Ready Steady PMO Conference


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Ready Steady PMO Conference

  1. 1. MaximizingBusiness ValueThrough ProjectExcellenceBusiness OperationsProject Management OfficeAn overviewddth MMM 2012Getting to GoReady Steady PMOTuesday 21st MayCiaran Lacey PMP®, PgMP®Global PMO ManagerMicrosoft Operations
  2. 2. | Commercial Ops PMOPMOGoal ! Customer SatisfactionCo-create ValueEnable ChangeVisionOur story
  3. 3. AgendaBusiness ImpactIntroduction& Context Setting GovernanceTools & ProcessChallenges & BestPractice Community
  4. 4. 5 Steps to success
  5. 5. | Commercial Ops PMOIntroduction
  6. 6. Business Operations VisionStatement“Empowered ThoughtLeaders of Change andBusiness Value”Introduction: PMO Mission StatementCommercial Operations PMO Mission Statement“Maximize business value for our customersby enabling change through excellence inProject Management services”
  7. 7. MicrosoftOperationsGlobalLandscapeGlobal Organisation, Regional SupportGlobal & Regional InitiativesIntroduction: Who We AreAsia PacificOperationsCenterSingaporeEMEAOperationsCentreDublinLATAMOps CenterFortLauderdalePuerto RicoAmericasOperationsCentreReno & Fargo
  8. 8. Where we belong: Business OperationsEmpowered Thought Leaders ofChange and Business ValueSoftwareQualityAssuranceSQABusinessAnalyticsBusinessIntelligenceSix SigmaPMOProjectManagementPMOCustomerPartnerExperienceCPEOur Capabilities
  9. 9. FY’11Launch new globalPMO Strategy• Mature Org andEngagement.• Strongergovernance onproject intake.• Implement ProjectServer.• Good Governance& Prioritisation.FY’11FY’12Integrated X-ROCteam• Driving BusinessValue.• Change Mgt.• Consultancy.• Strategic Insight.• Facilitation.• Certified Team.FY’12FY’10Expanded Role toinclude some Globalinitiatives• Expanded tomore GlobalProjects.• More X-ROCactivity.• Showing globalbenefitsrealization.FY’10FY’09Regional ROCTeams – largelyindependent• Individual ROC /PM Teams.• Little cross ROCsharing.• Not selling valueof PMO well.FY’09PMO as a true Centre of Excellence
  10. 10. Ad-HocCommonLanguageLevel 1BasicKnowledgePM 101/201PlannedCommonProcessesLevel 2ProcessDefinitionManagedSingleMethodologyLevel 3ProcessControlPMP CertificationIntegratedBenchmarkingLevel 4ProcessImprovementsSustainedContinuousImprovementsLevel 5We are here inour evolutionPMO as a true Centre of Excellence
  11. 11. Our 3 Year Plan• EPM Organisational ModelCareer Development• Budget Ownership• Governance & Oversight• Consulting Organisation• Continue to Standardise• Tools Capability• Maturity AssessmentEnabling ops drive more projects through the pipeline – optimising resourcesEnterpriseWide FocusFY11 – StandardiseStandardise projectmethodologies, processes &documentation acrossGPMOFY13 +– Integrated EPMEnterprise wide project focus• Increasedintegration withBusinessPMOExcellenceFY12 – ExcellenceFully aligned GlobalPMO Virtual TeamContinueto standardisefor global PMO
  12. 12. Our new evolution: FromEmpowered Thought Leaders ofChange and Business ValueSoftwareQualityAssuranceSQABusinessAnalyticsBusinessIntelligenceSix SigmaChangeManagementPMOProjectManagementPMOCustomerPartnerExperienceCPEOur Capabilities
  13. 13. ChangeManagementBenchmarkingSix SigmaProjectManagementSystem QualityAssurancePeople ReadinessCustomer ExperienceMajorAllianceMajorAllianceMajorAllianceMajorAllianceMajorAllianceMajorAllianceMajorAllianceMajorAllianceOur new evolution: To
  14. 14. | Commercial Ops PMOOur Business Impact
  15. 15. Best People on theBiggest Challenges• Intellectual Property• Structure• Accountability• Process Excellence• Benefit Realisation• Delivery• Professionalism• ExperienceCloseTransitionExecutePlanScopeInitiateMonitor & ControlOur Value Add
  16. 16. FTEVendor VendorComplexityCapability / CostSpecializedConsultingChangeManagementFacilitationMS Accelerate / VSMProcess ImprovementProject ManagementBusinessAnalysisProjectSupportRun SupportPMO Offerings “Menu”
  17. 17. PMO vision achieved through ourcomprehensive servicesProject ManagementProjectManagementCore Project Management ServicesChangeManagementProcessImprovementPartnerEngagementProgram/ProductLaunch ROCReadinessAdditional Project Management ServicesPM Framework/ Tools/ Templates SupportProjectManagement CoachingAdditional StrategicInitiativesWorkshopFacilitationMS AccelerateSessionsShowcasingProject ManagementTrainingPMO Core Services
  18. 18. Our Business Impact
  19. 19. | Commercial Ops PMOGovernance
  20. 20. Governance relates to all elements of the business from GMlevel down• Individual Steering Committee meetings• Project management Triangle (Time, Cost, Scope)• Quality reviewGMPMOLeadProject• PMO Resource Request Process and Governance• Project Benefit Management Governance• Identify correct business challenges• Project Priority and Direction Check-in• Highlight Risks, Escalation, Help WantedDriving forsuccess in whatwe doFunctional Governance
  21. 21. Maximise business value for our customers by enabling change through excellencein Project Management services• % PMO Frameworkutilisation• % Internal Project NSAT• # of new serviceengagements• Total $ Benefit realised• LMX (CPE) for ProjectsEase of doingbusiness with PMOProvide PMServicesCulture, Climate &CapabilityEnsure consistent deliveryusing PM methodologiesProvide Facilitation ServicesBecome change agentexpertsBuild & Maintainorganisational IP• # of Certified PMP’s• Training Measurement tobe defined by pillar leadDeliver BusinessSimplification ServicesShowcase the PMO EPMEstablish a process formanaging CPEEnhance Expert knowledgein PMOMaintain Active ListeningEmpower our EmployeesMaximise BusinessValueSupport Revenue EnablementDrive the BPR ProcessDrive Effectiveness inResource ManagementDeliver Business InsightServicesStrategicPrioritiesStrategicInitiativesCriticalSuccessMeasuresMissionDevelop Common operatingagreement / PlaybookStandardise Framework,Tools & Knowledge BaseEstablish a process formeasuring stakeholder valueBuild the PMO communityExecute the Intake ProcessSupporting strategicprioritiesProvide Benefit LeadershipGovernance: Our Strategy on a Page
  22. 22. ProjectIntakeContinue toenhance ourpipelinemanagementprocess andalignment tostrategic goals.Drive FY14 BPRToolsFull adoption ofProject Server2010 &associatedPortfolioManagementbenefits.StrongGovernanceEnsuring thatwe havecontinuedgovernanceand Execsupport forstrategicinitiativesOrganization& PeopleOptimize PMOCulture &Capability.Be seen asleaders in PMOfield internallyand externally.Instill ourcommon PMOtools andtemplate acrossthe orgConsistent &repeatable use.V2.0 PMOFrameworkCapability Governance – Focus Areas
  23. 23. | Commercial Ops PMOTools and Processes• Processes• Framework• SharePoint• Tools• Measures
  24. 24. PMO Operations Processes1. Clear ChangeControl Process /Traceability2. Approve/reject3. Change isinevitableChange Control1. CustomerRequests2. Business CaseUnderstood3. Clear Benefits4. Big BetsIn TakeProcesses1. StrategicAlignment2. Guiding Principles3. Best People onour biggestchallengesProjectPrioritization1. Stages of ProjectLifecycle2. Apply Tools andTemplates3. Monitor &ControlPMO Frameworkand Tools
  25. 25. A systemicapproach to valuecreationInitiate Scope Plan Execute Transition CloseMonitor and ControlPMO Framework
  26. 26. Our Enterprise Project ManagementTools
  27. 27. Our PMO Dashboard
  28. 28. ProjectInitiation FormsPMO TemplatesProject PlanningFormsProject ScopeFormsProject Monitor& Control FormsProject CloseFormsTraining Materials
  29. 29. | Commercial Ops PMOChallenges & BestPractice
  30. 30. Our Challenges
  31. 31.  Align to strategy Senior level engagement Intake Process & Guiding Principles Two week lead in time Co-value creation / Shared commitments Statement of Work Role of the PM Framework; Tools; Knowledge base Global consistency Communications Simplifiers / Change Agents Collaboration with other PMO OrganizationsBest practice sharing
  32. 32. | Commercial Ops PMOPMO Community
  33. 33. Helping others besuccessfulPMO CommunityInformationSharingCommunityTalk SeriesBest PracticeCollaboration Newsletters Networking Awards
  34. 34. Helping othersbe successfulPMO CommunityNetworkingInformationSharing
  35. 35. 132The number of PM’s acrossMIOL506The number of Projectsstarted in FY11 inMIOL$128M+The approx. dollar valueassociated with these projects65Certified PMP’s22 in progress18Green Belts14 in Progress20 Trained10Black Belts6 in ProgressSCRUMAgileWaterfallSFE 2MasterBlack BeltsMicrosoft PM Community in numbers10The average length inMONTHS Of a project288Members of the PjMCommunity in MIOL278 ATTENDED SCENARIOFOCUSED ENGINEERINGWORKSHOPS2 PgMP
  36. 36. 5 Steps to success
  37. 37. | Commercial Ops PMOThank you
  38. 38. © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing marketconditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.