrate what it could do. 23Wednesday, August 14, 13
    • • • Email: 24Wednesday, August 14, 13