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It was a great prospect to work under the largest telecommunication company of Bangladesh. The main purpose of the internship program was to perceive the real life situation. The academic knowledge is not well enough to compete with real world. This internship program was helpful to face the real working environment.
The report starts with a general introduction about Grameenphone Limited as well as its mission and vision. Grameenphone Ltd. one of the pioneers in the telecommunications private sector of Bangladesh is a joint venture company between Grameen Telecom Bangladesh [34.20%] and Telenor Mobile Communications AS Norway [55.80%]. It started its operation from March 26, 1997, the Independence Day of Bangladesh.
Afterward discuss about its different Division and Department and my responsibilities as an intern. Broad details are available with specific responsibilities. That we are student of Human resource, that’s why I add a part which describe about HR and stated HR department of Grameenphone ltd.
After that I continue on to the main focus of the report – HR activities in Customer Service Division of Grameenphone describing the different steps of it. This Customer Service Department is very much important for Grameenphone – for sales, after sales services and to retain the 3.5 corers subscribers. The first part is manpower requisition and the CS department gives requisition according to its HR planning to HR Department, I stated the recruitment, training processes and described the motivational factors. The company gives more emphasis on maintenance issue also as well as other HR activities.
I’ve also focused on Employee opinion about HR process and planning through online survey to get their opinion swiftly and quickly. Then I’ve analyzed it through graph and description which was based on the collection of individual interview.
I feel blessed to have learned so many things in such a short span of time. New learning’s and helpful attitude of colleagues is a thing to be remembered for a long time. I certainly believe this experience of working in GP will help me to be professional in life and also work as an added advantage for the years to come

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HR activities of CSD of GP ltd.

  2. 2. Table of Contents Executive SummeryCHAPTER 1 Introduction 1-4 1.1 Background of the study 1 1.2 Objective of the report 1 1.3 Scope of the study 2 1.4 Methodology 2 1.5 Limitations of the study 3CHAPTER 2 Organizational Overview 5-14 2.1 About Grameenphone 5 2.2 Vision, Mission & Values 6 2.3 Products and Services 7 2.4 Ownership Structure 8 2.5 Telenor Group 8 2.6 Grameen Telecom 9 2.7 Organogram of Grameenphone 10 2.8 Performance at a Glance of Grameenphone 11 2.9 About Customer Service Department 12 2.10 Corporate Social Responsibilities 13CHAPTER 3 Duties and Responsibilities 15-17CHAPTER 4 About Human Resource 18-24 4.1 Human Resource 18 4.2 Factors hindering HRM in Bangladesh 19 4.3 Functions of HRM 20 4.4 About HR Division of Grameenphone 21CHAPTER 5 HRM activities of Customer Service of Grameenphone 25-60
  3. 3. 5.1 Types of Employee 25 5.2 HRM Process of Customer Service Department 26 5.2.1 Staffing 27 5.2.2 Training and Development 38 5.2.3 Motivation 44 5.2.4 Maintenance 50 5.3 Performance Management Process of GP 54 5.4 Termination and Other Disciplinary Action 56 5.5 Other Human Resource related Activities 59CHAPTER 6 Analysis and Findings 61-75 6.1 Major Findings 61 6.2 Questionnaire Survey Outputs and Analysis 62 6.3 SWOT analysis 74 Chapter 7 Recommendations and Conclusion 76-77 7.1 Recommendations 76 7.2 Conclusion 77 Bibliography Appendix
  4. 4. Executive SummeryIt was a great prospect to work under the largest telecommunication company of Bangladesh. The mainpurpose of the internship program was to perceive the real life situation. The academic knowledge isnot well enough to compete with real world. This internship program was helpful to face the real workingenvironment.The report starts with a general introduction about Grameenphone Limited as well as its mission andvision. Grameenphone Ltd. one of the pioneers in the telecommunications private sector of Bangladeshis a joint venture company between Grameen Telecom Bangladesh [34.20%] and Telenor MobileCommunications AS Norway [55.80%]. It started its operation from March 26, 1997, the IndependenceDay of Bangladesh.Afterward discuss about its different Division and Department and my responsibilities as an intern.Broad details are available with specific responsibilities. That we are student of Human resource, that’swhy I add a part which describe about HR and stated HR department of Grameenphone ltd.After that I continue on to the main focus of the report – HR activities in Customer Service Division ofGrameenphone describing the different steps of it. This Customer Service Department is very muchimportant for Grameenphone – for sales, after sales services and to retain the 3.5 corers subscribers.The first part is manpower requisition and the CS department gives requisition according to its HRplanning to HR Department, I stated the recruitment, training processes and described the motivationalfactors. The company gives more emphasis on maintenance issue also as well as other HR activities.I’ve also focused on Employee opinion about HR process and planning through online survey to gettheir opinion swiftly and quickly. Then I’ve analyzed it through graph and description which was basedon the collection of individual interview.I feel blessed to have learned so many things in such a short span of time. New learning’s and helpfulattitude of colleagues is a thing to be remembered for a long time. I certainly believe this experience ofworking in GP will help me to be professional in life and also work as an added advantage for the yearsto come.
  5. 5. Chapter 1Introduction
  6. 6. 1.1 ORIGIN OF THE REPORTBBA academic program is the building up of the theoretical knowledge about businessadministration which is the base of practical knowledge. BBA internship program is anattempt to provide business students an orientation to a real life business situation in whichwe can observe and evaluate the use and applicability of the theoretical concepts which weretaught in the classrooms. As per norm this report is the requirement of the fulfillment of theinternship program. This report “Internship Report on Human Resource ManagementActivities of Customer Service Dept. of Grameenphone Ltd” is the outcome of my works inGrameenphone Ltd.1.2 OBJECTIVE OF THE REPORTThe primary objective of this report is to have a practical experience by working to link thetheoretical knowledge with its application in a real life situation and analyze it from a HumanResource Management (HRM) point of view. The purpose of this project is to get a practicalexposure of Managerial activities so that as future managers I can carry my day-to-daymanagement responsibilities properly. By doing this report I hope will be able to comparewhat I have learned in our courses with the realistic corporate world. However, the objectivesare summarized as follows:Specific Objectives: 1. To present a background and introduction of Grameenphone Ltd. 2. To discuss about the activity of the Human resource development of Grameenphone Ltd. 3. Identify the findings of analysis and recommend based on the findings. 4. To provide information of my responsibilities while working as an internee. 5. To improve corresponding and report writing ability. 6. To fulfill requirement of the internship program.
  7. 7. In order to conduct this internship report both primary & secondary data have been utilized.The secondary data have been collected from published literature, journals, companyinformation (annual report, web links, head office’s orders, etc.), other related sources, etc.The primary data have been obtained through empirical experience of working atGrameenphone.1.3 SCOPE OF THE STUDYThe scope of the study is limited within telecommunication business in Bangladesh. It is alsolimited within the organization of Grameenphone Ltd. This report covers an overview ofGrameenphone Ltd., divisional overview, customer service department, role of HR and theactivities of HR at the customer service department, Recruitment and Selection Process, andlastly recommendations and conclusion. This repot also reflects my internship experience thatI achieved through my observation.1.4 METHODOLOGYFor the purpose of the study data and information have been collected from both primary andsecondary sources. The relevant information collected from primary sources is collected in aninformal way. My work experience in GP helped me a lot. Besides this, regularconversations with many GP employees and I have interviewed and taken some suggestionsorally from the personnel of Grameenphone Ltd. The secondary sources for data collectionwere published annual reports, monthly financial newsletters of GP and monthly newslettersof Grameenphone Ltd
  8. 8. Data sources:Data for this report has been extracted from primary sources as well as secondary sources.Population: Total Employee 1500 (approx.) in Customer Service Department From them Total Employee 850 (approx.) in Contact center, Customer serviceSample: From 850 employees - my sample size is 50 employeesSampling Method: Justified Sampling method used to select the data1.5 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDYEvery task has some limitations. So, there have also some limitations of the study. These areas follows-a) Shortage of time period: This report is written within a shorter period of time. So the timeconstraint of the study hindering the course of vast area and time for preparing a report withinthe mentioned period is really difficult.b) Busy working environment: The officials had some times been unable to provideinformation because of their huge routine work. That is why I couldn’t gather vast knowledgeabout the critical issues.
  9. 9. c) Secrecy of Management: There was much information which is confidential for collectingthe data. So, some data could not been collected for confidentiality or secrecy ofmanagement.d) Lack of experience: Since I have never done such an Internship before and documentedmy experience, so there is lack of experience from my part regarding the preparation of thisreport.
  10. 10. Chapter 2Organizational Overview
  11. 11. 2.1 ABOUT GRAMEENPHONEGrameenphone Ltd., the largest telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh receivedits operating license in November 1996 and started its operation from March 26, 1997, theIndependence Day of Bangladesh.Now, after 14 years of successful operations, Grameenphone is the largest mobile phoneservice in Bangladesh, with about 35 million subscribers as of August 2011. The companywas successfully listed on the stock exchange in November 2009- after completion of thelargest IPO in the history of Bangladesh capital market.Grameenphone provides services to rural and urban customers across Bangladesh, wheremobile telephony is acknowledged as significant driver of socio-economic development bothfor individuals and the nation.Grameenphone started its journey with the Village Phone program: a pioneering initiative toempower rural women of Bangladesh. The name Grameenphone translates to “Rural phone”.Starting its operations on March 26, 1997, the Independence Day of Bangladesh,Grameenphone has come a long way. Grameenphone pioneered the then breakthroughinitiative of mobile to mobile telephony and became the first and only operator to cover 98%of the country’s people with networkSince its inception Grameenphone has built the largest cellular network in the country withover 13,000 base stations in more than 7000 locations. Presently, nearly 98 percent of thecountrys population is within the coverage area of the Grameenphone network.Grameenphone has always been a pioneer in introducing new products and services in thelocal market. GP was the first company to introduce GSM technology in Bangladesh when itlaunched its services in March 1997.Today, Grameenphone is the leading largest telecommunications service provider inBangladesh with more than 35 million subscribers as of October 2011.
  12. 12. 2.2 VISION, MISSION & VALUESVisionGrameenphone exists to help customers get the full benefit of communications services intheir daily lives. We’re here to help.MissionGrameenphone is the only reliable means of communication that brings the people ofBangladesh close to their loved ones and important things in their lives through unparallelednetwork, relevant innovations & services.Values MAKE IT EASY Everything Grameenphone produce should be easy to understand and use. It should always be remembered that we try to make customers’ lives easier. KEEP PROMISES Everything Grameenphone do should work perfectly. If it doesn’t, Grameenphone is there to put things right. Grameenphone is about delivery, not over-promising. Grameenphone about actions, not words. BE INSPIRING Grameenphone is creative. It brings energy and imagination to work. Everything it produces should look fresh and modern. BE RESPECTFUL Grameenphone acknowledges and respects local cultures. It wants to be a part of local communities wherever it operates. Grameenphone wants to help customers with their specific needs in a way that Suits way of their life best.
  13. 13. 2.3 PRODUCTS AND SERVICES GRAMEENPHONE Prepaid Postpaid Internet Value Roaming Device Added Shohoj Xplore Pay as you go GSM Handset [P1] Aapon Bus. Unlimited Pack In-Flight Modem Solution [P2] Bondhu Ekota Unlimited Night pack [P3] Maritime VTS Smile Public 150 MB daily pack [P4] EDGE/GPR Phone S Spondon 3GB monthly pack [P5] Intl. SMS djuice 1GB monthly pack [P6] Intl. MMS Ekota Minipack15MB[P7 ]Bus.Solution Minipack 99 MB[P9] Public Minipack 3 MB + Mobicash Power Menu Phone 3MMS [P10] Village Call Block Study Line Phone Minipack 1MB + 20MMS [P11] Cell Bazar Sms Chat Mobile Backup Music Radio Healtline MCA News Vehicle TrackingSource: Annual Report 2010 Welcome Tune Mobile Ticketing
  14. 14. 2.4 OWNERSHIP STRUCTUREThe shareholders of Grameenphone contribute their unique, in-depth experience in bothtelecommunications and development.It is a joint venture enterprise between Telenor 10%(55.8%), the largest telecommunications serviceprovider in Norway with mobile phone operationsin 12 other countries, and Grameen TelecomCorporation (34.2% ), a non-profit sister concern 34% 56%of the internationally acclaimed micro-creditpioneer Grameen Bank. The other 10% sharesbelong to general retail and institutional Telenorinvestors. Grameen TelecomThe technological know-how and managerial General Retail & Institutional Investorexpertise of Telenor has been instrumental insetting up such an international standard mobile phone operation in Bangladesh. Being one ofthe pioneers in developing the GSM service in Europe, Telenor has also helped to transferthis knowledge to the local employees over the yearsThe international shareholder brings technological and business management expertise whilethe local shareholder provides a presence throughout Bangladesh and a deep understanding ofits economy. Both are dedicated to Bangladesh and its struggle for economic progress andhave a deep commitment to Grameenphone and its mission to provide affordable telephony tothe entire population of Bangladesh.2.5 TELENOR GROUPTelenor is emerging as one of the fastest growing providers of mobile communicationsservices worldwide with ownership interests in 12 mobile operators across Europe and Asia.Telenor is organized into three business areas; Mobile operations covering 12 countries, andFixed-line and Broadcast services covering the Nordic region.
  15. 15. Telenor holds 55.8 per cent of Grameenphone, with Grameen Telecom Corporation owningthe remaining 34.2 per cent. The rest of the shares belong to general retail and institutionalinvestors. Telenor has played a pioneering role in development of cellular communications inBangladesh, Here has some information regarding Telenor group:  Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators with 133 million mobile subscriptions.  Strong mobile footprint in the Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia  Leading Nordic position in broadband and TV services  Substantial activities in subsidiaries and joint venture operations  One of the top 500 global companies by market value *  Among the top performers on Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes  31,000 man-years worldwide  Revenues 2010: NOK 95 billion  Group CEO: Jon Fredrik Baksaas  Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, with headquarters in Norway2.6 GRAMEEN TELECOMGrameen Telecom Corporation, which owns 34.2% of the shares of Grameenphone, is a not-for-profit company and works in close collaboration with Grameen Bank. The internationallyreputed bank for the poor has the most extensive rural banking network and expertise inmicrofinance. It understands the economic needs of the rural population, in particular thewomen from the poorest households.Grameen Telecom, with the help of Grameen Bank, administers the Village Phone Program,through which Grameenphone provides its services to the fast growing rural customers.Grameen Telecom trains the operators, supplies them with handsets and handles all service-related issues.Grameen Bank currently covers more than 67,000 villages which are serviced by 2121 bankbranches all over the countryside. As of May 2006, the bank had 6.33 million borrowers, 97
  16. 16. percent of whom were women. Grameen Telecoms objectives are to provide easy access to GSM cellular services in rural Bangladesh, creating new opportunities for income generation through self- employment by providing villagers with access to modern information and communication based technologies. 2.7 ORGANOGRAM OF GRAMEENPHONE Board of Directors Board Audit Financial Committee Services Strategy Internal Audit Chief Executive Officer Wholesale Business Deputy CEO Sourcing Company Stakeholder Secretary RelationChief Technology Chief Marketing Chief Chief financial Chief People Chief Corporate Officer Officer Communication Officer Officer Affairs Officer Officer Source: Annual Report of Grameenphone 2010
  17. 17. 2.8 Performance at a glance of GP in 2010 (consolidated) Source: Annual report of GP 2010
  18. 18. 2.9 ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENTCustomer service department is a part of commercial division. From the birth of thedepartment it tries to meet the demand of the near about 23 million subscribers regardingtheir queries & complains. Grameenphone customer service Hot Line was the first 24-hourContact Center in Bangladesh. Like other Telecom operator Grameenphone has a specialservice for the people to call the hotline for after sales service, solution & complain regardingthe SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) operation.Main ObjectiveThe main objective of the Customer Service division is to be the best in class customerservice in Asia to gain competitive advantage for Grameenphone in the market place.Main Responsibilities  To position as the most reliable, friendly and quality service provider in the industry to be perceived as the operator that provides segment based services beyond expectations  To manage business environment with superior efficiency and operational excellence for profitable growth  To establish Customer Service to gain sustainable competitive advantage for Grameenphone  To foster a competent team in a culture with empowerment and involvement  To recruit the best, develop every employee and retain the best  To convert each customer contact to an opportunity for retention and new sales with a focus on competitor’s profitable customers  To build effective alliance with other customer services, within the Telenor group and in AsiaGrameenphone customer service department has 5 major segments: 1. Contact Center [CC] 2. Resource Management [RM] 3. Voice of Customer Management [VOCM] 4. People Management [PM]
  19. 19. 5. Quality assurance [QA] Customer Service Gjermund Lia Resource VOCM Contact People QualityManagement Sabrina Center Management AssuranceGolam Kibira Afrin Smita Yeasser Bushra Faruq Mahmood Khan Figure: Organogram of Customer service department 2.10 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Partnership which strives to achieve common economic and social goals Grameenphone acknowledges the complementary relationship and interdependency between responsibility and commercial interest. Its strategic ambitions and the country’s development issues are mutually inclusive, and hence, they cannot be treated in isolation. Grameenphone believes good business is good development and vice versa. As the business grows, it generates positive economic and social impact in the form of beneficial services, jobs and contributions to the National Exchequer. Likewise, good development equals good business. Grameenphone Social investments are consolidated in three main focus areas, namely, Healthcare, Education and Environment. Health Safe Motherhood and Infant Care Project In partnership with Pathfinder International and USAID, Grameenphone has been supporting the “Safe Motherhood and Infant Care” program since May 2007. Under the program, free
  20. 20. comprehensive primary healthcare services are provided to economically disadvantagepregnant mothers and infants through 320 Smiling Sun clinics located in 61 districts aroundthe country.EducationGrameen ShikhkhaIn collaboration with Grameen Shikhkha, an organization of Grameen Bank Family,Grameenphone provides scholarship to meritorious but underprivileged students through ascholarship fund at different academic levels.Alokdeep, Non-Formal Primary School cum Cyclone ShelterGrameenphone, as part of its rehabilitation plans in the SIDR affected areas, providedfinancial assistance to build four education center-cum-cyclone shelters in the southern beltof the country. These cyclone shelters are used as non-formal primary school throughout theyear to provide non-formal primary education to underprivileged children of the locality.EnvironmentClimate Change InitiativesGrameenphone Climate Project aims to reduce carbon emission, become environmentfriendly and create a momentum with the community and the people. The ambition of theproject is to reduce the overall company’s carbon footprint by 30%within 2015.The targetwas set using the year 2008’s actual emission as the base line emission .The reduction targetfor the year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013are 11%, 13%, 15%and 20%respectively. One of themajor focus areas is to gain energy efficiency.
  21. 21. Chapter 3Duties and Responsibilities
  22. 22. 3.1 RESPONSIBILITIES AS AN INTERNIn my 12 week internship experience as an Intern and 1.2 Years of work experiences, I gothrough different responsibilities, training, one to one conversation, team meeting etc. I havedone this internship report and job under contact center, customer services, commercialdivision which is under marketing. So, first of all I need to share some information aboutcontact centerContact CenterContact or call center is a place used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a largevolume of requests by telephone. Grameenphone is a flexible call center model doing bothinbound and outbound calls serving our different customers according to their needs.Currently there are around 1200 customer managers in our call center. Contact Centers can bedivided into various categories based on their strategy of function and nature of service. Butthere are mainly two types of Contact Centers such as  Inbound contact center  Outbound contact centerInboundIn an inbound, customers generally place their queries, and complain about product andservice. Subscribers also request to activate of deactivate different service in his mobile. Thequery and the request are instantly solve by the customer manager but complains are solveby backend complain management team because there need to verify complains whether thecomplaint is valid or not. It takes 24 to 72 hours.Outbound:Outbound call centers are usually, sales jobs over the phone, as a telecommunicationcompany Grameenphone has different service to sale like different package of edge, missedcall alert, welcome tune, and call block service mobile backup service etc. outbound is usenot only for sale but also use to aware subscriber about the new product and service andoffer.
  23. 23. Outbound Contact Centers are usually works under; - Up Selling- Sometimes we do call subscribers to sell a number of Value Added Services such as EDGE P1, EDGE P5, EDGE P6, Call Block Service, Missed Call Alert service etc. - Campaign promotion- Sometimes when a new campaign is launched, a number of inbound agents have to call up random subscribers to inform them about the Campaign. If they asks as we also activate the promotional offers in their SIM. - Transformer-A number of times users of another operator is called as per management decision. Usually that subscriber’s monthly usage rate is rather high. So we try to persuade that subscriber to use our service for trial basis. If that subscriber is happy with the service received then he might think of using our service in a permanent basis.First two week of my jobs I go through different type of training. As I join the customerservice department of Grameenphone I have to learn lots of thing. In the training session Ilearn about the corporate culture of Grameenphone, the dress code of the company. The rulesand regulation, the values, and more important thing are how to handle and satisfy thesubscriber.I learn to operate different type of tools and software which is essential to execute thesubscriber query and request. So there is computer tainting in between the two week.Next two week I was assign with one of my senior colleague to learn the job practicallywhich is known as attachment.Next eight week I had to work in different segment of customer service. In below I describemy work experience in different segments.At first I am assign in Consumer segment. The hotline number is 121& 155. Subscriber andflexi load retailer from of Grameenphone call here for different queries and request. I amassign in consumer and youth segment. The hotline number is 121. All prepaid and post paid
  24. 24. subscribers call 121. They have lots of query, request and complain. The main query of thesubscribers is the product, service and different type of offer. In request part they request toactive or deactivate different type of service and offer, like FNF number activation or change,edge service activates or deactivate different kind of other services. In complain partsubscribers complain about overcharge, network problem etc. The basic query of Retailer isthat, they send money to subscribers mobile and is it received by the subscriber or not. Theymention the date and we confirm their query. Distributor house call 155 to deactivate oractivate any retailer phone for any lost case. This hotline is free for retailer and distributor. Inthis segment I work for two week.Finally I work for business and star segment, the query and request of business segment isalmost same as consumer and postpaid subscribers.But in present time there are only two segments inbound and outbound. All segment ofinbound are merge due to technological improvement, and all the customer manager aretrained to handle all kind of call. All the customer manager of customer service is multiskilled.In the mean time I participate different training, one to one session with my supervisor andteam meeting, whenever any new product or service came to the market people and processdepartment organize tainting session to aware about the product and service though we canprovide service smoothly. Once in a week or once in month I have one to one session withmy supervisor. In this session we discussed about my performance and my key performanceindex (KPI). My supervisor suggests me how to improve my KPI and my service quality.Specific Responsibilities of the job:  Provide one‐stop quality Customer Service over phone to ensure positive customer experience.  Proactively aware / inform customers regarding products / service.  Sale through inbound and outbound contacts.  Capture customer insights and escalate critical issues / complaints and provide timely feedback.  Maintain targeted KPI on a regular basis.
  25. 25. Serve customers with helping attitude and thus play a significant role in customersatisfaction, retention and acquisition. In this way enhance Grameenphone brand image.
  26. 26. Chapter 4About Human Resource
  27. 27. 4.1 HUMAN RESOURCEHuman Resource is the part of the organization that is concerned with the “people”dimension. People not buildings make a company successful.HR management can be viewedin one of two ways. First, HRM is a staff, or support, function in the organization. Its role isto provide assistance in HRM matters to line employees, or those directly involved inproducing the organization’s goods and services. Second, HRM is a function of everymanager’s job. Whether or not one works in a “formal” HRM department, the fact remainsthat to effectively manage employees requires all managers to handle the activities.Many companies today recognize the importance of people in meeting their goals. HRM musttherefore balance two primary responsibilities – “being a strategic business partner andrepresentative of employees”. Clearly HRM has a significant role in today’s organization.HRM must be forward thinking. They must not simply react to what “management” states.Rather they must take the lead in assisting management with the “people” component of theorganization. Moreover, employees of an organization can assist it in gaining and maintainingcompetitive.Human Resource Management (HRM) is a core discipline, which deals with managing thework force in such a way as to maximize the output of the organization. It starts with theselection and recruitment of employees, its training and development, maintaining aconsistent compensation package for the employees and to take many other initiatives toreduce the absenteeism and to motivate the employees.In the early days employees were treated as simply workers who will abide by the order ofthe employee ignoring the human side of the workers. As a result, the outputs of theorganization were not maximized. Then more emphasis is given to improve the condition ofthe workers for motivating them towards work. This work force is treated as asset in today’sorganization.
  28. 28. 4.2 FACTORS HINDERING HRM IN BANGLADESH 1) Attitude of top management towards personnel functions: With a fewexceptions, the picture of an average industrial establishment in this country is still one of thedominations by the owners. These men, although talented so far as business acumen isconcerned, have rarely acknowledged or accepted wholeheartedly the need for soundpersonnel management methods and techniques. 2) Weakness inherent in the job: The inherent weakness of the job is that its resultscannot be measured in concrete terms have proved frustrating to many personnel executivesand the employers also, because of this reason, employers often fail to appreciate thecontributions of HRM Department. 3) Nature of Labor force: The nature of our labor force is another hurdle in the sensethat there is an abundant supply of labor and quite inexpensive. There is no compelling needon the part of the employer to use the various advanced techniques of HRM to select,maintain and motivate the employees. 4) Weak and unenlightened labor movement: Unlike the West, labor movement inthis country is neither strong nor enlightened. Our working class is generally passive anddepends on outside politicians for guidance of its own affairs. The poor financial position,unstable leadership, inter-union rivalry etc. have also rendered the labor movement weak andnot very effective. 5) Lack of qualified and experienced people in the profession: There is no denyingthe fact that in the past students with very good academic records were not interested in HRMprofession. As such there is shortage of qualified people in the profession. 6) Lack of long range planning: Most HRM executives are so busy with problemsolving or firefighting operations each day that they have neither time nor inclination to dolong-range planning. Static unchanging attitudes among HRM executives have been a majorfactor hindering the growth of the function in this country. 7) Lack of support from Line Managers: When personnel management emerged asa separate discipline, it met with stiff resistance. In the first half of this century, people whohad experience managed industries but they had hardly any higher academic learning. As
  29. 29. against this, the early representatives of HRM management came from educationalinstitutions and had a good academic background. The appearance of the personnel man withhigh educational qualifications caused some discomfort in the minds of these Managers.That’s why they always get lack of support from Line Mangers.4.3 FUNCTIONS OF HRMTo look at HRM more specifically, it is an approach consisting of four basic functions: (1) Staffing (2) Training & development (3) Motivation and (4) Maintenance 1. StaffingActivities in HRM concerned with seeking and hiring qualified employees. One of theprimary jobs of HRM is the formulation of a selection and recruitment policy commensuratewith the organizational policy and mission of the organization. Induction of new employee toan organization is a vital issue. Under qualified recruited employees may jeopardize theobjectives of the organization. If everything regarding induction of new employee is clearlyspelt out in the selection and recruitment policy then the chance of recruiting under qualifiedemployee is less. 2. Training & developmentActivities in HRM concerned with assisting employees to develop un to date skills,knowledge and abilities. It is one another major area of HRM. Actually training can sharpenthe knowhow of an employee for his current job. Need for training may start with the newrecruitment of the employee and continue till the retirement of the employee. 3. MotivationActivities in HRM concerned with helping employees exert at high energy levels. Thecomponents of the motivation function include motivation theories, appropriate job design,
  30. 30. reward and incentive system, compensation and benefit. The goal of the motivation functionis to provide competent adapted employees with an environment that encourage them to exerthigh energy levels. 4. MaintenanceThe component of the maintenance function includes safety and health issues and employeecommunications. The goal of maintenance function is to help employees maintain theircommitment and loyalty to the organization.4.4 ABOUT HR DIVISION OF GRAMEENPHONEMissionEnsure improved business performance and competitive advantage by offering right productsand services to add value and build organizational capabilities to meet strategic objectives.Scope of work:  Be an employer of choice and attract and retain qualified people  Develop organizational capabilities by increasing skill and competence through a practical approach  Ensure proper HR policies and practices and compliance with local laws  Effective and cost efficient general services infrastructure  Attractive and competitive compensation policies and practices  Ensure a good career management process  Create a winning culture based on common values  Create a secured, safe, healthy and attractive working environment  Be a strategic business partner and change agent
  31. 31. The departments in HR Division include: 1. Resourcing & Employer Branding 2. HR Operations 3. HR Development 4. Health, Safety & Environment 5. Administration 1. Resourcing & Employer BrandingPosition Grameenphone as the top employment brand in the local market, proactivelysafeguarding employment reputation and thus ensuring the flow of talented and capableleaders in the organization.Scope of work  HR Planning and staffing  Talent sourcing  Promotion/Career progression  Organization alignment  Employer Branding  Internship/industrial program 2. HR OperationsHR Operations is responsible for ensuring a smooth life cycle for an employee from joiningto separation; through efficient HR services, up-to-date HR policies, quality HR informationsystems and continuous effort to create an enabling work environment, HR Operations helpsretain employees, sustain employee motivation and performance - thereby contributing to thebusiness goals. Scope of work  HR Policy Framework  HR Services
  32. 32.  HR information systems  Employee Relations  Payroll & Pension Management  Compensation & employee Retention  Ethics & Compliance (Code of Conduct) 3. HR DevelopmentHR Development team manages the Organizational Development (OD) initiatives by taking apragmatic approach aligned with strategic direction of the Company to increase competence,skills and embedding a performance and values driven culture. Scope of work  Telenor Development Process  Performance Management Process  Internal Value Creation  Talent Management  Succession Planning  Training & development initiatives  Organizational vision & values 4. Health Safety & EnvironmentEnsure better health of the employees for better productivity, reduce work related injuries anddiscomfort to a minimum level, create safety awareness, manage risk to make the workplacesafe and attractive. Scope of work  In-House medical consultancy  Executive Health check up  Health, Hygiene & Safety Awareness  HSE audit  Maintain OSH system  GP Day Care Center  Social awareness in regards to health and safety
  33. 33. 5. AdministrationEnsure uninterrupted and enabling business operations by delivering an effective and costefficient general services infrastructure. Scope of work  Support & Services assurance  Expatriate Affairs & Travels  Support Staff Management  Facilities management for non-technical office spaces & sites  Transport Management  Security of work & sites  Support for Risk & Crisis Management
  34. 34. Chapter 5HRM Activities ofCustomer Service
  35. 35. 5.1 TYPES OF EMPLOYEECustomer Service department has in different employee’s criteria. There are different types ofemployees working in different wings inside the Customer Service department. The types ofemployees are- 1. Regular/ Full time employee:In full time category, employees are joined as Executives in Contact Center. This is the onlywing under the customer service department that recruits employees directly from outside theorganization. All the other wings under the department recruits employees from the contactcenter that is internally because all the works that is to be done by the other wings requiresexperience of working as a customer manager in Contact Center. The regular employees areallowed to get the bonus, incentives and other allowances with their basic salaries. And thesetypes of employees also have the benefit of getting extra facilities that the organization isproviding for its employees. 2. Contractual:Contractual employees are taken for specific period like six months basis. Although contractextends if can perform well. Basically undergraduate students who are completing theirgraduation are hired. Along with their salary, they get attractive performance bonus if theyachieve their target which is determined by organization. They are paid on hourly basis andusually do not get other benefits 3. Intern:To encourage and help human resource development in the organization, Grameenphone maydecide to offer internship programs to individuals or educational institutions. The decision toenter such an engagement is usually decided by the HR department on the recommendationof the Department Head. Individuals engaged as Internees are paid no Honorarium and theyare not entitled to any other benefits. All Internships program is for three months. Priorapproval by HR department internship program can be extended for a maximum period of sixmonths.
  36. 36. 5.2 HRM PROCESS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE (CS) DEPT.Though there is a big difference between text books and real workplace scenario,Grameenphone and particularly Customer Service departments HR functions does not differmuch. It has been mentioned earlier that Customer Service is one of the biggest departmentwhich is comprised of almost 1500 employees. So the HR department alone cannot handle allthe HR process of this vast department. People Management [PM] is the wing under theCustomer Service dept which actually helps the HR department to perform Human ResourcesManagement functions of the Customer service.A point to be noted is that in the CS, there are 5 wings. But only in case of the Contact Centerthe source of the recruitment is External. In the rest of the wings, employees are recruitedinternally. Because all the other wings members need the experience to work as a CustomerManager and that’s why when there is a need for manpower in these 4 wings, usuallymanpower is recruited from the contact center and no external recruitment is done.That’s why in the HRM process of CS in this report encompasses only recruitment of theCustomer Manager for the Contact Center or Call center of the CS department ofGrameenphone Ltd. That takes into consideration both Full time and Part time employees.The HRM process of Customer Service department begins when there is a legitimate need toincrease the dept. ’manpower. In all cases the Department Manager who considers that theyhave a legitimate need to increase their hand count, either because an existing employee hasresigned or because the expansion has been agreed, submit a request to PM who eventuallysubmit the request to HR department for consideration within existing manning levels andcurrent business priorities for approval by HR Panel. Provided that the request is in line withcurrent business priorities and after that HR Officer will begin the recruitment process.
  37. 37. The process is discussed elaborately in the following sections:5.2.1 StaffingBefore going deep into selection process an organization must discuss the utmost importantpre-requisite of the selection process. It is Job Analysis. Grameenphone, like most otherresponsible and successful corporations, conducts a detailed job analysis to know thedifferent aspects of a particular job. Job Analysis, Job Description and Job Specification of CSJob Analysis enables the employer and also the employees to know what are theresponsibilities and duties of that particular job position. Job description is a list of the task,duties, and responsibilities that a job entails. Job specification is simply a list of theknowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristic that an individual must have to perform ajob effectively.In customer service department there are 5 positions for recruitment, the position anddescription of the department are as follows: 1. Contact Center: There are two segments within the contact center, the first one is the Star segment and the other one is the Consumer or Non Star segment. The Consumer or Non Star segment deals with all the queries and complains that come from all the subscribers other than the Star or business subscribers. On the other hand, the Star or Business segment generates more than 60% of the revenue for the company so, GP provides special customer service to their Star and corporate clients and they get the priority in getting the service over 121(hotline) without being in queue. Their comments and requests are taken seriously and solved with high priority. 2. Resource Management: This segment is known as RM. This is the department which assigns duty to all the employees of customer service division. Forecasting, on how different plans are to be executed by the employees are done by them. All the backend planning regarding customer service are planned by them which is then executed by the employees of customer service division.
  38. 38. 3. Voice of Customer Management [VOCM]: This department handles all kinds of complain related issues. All the fraudulent activities done from a GP SIM and the complaints regarding these issues are dealt by this department. This is a very dedicated team which makes sure that all the complaints are looked after. 4. People Management: This is a wing under the Customer Service dept. which actually deals all the Human Resources Management functions of the Customer service. although it is not completely independent from the HR division and requires the help of the above mentioned division for several of its functions but even then it is the dept. which controls the vast CS department which is comprised of almost 1500 employees and which has a separate building away from the head office to perform it functions and requires a controlling dept. to perform its HR functions smoothly. This department also arranges internal training of all new and existing employees. Their job is to keep all the customer service employees updated regarding the latest service and offerings. All new software trainings for employees are also arranged by them. 5. Quality assurance [QA]: Quality assurances the wing that encompasses systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of the performance of the customer managers, service or facility to maximize the probability that minimum standards of quality are being attained by the production process.Job description & Specification a Customer Manager, Customer ServiceAfter analysing the job, The HR department identifies the following job responsibility of aCustomer Manager –  To provide one-stop quality Customer Service to ensure positive customer experience.  To proactively aware/inform customers regarding products/service  To sale through inbound and outbound contacts
  39. 39.  To capture customer insights and escalate critical issues / complaints and provide timely feedback  To maintain targeted KPI on a regular basis  To serve customers with helping attitude to play a significant role in customer satisfaction, retention, acquisition and to enhance Grameenphone brand imageOnce these critical competencies have been identified, the Recruiting process begins. RecruitmentRecruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them toapply for jobs in the Organization. It is often termed “positive” in that its objective is toincrease the selection ratio, the number of applicants per job opening. Selection, on the otherhand, “negative”-it involves screening and appraising these applications and rejecting thosewho are unsuited for the jobs to be filled.Recruitment is the process of discovering potential candidates for actual or anticipatedorganizational vacancies. From another perspective it is a linking activity that brings togetherthose with jobs to fill and those seeking jobs.An effective recruitment always starts with the correct selection of sources of humanresources. A recruited employee who has not the right skill cannot perform effectively. As aresult the overall performance level is sure to deteriorate which has significant effect on theCompany performance. Therefore, Grameenphone has been on continuous search of effectiverecruitment sources.The sources of the recruitment can be broadly classified into two categories:  Internal source and  External source
  40. 40. HR department open up recruiting efforts to the external community. These efforts include – A. Advertisement at different Universities :It is one of the two ways that Grameenphone uses to recruit employees for the ContactCenter. Usually for the post of Part time employees it place advertisement in differentuniversities like University of Dhaka, North South University, American InternationalUniversity, BracUniversity etc. Students from various faculties usually come to know aboutthe vacancies and interested students apply. B. Cyberspace recruiting :Cyberspace recruiting means advertising at internet. Usually Grameenphone place almost allof its job vacancy advertisements at internet. And to do so, it uses its own Website.Nowadays, this organization does not use the newspaper advertisement and do not take helpof the employment agencies too. This Cyberspace recruiting contains all the information onemight find in employment advertisement, qualifications sought, experience required etc.This Cyberspace recruiting page also contains an online response form, so applicants neednot to send a separate resume by mail or fax. Applicants fill in a resume page and hit thesubmit button. Although there is option for those who already has prepared resume. All theyneed to do is Attach their resume in their own account.Grameenphone has a very sophisticated website which showcases the organizations products,services, corporate philosophy and mission statement etc. This website contains the onlineapplication form which is a part of the Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] software that theorganization uses to control its internal tasks .The applicants need to create an account theirby providing necessary information and once the account is created they can use it forapplying any of the positions in this organizations in the future.Internet recruiting is a low cost means for advertisement rather than advertising in newspaperor using the Employment agencies. It is also a way to increase diversity and find people withunique talents.
  41. 41. SelectionOnce applications have come in, it is time to begin the section process. Selection activitiesfollow a standard pattern, beginning with an initial screening and concluding with the finalemployment decision. On next page there is a flowchart about the selection process ofcustomer services.The general selection process flowchart Applicant Job Interest Initial Screening Voice Test Interview Assessment Test Back Ground Investigation Additional Interview Medical Exam Final Employment Decision
  42. 42. i. Initial Screening Initial screening is the first step in the selection process where job inquiries are sorted.After a successful recruiting step HR department now have a pool of applications. Some ofthese respondents are eliminated based on the job description and job specification. Perhapsthe candidates may lack adequate or appropriate education or they may lack in terms of theirexperience. When the initial screening is done and the CVs are short listed it is time for thenext and a very crucial step of the selection process, taking the employment test. ii. Employment tests After CV short listing, the short listed candidates are contacted (usually by telephone)for the employment tests. In case of large number of candidates, emails are sent to theapplicants/candidates email address. These are done according to the interview schedulemade before contacting the candidates. The interview or written test schedule is made prior tocontacting with the short listed candidates by communicating with the CS department. This iswhere the PM takes over the responsibility to conduct several of the following functions ofthe total Selection process.The employment tests taken for the position of the Customer Manager are divided into threesteps. It can be compared with a higher hurdle in a race. The applicant able to clear all thehurdles wins the race and the job offer. The steps are given below:iii. Voice test: The employment tests starts with the Voice test. Since the employment tests are takenfor the position of the Customer Manager who have to; if finally selected; give service overthe phone to the valued subscribers, so it is important that how an applicant sounds over thephone and his way of talking, pronunciation etc. And to test the mentioned skill of anapplicant Voice Test is conducted where the applicant has to read two scripts one written inBangla and the other one written in English in front of one PM member who conducts thesession. A certain time is given to finish the script. The voice is recorded and stored forevaluation.
  43. 43. iv. Comprehensive Interview: Applicants who pass the Voice Test are called for a Comprehensive Interview whichis a device to obtain in-depth information about a candidate. The applicant may beinterviewed by HRM interviewers, senior managers with the department, a potentialsupervisor, potential colleague or some or all of this.In fact in a Company like Grameenphone applicants are interviewed by numerousindividuals. The interview panel usually consists of two to three members.The comprehensive interviews are designed to probe areas not easily understood by theapplication form or tests such as assessing ones motivation, values, ability to work underpressure and ability to fit in with the organization.Interview can take numerous forms. It can be one to one encounter between the interviewerand the applicant or involve several individuals who interview an applicant at once which iscalled Panel interview. The interview can follow a pre-determined form that identifies bothquestions and expected responses. It can also be designed to create a difficult environment inwhich the applicant is “put to the test” to assess his or her confidence level. This is frequentlyreferred to as the stress interview.The Panel Interview of Grameenphone:  The panel style of interviewing is the most reliable and most used style of interviewing. It is fair, structured and consistent.  In a panel interview, several interviewers give their opinions and ratings of a single candidate and, in effect, establish checks and balances by monitoring each other.  Panel interviews are structured, including what questions are going to be asked and who is going to ask each question. Job-related and appropriate questions are chosen in advance.  Panel interviews are consistent. Any two candidates, who give the same answer to each question, will receive the same rating and ranking.  Panel interviews are the most reliable type of interview system. They are much more reliable than interviews conducted by a single interviewer, which can easily be biased.
  44. 44. Questions Commonly Used in Selection Interviews: General Questions:  What are your strengths and weaknesses?  Why did you leave your last job?  Why should we hire you?  What is most important to you in a job?  What questions do you have for me? Problem Solving Questions:  What is the most creative work related idea you have had?  Describe a difficult problem you faced and solved.  What approach to problem solving works best for you?  Describe a sale you did not make and describe why? Questions about Motivation:  What have you done that shows initiative?  What career objective have you met? Selection  How do you measure success? Interview  What rewards mean most to you?  What projects make you excited? Questions about Working with Others:  What kind of people do you like to work with?  Tell me about a conflict with a fellow worker. How was it resolved?  Describe your favorite management style.  When is teamwork more appropriate? Integrity-Indicator Questions:  Tell me about a time when you were not honest.  How would you react if you are asked to do something unethical?  If you saw a coworker doing something dishonest, what would you do?  When did you last break a rule?  When I call your previous employer what comments will I get?
  45. 45. Assessment Test:Applicants who pass the Voice Test and the Comprehensive Interview are called for anAssessment Test. It is a more elaborate set of performance simulation test. , specificallydesigned to evaluate a candidates managerial potential. Assessment test is an in house set ofcomprehensive test taken by PM members. Usually the length of this test is two days from10:00 am in the morning till evening. The applicants are gone through different types of testshere that start with a written test. A) Written test: MCQ type question is used to evaluate the candidates on the following areas:  GP related questions  General Math  General Knowledge  Logical & Analytical Ability  Creative Ability B) Extempore performance: After the written test the applicants are given a variety of current general topics to choose from. After selecting a topic randomly by the applicant they give a speech for 3 minutes on the topic in front of everybody that is the other applicants and the PM members. .They also goes through discussion session with the other applicants and answer questions about it. Their performance is evaluated and documented. C) Group Case Study Solution: After the Extempore performance, the applicants are divided into several groups and each group is given a case study problem and given a certain amount of time to solute that problem. This test is taken to test the applicant’s ability to work in a group and also to assess his or her leadership skills. After the finishing of time the applicants are asked various questions by the PM members about the case and the applicants has to answer that questions.
  46. 46. D) Computer Literacy Test: In this session the applicants are taken to the computer lab and their computer literacy test is taken. Here the applicants have to prepare a MS WORD file, a MS PowerPoint presentation and a MS EXCEL file. They also have to follow certain guidelines regarding the preparation of the above mentioned documents like they have to use certain Font and Font size and again they have to save those documents in the Desktop of their computers creating a Folder in their own name . Usually 10 minutes time is given with in which they have to prepare those documents. E) Final Interview: Usually in the second day of the assessment the applicants face a final interview taken by only the PM members. This is more of an informal viva where the interviewers asked many informal questions and tries to find the applicants motivation level and interest about the job. Here applicants are also shown a picture and has to tell the inner meaning of the picture. Reference and Medical test:The next step in the selection process is to go through an investigation of those applicantswho appear to offer potential as employees. This include contacting with the previousemployer or referrals to confirm the candidates work record, behavior, attitude and otherperformances which was appraise or prominent in that person. This also includes contactingother job related and personal references and verifying the educational accomplishmentsshown on the application form.The applicants go through a medical checkup to determine whether they are physically fit towork or not. Normally it is assumed that the applicant can pass the physical examination;however it is intended to screen out those individuals who are unable to comply physicallywith the requirement of the job and the organization. The majority of physical examinationsare currently required to meet the minimum standards for the organization’s group life andmedical insurance programs and to provide base data in case of worker’s compensationclaims. Routine check-ups like blood-group test, HIV test, Hepatitis, drugs and fitness test.These are only to see whether the person could fit in the actual job setting or not.
  47. 47. Final Employment Decision:Those individuals, who perform successfully on the employment tests and the comprehensiveinterview and are not eliminated by the development of negative information on either thebackground investigation or the physical examination, are considered to be eligible to receivean offer of employment. . Finally, among the potential applicants the best applicant is chosenwhose score is high in the justified evaluation sheet and considered to be selected as anemployee.Here the HR division takes over the responsibility again from the PM and performs thejoining formalities. The selected applicants are asked to come to the office for the officialcontract signing and one of the HR managers collect the certificate of the applicants, verify it,open the bank account for the candidate, issue ID card, introduce various benefit and leaveprocess of the organization and finally provides the contract paper for the part timeemployees and joining letter for the full time employees where all the conditions of thecontract are stated.
  48. 48. 5.2.2 Training and DevelopmentTraining and development has been known by several names, including employeedevelopment, human resource development, and learning and development, Training anddevelopment are process that attempt to provide an employee with information, skills, and anunderstanding of the organization and its goals. In addition training and development aredesigned to help a person continue to make positive contribution in the form of goodperformance. Training is an attempt to improve current and future performance of employees.It is more present-day oriented, focused on individual’s current jobs, enhancing those specificskills and abilities to immediately perform their jobs.After recruiting a potential candidate HRD orients the new entrant to the organization andprovides him/her with all the necessary knowledge about their duties and responsibilities.This is done to ensure effective input from the employees into the organization thus, theirmost efficient level of performance.Grameenphone training policy is to support employee training which is directly linked to theindividual’s specific jobs and his or her future development. The training program is expectedto enhance job-related knowledge as well as develop technical and/or managerial skills. Inaddition to training program, employees are encouraged to search and utilize personaldevelopmental opportunities for his/her career progression.The whole training program is conducted by PM members, service managers, managers andspecialists in the concerned areas within the CS department. Conducting training session is anexpensive issue but to Grameenphone spending in training programs for employees is not anexpense, but an investment. Each and every employee whether permanent or part timeemployee goes through a 20 days long extensive training. The employees are paid in the timeof the training. They are given lunch facility from the organization too. One member of thePM is given the authority to take care the needs of the employees and they contact with thosemember is case they need to.
  49. 49. Objective of Training ProgramThe quality of employees and their development through training and education are majorfactors in determining long-term profitability of telecom business. Training often is held fornew employees& existing employees only in this company. Cause the technology of telecombusiness is change frequently. The long term objectives are -  Increased productivity.  Reduced employee turnover.  Increased efficiency resulting in financial gains.  Decreased need for supervision.  To adapt with the organizational cultureAfter attending training the trainees should be:1. Able to serve the subscribers, and can handle the query, complaint & request proactively2. Able to adapt new telecom software and handle to execute those at a time3. Make him as a leader, self-motivated and competitive personnel4. Able to adapt with the organizational culture5.2.2.1 Mode of TrainingGrameenphone organizes in-housing training programs for its employees. Senior staff, in-house trainers, or consultants hired for special purposes provide such training. Grameenphoneprovides need-based training to the employees through using appropriate external traininginstitutes.The company also sends selected employees to other countries for attending need-basedtechnical or management training.The overall training process will be followed the computer based training, lecture method andsimulation based training. As the training is to train the trainees about overall customerservice division so these three methods would be the best solution. Here the trainers will trainthe trainees how to operate the software, how to maintain information, how to solve criticalsituation, how to make the subscriber happy with the services. For different & maximum
  50. 50. reasons some interactive multimedia system will be used too. Here is a short list of theequipment and training tools that will be used in the program: 1. Computers 2. High speed internet connection 3. Multimedia Projectors 4. Sound system 5. White Board and markers 6. Note Pads& other accessories5.2.2.2 Training Methods Followed By GrameenphoneSeveral methods can be used to satisfy on organization training needs and accomplish itsobjectives. Grameenphone Ltd .classifies its training by the following categories:The training program includes: Orientation Training: When a new employee joins the Company, s/he needs to be introduced to his/her jobas well as to the Company. The objectives of the orientation is to welcome the incumbent,orient him/her about the Company’s vision, purpose, values, shareholders, service rules,divisional activities etc. This makes a new recruit feel s/he is part of the Company.Orientation program includes brief ideas about the company, its vision mission and goalwhich is very important for the employees to understand because the goal of differentdepartments and ultimately the goal or target of the employees are set according to the goal ofthe organization . They are also introduced with the CS department and given a brief ideaabout the department. COC Training: A code of Conduct [COC] is clearly defined regulations adopted by the company andapproved by the board of directors for securing good business ethics and conduct in allaspects of the company’s activities. The Codes of Conduct are properly communicated to all
  51. 51. the employees the vary day they join in the organization who are strictly required to abide byit. Training on Corporate Culture: In this segment of the training session the trainees are given idea about the corporateculture of Grameenphone. They are also notified about the dress code which is Formal dressfor male from Saturday to Wednesday and “Smart casual” in Thursday. And for femaleemployees there are no fixed but one thing they have to maintain is that the dress must be“Modest” according to our local values and customs. Product and Service Training: Since the newly recruited customer managers have to serve the valued customers overthe phone, answer various questions about the products and the services and their charges, soat first they need to have a very clear idea about the products and services that the companyoffers. This training is conducted throughout the whole training session. Training on Different software: The trainees, when they will be on production have to operate different type of toolsand software to execute the subscriber query and request. So there is computer tainting inbetween the two weeks. The CS department uses various types of tools or software’s tocontrol or view the profile of the subscribers. For example – MINSAT and CCAS forcontrolling prepaid subs and BSCS and BURGEN for postpaid subs. Moreover they useCRM for keeping trace of the subscribers query, request or complain. So software training isa crucial part of the whole training session. Miscellaneous Training: The training session taken by the CS department also encompasses somemiscellaneous issues which are directly related with the Health, safety, security andenvironment of the both the employees and the organization. For example – training sessionon Fire Extinguishing is conducted where the employees are taught practically how to use fireextinguisher equipments. They are also given training on first aid related issues.
  52. 52. Attachment: Usually the above mentioned training program takes place for the first 15 days of thetraining session. In the rest of the days of the training the trainees are usually send to thedifferent floors of the contact center for attachment with senior colleague for practicalexperience. This time they gain practical experience about the job. Most of the time they seatbeside the senior colleague and learn how to deal with the customers and to satisfy them.They also receive direct call of the subscribers in this time and learn how to talk with them.This industrial attachment is very helpful for the trainees because there is nothing likepractical experience and they come to know many different situations that are usually notcovered in the training period and not always possible to. Password test: After the completion of the above mentioned training and Attachment session, a testnamed “Password Test” is taken by the PM members or managers where trainees are askeddifferent questions about the products, processes, tools and problems. Trainees whosuccessfully pass the test are given password for using various tools that they use to provideservice to the customers when they are in production. Employees who can’t pass the test needto go through another three days training session where they will review again all the thingsover again. After that they are given the password for various tools. Floor Handover: After the passing of the password test they are handed over to the production floorsand to their respective teams and to their team leaders. Where they will be in industrialattachment and for some more days and finally included in the roster of production.
  53. 53. CS Training Planning for New Employees (Example)DAYS GOALS Who Is ResponsibleDay 1 Orientation (Welcome Messages from CEO and Telenor Commercial Division Group) Head/CMO, People Management HeadDay 2 Code of Conduct(COC) which also called Ongikar, PM trainers Company structure and EnvironmentDay 3 Infocube Server and its Accessibility PM trainers or SupervisorDay 4 Product and Features, Supervisor/ Product GSM (general system for mobile) Features & Features specialistDay 5 Log-in rules and regulations, key board accessibility and PM Trainer hot key use and Quiz test (Evaluation) based on Day1- Day4Day 6 Balance Transfer P2P, Electronic Recharge System(ERS) Supervisor/ ManagersDay 7 CCAPS, HLR Parameter – Huwei & Ericsson , GSM Network Specialist Features moduleDay 8 VAS Services and Execution – GP’s & CP’s, Internet Supervisors Packages & ServicesDay 9 Employee Self-services through ERP system and PM-Trainer or PM Quiz/Evaluation Test (Day 6-Day8) HeadDay 10 Attachment with the Senior Employees to know how to Assigned by PM work SupervisorDay 11 Excellence in Customer Services and Analysis of Past PM- (Simulation Games), Trainer/Supervisor International Roaming, Business SIM & Star SubscriberDay 12 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System, CRM Specialist, PM- BSCS, Welcome Tune Execution TrainerDay 13 Avaya Interaction System, CIT, DYP, Minsat etcDay 14 Professional and Attackers Mindset, Motivation Session – People Management How to Build a Perfect Life Head (Simulation Games, Video clips etc)Day 15 Health Safety Security& Environment Doctors & Fire Rescuer/specialistDay 16 Attachment with Senior Employees Assigned by PM SupervisorDay 20 Evaluation Test “Password Test”
  54. 54. 5.2.3 MotivationActivities in HRM concerned with helping employees exert at high energy levels. Thecomponents of the motivation function include motivation theories, appropriate job design,reward and incentive system, compensation and benefit. The goal of the motivation functionis to provide competent adapted employees with an environment that encourage them to exerthigh energy levels.Grameenphone is committed to follow a fair, competitive and flexible compensation andremuneration policy. The Board is the final authority for approval of this policy and willamend and review the policy on recommendation of the Managing Director / ManagementCommittee periodically.The remuneration policy covers all persons engaged in permanent and temporary service ofthe company. Remuneration and BenefitsRemuneration is what an employee receives in exchange for his/her physical and mentalworks, and contribution to the company. Remuneration does not represent only salary but awide range of benefits and service are part of the total remuneration package. Grameenphoneusually pays rewarding and competitive salaries to attract, retain and motivate competent andskilled employees at all levels of the Company. By rewarding and competitive salaries wemean that each employee should be rewarded in accordance with: 1. What is the post requires 2. How skilled the employee is and 3. What the market pays for work of the same type.Grameenphone has designed a compensation system that has strong positive impact onemployees and ultimately on the Companys performance. Keeping Companys strategicobjectives and unique characteristics and environment in mind, Grameenphone determines anumber of criteria for designing a compensation system. The criteria are:
  55. 55. Internal and external Equity: Internal equity means that there should have fairness of thepay structure within the Company i.e. similar jobs get similar pays. External equity assuresthat jobs are fairly compensated in comparison with similar jobs in the job market. Toachieve internal equity, periodic job evaluation that assesses the relative worth of jobsthroughout the Company should be conducted. On the other hand, to achieve external equity,periodic market survey and cost of living adjustment should be taken into account.Competitiveness: There are obvious effects of market forces on compensation.Compensation must respond to the supply of and demand for employees in the market sinceemployers compete for work force.Cash and non-cash benefits: Cash payment motivates employees through monetary rewardssuch as salary and allowances. The Company pays cash benefits according to ability to pay.Non cash benefits such as job security and making the job interesting is also taken intoaccount.Performance based pay: Employee productivity, skills and performance are also importantdeterminants of the compensation system of the Company.Consistency: All-out efforts are made to ensure that compensation system is consistent withHR policies and it is uniform and stable.The remuneration of employees consists of:  Basic Salary  House Rent and  Medical AllowanceSalaries are confidential between the permanent employees concerned and the Management.The salary ranges for these job grades are reviewed from time to time.Temporary or Part time employee’s staff does not have any assigned job grade. The PTEs getan hourly payment of 100 taka which includes only basic pay and medical and houseallowance and there are no other entitlements applicable except incentives based on achievingtargets.
  56. 56. Basic Pay:Basic Salary Ranges (BSRs) is commensurate with the job grades and is determined by theBoard on the recommendation of the Managing Director. The Board reviews the BSR at leastonce every two/three years. Basic pay for a Part time employee is 60 taka per hour.House rent allowance:The permanent employees of the Company are eligible to 50% of their basic salary as houserent allowance. On the other the Part time employees are allowed 20 taka per hour as houserent allowance.Medical allowance:The permanent employees of the Company are eligible to 2000 taka as medical allowance.Moreover they get discount on a certain percentage if they take their medical treatments inLABAID or APOLLO hospital. On the other the Part time employees are allowed 20 takaper hour as medical allowance.The part time employees are entitled only the above remuneration packages but thepermanent employees are entitled to the following remuneration too:Provident Fund:The permanent employees of the Company are eligible to become members of the ProvidentFund. Employee contributes 10% of their basic to the provident fund and the Companymakes equal contribution to the fund. The Companys contribution starts once the employeehas become permanent employee of the Company.The PF maturity period is three years. Employee has to serve minimum three years for beingeligible for both employee and company contribution.Gratuity:Gratuity is paid to an employee for providing a life time service to the Company. Theeligibility is minimum five- year service with the Company.
  57. 57. Gratuity amounts are linked with the respective employees length of service which is asfollows: Gratuity Years of Service  1 months basic/for each year 5 years  1.5 months basic/for each year 5 Years to 10 Years  2 months basic/for each year More than 10 yearsGratuity is equivalent to one (or more as the case may be) months basic based on the lastdrawn basic salary for every completed year of service or for any part thereof in excess of sixmonths.Bonus:All FTEs are eligible for two bonuses in a calendar year which is an amount equivalent totheir two months basic salary.One bonus is paid during Eid-ul-Fitr at a flat rate to all employees irrespective of the religion.Another bonus is paid as per the following festival of different religious affiliation: Muslim : Eid-ul-Azha Hindu : Durga Puja Buddhist : Buddha Purnima Christian : Merry ChristmasTwo months basic as bonus is paid in full for a calendar year or a pro-rata amount forincomplete calendar year, whichever may be the case. The bonus will be paid according tothe basic that is due on the festival day, not the basic on the payment day.Example: An employee who joins on April 1 and if there are two festival in that calendaryear, then the employee will get fractional festival bonus according to the following formula:
  58. 58. HR prepares the bonus list prior to three weeks’ time of Eid-ul-Fitr and the respective festivalday and Accounts, based on the list, will arrange to transfer bonus amount two weeks aheadto employees account.An employee who joins after festival date will be paid bonus after the end of the year.If an employee leaves the Company on any day preceding to the festival bonus payment datefor whatsoever reasons other than retirement, his/her festival bonus will not be paid. Sick Leave and Related LeaveSick leave:There is no standard annual entitlement to sick leave. Sick leave at actual are availed basedon advice of registered medical practitioner. For sick leave of three days or more,certification of registered doctor or HSSE head is required. An assessment is carried out byHSSE/ medical board if any employee is frequently availing sick leave. If more than threemonths leave is necessitated due to occupational injury or on-duty accident, the same isallowed. However dismemberment/ prolonged sickness more than 3 months is reviewed byHSSE/ board of doctors.Maternity leave:A female is granted maternity leave for a period of 16 weeks. A female employee can availthe maternity leave only twice during her tenure with the company. A female is not entitled tomaternity leave unless she has completed a period of not less than nine months immediatelypreceding the day of the delivery. A pregnant employee informs in writing to her supervisorconfirming her delivery date along with a medical certificate. A female employee is notdismissed during maternity leave without sufficient cause.Paternity leave:A male employee is granted one week of paternity leave during his child birth. A maleemployee can avail the maternity leave only twice during his tenure with the company. Thecondition is that, he stays with his wife and uses the time to look after his family and home. If
  59. 59. he does not live with his wife then he has no right to take such leave even if he is the childsfather. Such leave can be taken before and/or after the birth of a child.Annual Planned Leave:An employee is allowed to avail 25 days of annual planned leave per annum. Maximum 15days of annual leave can be carried forward to the succeeding year, if any, and excess of 15days annual leave as of December 31st is forfeited automatically.Recreation Leave:Every employee must avail 5 days of recreation leave at a time in a calendar year,proportionate annual leave will apply in that case.Leave form:All leave application is made by using a standard Registration of leave/Absence Form. Theconcerned Unit/Section head approves the leave by signing the form. The employee providesfull address on the leave form during the period of leave applied for. At the time, they leaveplace of posting that must also be intimated with new address. In the event requested leave isnot approved or the approved leave is canceled, then the reasons for refusal or cancellationare recorded on the form. Such form is a part of employee’s leave retained by HR.
  60. 60. 5.2.4 MaintenanceThe last phase of the HRM process is called the Maintenance function. As the name implies,this phase puts into place activities that will help retain productive employees. Themaintenance function usually used by Grameenphone is given below –Health, Safety, Security and Environment [HSSE]Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) is an independent unit under the HRdepartment in Grameenphone. HSSE has very significant role in such a big company wherethere are ample chances for accidents and injuries or damage of the equipment if one worksunsafely or without taking pre-caution. That’s why HSSE has a vital role for the safety of theemployees, equipments and environment as well. Health In-house Medical Consultancy Services: Medical Consultancy Servicerepresents in-house medical advice by in-house medical doctors given to the employees. Oneregistered doctor always remains available at the 9th floor of the CS department. This yeartotal 5037 consultancies have been given. Out of these, 187 were referred for bettertreatment. HSSE training: HSSE implementation policy of Grameenphone, prevention ofinjury at work is the most important target of HSSE. To ensure this, HSSE departmentorganizes different awareness and training programs for its employees as well as supportstaffs, channel partners, suppliers, contractors and vendors. It includes First aid training,Training on Health and Hygiene, training etc. Happy Hearts Day Care Centre: For the employees of Customer Servicedepartment, HSSE has established a day care center at the Office premises, in 5 th floor of theNitol Niloy Tower. Starting from April, 2010, number of children enrolling at the center has
  61. 61. been increasing incessantly. A good number of children are accommodated. This is providinggood support to working parents specially mothers and their satisfaction level is very good. Vaccination program: HSSE conducts vaccination program for all CS employees.Usually vaccination for Hepatitis B is given. All employees are communicated and asked toparticipate in this program through office mail. Executive Health Checkup: HSSE conducts executive health checkup of a largenumber of employees every year. The total numbers of employees receiving health checkupthis year were 493.HSSE conducts a large number of activities all throughout the year. All activities are notrecorded entirely due to lack of facilities for efficient and convenient record keeping. HSSEhas taken steps for automation and also introduction of some web based services and databasesoftware up gradation, which will enhance the services from HSSE in coming days. SafetySafety is the protection against workplace hazard, illness, injuries even death. Safety is theaccident free conditionThe Safety Policy of Grameenphone ltd is given below: 1) Developing, designing, operating and maintaining facilities and processes that are safe and without risk to health and safety 2) Developing, introducing and maintaining occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and verify compliance with these through regular audit. 3) Setting annual improvement targets and reviewing these to ensure that they are being met in all levels. 4) Involving everyone in implementations of this policy and providing appropriate training. 5) Investigating all injuries and incidents, and using the learning for continuous improvements. 6) Recognizing and rewarding for demonstration of exemplary safety behavior.
  62. 62. SecurityThis covers usually security against hazard, accident, fire, earthquake etc. Hazard is acondition or practice with potential of accidental loss or damage or injury. Hazard iseverywhere and company identifies the common hazard and eliminates those. Identifying Hazards:1) Physical Hazards: Noise, Vibration, Radiation, Temperature etc.2) Biological Hazards: Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites, Insects etc.3) Chemical Hazards: Dust, Gases, Vapors, Mists etc.4) Sub-standard and un-safe condition: Sharp edge, broken, switches and electrical fittings,loose wiring. Accident: Accident is a first aid case or an occupational sprain / strain injuryregarding just a single treatment by a medical doctor or a registered health professional e.g.nurse physiotherapist etc. followed by observation must be recorded as a first aid case. Sequences of accident reporting and investigation:1) The accident victim goes to medical centre immediately.2) Medical officer gives treatment and classifies the accident according to severity and fill-upan accident report.3) Location-in-charge of the accident informs to HSSE department within 24 hours.4) HSSE dept investigates and analyzes the accident again. Fire Fighting: Firefighting establishment is very sophisticated in all establishmentsof Grameenphone ltd. The Nitol Niloy Tower that is the CS department is not out of this.There are ample resources to defend fire. General Rules:1. Press the emergency fire alarm2. Isolate the nearest cutoff switch3. The trained person will charge nearest DCP extinguisher first4. Then evacuate.
  63. 63. 5. In case of big fire, only listed fire fighters, security guard, and fire service will worktogether for extinguishing fire5.2.4.4 Environment General Safety Rules are given below:1) Follow instructions, don’t take chances, if you don’t know, ask.2) Report any condition that you think may cause injury of employee and damage equipment.3) Put everything you use in proper place.4) Keep your work area neat and clean.5) Use the right tools and equipment.
  64. 64. 5.3 PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PROCESS OF GPThe Performance Management Process [PMP] is an annual performance appraisal anddevelopment process with link to reward. It is Grameenphone key process to:  Assess past business and behavior performance  Set future business goals  Identify required development initiatives to meet expected business performance and behavior  Facilitate formal feedback.Objectives of PMPThe PMP is designed to ensure that the employees are focused and productive by:  Having individual goals and development initiatives aligned to business strategy  Given feedback on performance and development by formal discussions  Meeting customer demands by focusing on vision and values ("our way of working") andMeeting Grameenphone Leadership Expectations (for supervisors with direct reports)Performance Appraisal System:The performance of each employee is closely monitored by their immediate managers. If thebroad objectives of the job are clearly understood by the Appraiser and the Appraisee and theAction Plan along with the criterion of assessment is clearly agreed between them, appraisalshould be a relatively easy task. If both parties are realistic, pragmatic, fair and objective intheir evaluation of performance, there should be very little variation in their scoring andcompletion of the Performance Appraisal Form.The Appraisee has to dispassionately analyze his/her performance and fill in the form with anattitude of trust and fairness in the judgment of the superior.In rating the overall performance, the Action Plan achievements will have 50% weightage.The quality of performance in accomplishing the overall objectives of the job will have the