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  • 1. Attract Engage Retain
  • 2. Did you know that 50% of your new members, will be gone within the first 3 months of their membership? MONTH 1 MONTH 2 MONTH 3 “Without changing current practices, it is likely your club will continue to have preventable and reversible membership attrition on the average of 150 members per year, and that 90% of those members will join your competition within twelve months of leaving your club” IHRSA Guide to membership retention
  • 3. How do you target members most in need of support? % OF MEMBERS LOW HIGH NEED FOR SUPPORT Staff can support 5–15% of their members during any given week MobileFit has all the answers! • Track member workout feedback and progress towards your goals • Retention lists to identify members at immediate risk of drop out • Communications tools to connect trainers and members • Automated assessment alerts • Management dashboard to view operational performance • Member motivation tools
  • 4. Why MobileFit? Implementing and adopting new tools is critical to your retention success. To learn more about how MobileFit can increase your retention and impact your revenue please contact our team for a free product demonstration. Retention Tips • High usage correlates with high retention. • Clubs that regularly invest in improvements have higher retention rates than clubs that do not reinvest. • Declining usage by any member is always a red flag. • Ensure that fitness staff continually interacts with members. • Strong staff/member connections boost retention. • Every month, communicate to the entire staff the previous month’s retention results. • Systems matter. retention is about systems—member integration systems, member recognition systems, member activation systems, member feedback systems etc. • Make membership retention the centerpiece of the Health Club Manager’s job. • Risk rate-Develop a method to risk rate all new members with reference to the likelihood that they will become inactive or terminate. Retention information provided by IHRSA guide to membership retention – John McCarthy, Industry lessons on what and what not to do! MobileFit Australia (03) 9841 5907 info@mobilefit.com.au mobilefit.com.au