Connected learning

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Information and resources in support of connected learning with students.

Information and resources in support of connected learning with students.

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  • 1. "Connected Learning" NETS-T Connected Learner Prezi NETS-S Robert Schuetz 2013
  • 2. NETS-T #1 ● Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity Key terms: innovation, authentic, exploration, & collaboration ● Connected Classroom Category Communication & Collaboration ● Digital Tools Google Docs, Blogger, Evernote, Classroom LMS (Schoology)
  • 3. NETS-T #2 ● Design & Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences & Assessments Key terms: personalize, digital resources, varied assessment, data collection ● Connected Classroom Category Learning Resources & Digital Content ● Digital Tools Ted-Ed, Discovery Education, Kahn Academy, Zite, News360, Learnist, Flipboard, Google Reader ○ (NearPod, iTunes U)
  • 4. NETS-T #3 ● Model Digital-Age Work & Learning Key terms: Digital Tools, Information Fluency, Research & Learning, communication, collaboration ● Connected Classroom Category Productivity ● Digital Tools Google Search / Drive / Docs, Google Sites, Evernote, YouTube/education ○ (Notability, NearPod)
  • 5. NETS-T #4 ● Promote & Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility Key terms: safety, ethical, digital etiquette, equitable access, cultural awareness ● Connected Classroom Category Learning Management System ● Digital Tools Schoology, Edmodo, Moodle, CourseSites ○ Internet Safety - Schoology Group (, NetSmartz, Google Family Safety Center)
  • 6. NETS-T #5 ● Engage in Professional Growth & Leadership Key terms: learning communities, professional practices, responsibility for learning, collaboration ● Connected Classroom Category Personal Learning Network (PLN) ● Digital Tools Twitter, Google+, Google Reader, Blogger, Diigo ○ Edshelf, Learnist, PearlTrees, Knowmia Others?
  • 7. Summary Table NETS-T Connection Category Old School Tool 1 Communication & Collaboration Chalkboard 2 Learning Resources & Content Textbook 3 Productivity Worksheets 4 Digital Responsibility Filmstrip Projector 5 Personal Learning Network Teacher's Lounge New Learning Tool
  • 8. Additional Resources Google Docs & Drive for Teachers - FreeTech4Teachers +Richard Byrne How to use Evernote Tutorials - YouTube playlist +Cameron Plommer Resources for Growing Your PLN - +Edutopia 100 High School Teacher Blogs to Start Reading - edudemic post - Jeff Dunn 2012 A - Z List of Twitter Hashtags - edudemic post - Katie Lepi Twitter Guide Book - +Mashable Top 50 Google+ Circles for Educators - Educational Technology Guy - David Andrade Internet Trends from 2012 - edudemic post (Mary Meeker presentation) AZ Technology Integration Matrix - (Jonassen, Howland, Moore, & Marra, 2003)