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Sante Business Presentation

Sante Business Presentation



Did u know? Cancer Can't Live in an Alkaline Oxygenated Environment. Easiest way to Alkalize your body is by eating Pure Organic Barley Grass ...

Did u know? Cancer Can't Live in an Alkaline Oxygenated Environment. Easiest way to Alkalize your body is by eating Pure Organic Barley Grass
For Order / Membership pls call / txt

Smart - 0919-581-4836
Sun - 0932-919-3383
Gllobe - 0915-883-6150



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  • For aspiring and professional business man/woman that want to have low cost investment (P3,988.00) with great deal of return while enjoying a quality time with your family, this is the type of business venture you're looking for, Sante Internaitonal (The Barley Pure Organic Co.) is the business your been waiting for…

    Attend in our Business Opportunities

    Pls feel free to txt/call Ronald Torrefiel
    Smart – 0919-581-4836
    Sun - 0932-919-3383

    See The Advantage of Being A SANTE INTERNATIONAL
    How to EARN
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    Sante Business Presentation Sante Business Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Company Established November 2008Providing Wellness to Humanity
    • Unit 904-905 GalleriaCorporate Center EDSA cor.Ortigas Ave. Quezon City,Metro Manila PhilippinesTel. No.: (632) 667-3722 to 25Email: info@santehub.com www.santehub.com
    • Sante’ Team Jesus Joey T. Marcelo Ronnie R. Piñon Ericson S. Maranan Minerva A. Carag CEO CMO CFO COO Industrial Engineer Bachelor in Science Bachelor in Science Bachelor’s degree Master’s degree in degree, in commerce, degree, major in Magna cum laude Business Administration Major in marketing Accounting , CPA Registered Nurse De La Salle University San Beda College University of Santo Tomas Philippine Christian UniversityBacked up by a competent Management Team and Systems Provider. With more than 50 years of combined marketing experience.
    • Our Product
    • Organic Barley New ZealandProducer and Manufacturer of Finest and Quality Barley Powder in New ZeaIand.
    • Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, • Dr. Hagiwara-a world-renowned scientist, inventor, pharmacologist and entrepreneur, • Dr. Hagiwara-reports that he researched over 200 different plants over a period of 13 years. He found that barley grass was the most excellent source of nutrients that the body needs for growth, repair and well-being.
    • Scientific Studies nutrients found in Barley Leaves vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein,active enzymes, chlorophyll, Phytonutrients and phytochemicals,BARLEY GRASS (Hordeum vulgare)
    • •Dr. Hagiwara The only vegetation on earth that can supply nutritional support from birth to old age.
    • Scientific Studies Nutrients found in Barley Grass Vitamins Minerals Amino Acids Enzymes Beta carotene Boron Alanine Aspartate aminotransferase Biotin Calcium Arginine Catalase Choline Chloride Aspartic acid Cytochrome oxidasee Folic acid Chromium Cystine DNase Niacin Cobalt Glutamic acid Fatty acid oxidasePantothenic acid Copper Glycine Hexokinase Vitamin A Iodine Histidine Malic dehydrogenase Vitamin B1 Iron Isoleucine Nitrate reductase Vitamin B2 Magnesium Leucine Nitrogen oxyredutase Vitamin B6 Manganese Lysine Peroxidase Vitamin B12 Nickel Methionine Peroxidase catalase Vitamin C Phosphorus Phenylalanine Phosphatase Vitamin E Potassium Proline Phospholipase Vitamin F Selenium Serine Polyphenoloxidase Vitamin K Sodium Threonine RNase Vitamin P Sulfur Tryptophan Transhydrogenase Zinc Tyrosine Superoxide dismutase (SOD) Valine P4D1 Glycosyisovitexin-(GIV/G10)
    • OXYGEN RADICAL ABSORBANCE CAPACITY ORAC Value per Fruits/ 100 grams Vegetables (Antioxidant Value) Prunes 5,770 Raisins 2,830 Kale 1,770 Spinach Raw 1,260 Barley Grass 25,500
    • Claim
    • FDA-CPR
    • • Recognized by science as the most nutritious of all plant foods, containing a broad spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, protein, chlorophyll, phytonutrients and phytochemicals that our bodies require for the proper functioning of organs and immune system. A TOTAL COMPLETE FOOD
    • History of BarleyDEUTERONOMY 8:7-9 “Forthe Lord God is bringing you intoa good land…a land full ofwheat and Barley, milk andhoney in which you will lacknothing ”JOHN 6:1-14- Feeding ofthe 5,000 People“ with two fishand five Barley loaves..”Barley Mentioned in the Bible 37 times
    • Sattoo……Powdered BarleyDr. M. Laiq Ali KhanSource: http://www.crescentlife.com/dietnutrition/barley.htm The Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wasallam) recommended Barley to cure grief of heart and ailments of the kidney. By Allah who hold my life, this removes the dirt of your abdomen as one of you removes the dirt of your face.” According to Firdous Al- Hikmat thesuspension prepared from Barley is beneficial for at least hundred diseases of the body.
    • Miracle of Barley Grass
    • Breast Cancer SurvivorLorraine Day, M.D,Barley User Author of "You Can Improve on God“
    • Janette L. Capillo 31 years old In 2009, was initially diagnosed with nasal polyps. After a CT scan and biopsy of tissue sample, she was diagnosed with SINONASAL UNDIFFERENTIATED CARCINOMA or cancer. After the operation, the lump got bigger. She experienced sudden weight loss in 2010 and so went to PGH to undergo another CT scan. She also underwent radiation therapy. Started taking Santé Barley Pure in July 2010. Started with 2 caps in the morning and 2 caps in the evening before meals. On the 4th day, blood and pus started coming out of her nasal passages. After a week, she took Santé Pure Barley powder, one sachet in the morning and one sachet in the evening before meals.
    • Janette L. Capillo 31 years oldBEFORE AFTER
    • Princess Jamila Canda Born May 4,2010 – diagnosis: neonatal pneumonia with clinical sepsis. May 4-June 4 - admitted to neonatal intensive care unit. June 8 - patient was discharged against medical advice. July 24 – admitted for difficulty of breathing. July24 – Aug 8 diagnosed with pneumonia. Aug 12 - Mother started to give baby Santé Pure Barley First week - 2 sachets per day. Now - 1 sachet divided into 3 parts given 3x a day. Improvements from the time that baby was given Santé Pure Barley. 1. Healed of blood infection. 2. Normal blood count; no longer anemic. 3. Became more active. 4. No more difficulty of breathing 5. Good appetite now. 6. Can sleep well now.
    • Princess Jamila Canda
    • Mr. DacuaDiagnosed with kidney stone and scheduled for operation at the Davao Regional Hospital, Tagum Pure Barley NZ 1sachet and 3capsules ofSante Barley Pure 30minutes before my healthy meal daily After one (1) week, he passed out stones through his urinary tract Operation was no longer needed
    • Content; Pure Barley Pack1 big Box NZ Powder 30 Sachet3 Box Capsule 500 mg 60 capProduct Cost P4,650.00Membership ID (Life time)30-50% Discount Life TimeMarketing Mat./DVDBank Account China trustPersonal Business WebsiteSMS Business System50% Discount accredited schoolAir Load DistributorshipTravel Incentive ProgramHouse Incentive ProgramCar Incentive ProgramBig League MemberBusiness Opportunity
    • 1) Retail Bonus 30% SRP - P1,950.00 /Box/P65/Sachet DP - P1,260.00 /Box/P42/Sachet ________________ P 690.00 /Box Income (20 clients x P690= Php 13,800.00/mos.) SRP – P900.00 /Box/P15/Cap500mg DP - P600.00 /Box/P10/Cap 500mg ______________ Php 300.00 /Box Income (20 clients x P300 = Php 6,000.00/mos.) Part time – additional INCOME!
    • 2) Fast Start Bonus P300 L R P300 P300P300 /Direct P300 P300 P300 P300SponsorPure Barley P300 P300 P300 P300Pack
    • 3) Link Bonus 1 PURE BARLEY PACK = 1 Point or P500.00/ Left Right Link Point 1 Link P500Marketing PlanNo Maximum Daily Income Limit.No Flush Out. P500Guaranteed Strong Leg Retention. P500No Registration Limit.Guaranteed Safe Compensation Plan. Earn up P500 to P500 Infinity
    • 4.) Unilevel Residual Income *Assuming everybody maintains atleast 1 box of PURE BarleyYou NZ/month Level Customer PB Pts. Rate Monthly Income 1st s5 500 10% P 200.00 2nd 25 2,500 15% 1,500.00 3rd 125 12,500 5% 2,500.00 4th 625 62,500 5% 12,500.00 5th 3,125 312,500 5% 62,500.00 6th 15,625 1,562,500 10% 625,500.00 7th 78,125 7,812,500 5% 1,562,500.00 8th 390,625 39,062,500 5% 7,812,500.00 9th 1,953,125 195,312,500 10% 78,125,000.00 10th 9,765,625 976,562,500 10% 390,625,000.00
    • Company IncentiveCar, House, Travel Incentive
    • Inheritance R.I.P Successor YouDaily income:Monthly Income:Car/House/Travel IncentivePosition as Diamond ExecutiveNetwork Local & International
    • Bonus Cycle & Disbursement Fast Start Bonus, Infinity Bonus To be computed DAILY Builders Bonus, Executive Bonus To be computed MONTHLY Franchise Leverage Program To be computed EVERY 4 MONTHS Wire Transfer Commission Check League Wallet