DISTRICT ROTARACT COUNCIL 11-12           R.I.DIST.3230                                    Issue 1                        ...
ZRR MESSAGE:                                             Wish u a happy Friendship day my dear Friends                    ...
ABOUT OUR R.I.PRESIDENT RTN.KALYAN BANERJEE:                                                    Kalyan Banerjee graduated ...
ABOUT ZONE 6 FAMILYCOLLEGE OF ENGINEERING:Rotaract club of College of Engineering chartered on 28th March sponsored by Rot...
SHREE CHANDRAPRABHU JAIN COLLEGE:Rotaract club of Shree chandraprabhu Jain college sponsored by Rotary club of Madras Espl...
DISTRICT ASSEMBLY – SIRAGUGAL:                                    Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created thr...
DID YOU KNOW WHEN IS TERRY FOX RUN                                   “I was rudely awakened by the feelings that surrounde...
TEN COMMANDMENTS – FOR THE ROTARACT MOVEMENT                                                    “WE” instead of “I”       ...
PHOTO GALLERY                 ALL THE BEST FOR THE YEAR 11-12                             KEEP ROCKING                    ...
Today’s  Cancer  Researchis  tomorrow’s  cure…….     TERRY FOX RUN 2011                                                   ...
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On 7th August Zone 6 Newsletter LIMELIGHT released in the DRC MEETING.

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  2. 2. ZRR MESSAGE: Wish u a happy Friendship day my dear Friends It gives me immense pleasure to write my first message as a Zonal Rotaract Representative (ZRR) for Zone 6. I am very much happy to release the 1st Issue of Zone 6 Newsletter “LIMELIGHT” on the special occasion of Friendship day. LIMELIGHT includes the information of R.I.President Biography, R.I.Theme, about Zone 6, District Projects, Terry Fox Run etc…. “KNOWN IS DROP UNKNOWN IS OCEAN” Rotaract is a platform where we can learn and make others to learn also So I request all the Rotaractors to make use of this opportunity. I would like to thank DRR Rtr.PP.ManiKandan who gave me the opportunityto be a ZRR and I thank my friends who suggested the name Limelight.I like to thank Rtr.Varshini from SRM Easwari Engineering college who suggested LIMELIGHT for Zone 6 Newsletter.Special thanks to my Zone 6 Family members it‟s very tough to release the Limelight newsletter without their wonderfulsupport. Thanks for your support expecting the same throughout the year. Celebrate DifferencesI would like to wish all the President and Secretary for the year 11-12. Have a great successful and fun filled year.Let‟s Celebrate the Differences. Happy Friendship Day. Send your Feedbacks to rtr.yuvabala.zenith@gmail.com.DRR MESSAGE:I feel really excited to note that the Zone 6 is bringing out a newsletter forcirculating information about the activities which are happening in their respectivezone. This is a unique idea to exchange ideas and best practices amidst the team. Iam sure that this E-Newsletter will encourage clubs to do more innovative projectsand will serve the purpose in a better way. Both club and district updates will bepublished in this newsletter will enable smooth communication within the zone andwill enable transparency.We urge each Rotaractors to invest our time in a productive manner in hiswonderful movement. Focus on projects in all the avenues of services ensures activepresence & participation in the club & the district activities. Once the installationsget over, focus on orientation programme on Rotaract so that it comprehensive educates members on all the aspectsof Rotaract.Report the entire project to the District so that it gets noticed. I am sure that this newsletter will strengthen two waycommunications within the zone & allows members to share the good project that is being done.Once again my best wishes to Rtr.PP.Yuvabala for this noteworthy initiative.
  3. 3. ABOUT OUR R.I.PRESIDENT RTN.KALYAN BANERJEE: Kalyan Banerjee graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology; Kharagpur (India). He is Director of United Phosphorus Limited, one of the largest manufacturers of agrochemicals in India & Uniphos Agro Industries Limited, and Chairman of United Phosphorus Bangladesh Limited. Kalyan Banerjee has been a member of Rotary Club of Vapi since 1972. He became District Governor during 1980-81 of the then R.I. District 306.He has been Discussion Leader at the International Assembly and R.I. President‟s representative at many DistrictConferences in India and abroad. He served R.I. as Director from Zone 5 and 6 during 1995-97 and in 1997-98, andTrustee of the Rotary Foundation from 2001 to 2005. He became President of Rotary International on 1 July 2011.He has addressed the Indianapolis Convention of Rotary in 1998 and he has been Convenor of 3 Rotary Institutes inZone 5 and 6. He is a member of the International PolioPlus Committee of Rotary International (IPPC) and currentlyserves as Chairman of the Rotarian Action Groups Committee. He has served on various important committees ofRotary International from time to time.Kalyan is recipient of Citation for Meritorious Service and Distinguished Service Award from the Rotary Foundation. Heis a major donor and a benefactor to the Foundation and has helped to make several non-Rotarians, as Paul HarrisFellows.He has been involved in other activities in the community and elsewhere. These include membership of the AmericanChemical society, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, member of the Samsad of the Vishva-Bharati University. Hehas been President of Vapi Industries Association in 2000-2001, is a past Chairman, Gujarat Council of Confederationof Indian Industry. He is a Trustee of several trusts such as Jai Research Foundation, Rotary Awards for Humanity etc.Kalyan is married to Binota, an active social worker and a member of Inner Wheel. They have a son – Kanishka, aChemical Engineer with specialization in Environmental Management, currently settled in Sydney with his wife, and adaughter – Ruma, who has done her MBA and is currently settled with her husband, an I.T.Engineer, in Canada. Theyhave currently 4 grandchildren.ABOUT OUR ROTARY THEME 2011-2012:RI President-elect Kalyan Banerjee will ask Rotarians to Reach within to Embrace Humanity during the 2011-12 Rotaryyears. Banerjee unveiled the RI theme during theopening plenary session of the 2011 InternationalAssembly, a training event for incoming districtgovernors. He urged participants to harness their innerresolve and strength to achieve success in Rotary. "Inorder to achieve anything in this world, a person has touse all the resources he can draw on. And the only placeto start is with ourselves and within ourselves," Banerjeesaid. Once Rotarians find their inner strength, he continued, they can accomplish great things in their communities andaround the world. "Discover yourself, develop the strengths within you, and then unhesitatingly, unflinchingly, go forthand encircle the world, to embrace humanity," he said. Banerjee emphasized the family as a starting point in servingothers. "The communities we live in are not built of individual people but of families -- families living in homestogether, sharing their lives and their resources and their common destinies. Good families lead to goodneighborhoods, and good neighborhoods build good communities."
  4. 4. ABOUT ZONE 6 FAMILYCOLLEGE OF ENGINEERING:Rotaract club of College of Engineering chartered on 28th March sponsored by Rotary club of Madras South. The clubhas the strength of nearly 450 rotaractors. This year theme is Together we can.Some of the ongoing projects are Sangarsh, Pheonix, Vizhithiru, ICE & many more. Last year the club baggedoutstanding club of the year award, Excellent Project of the year for Vizhithiru, Best community service project forSangarsh, Best club Service Project for ICE and Outstanding President of the year award for IPP.Rtr.Gopinath.Madras Central:Rotaract club of Madras Central sponsored by Rotary club of Madras Central. It is one of the oldest community basedclub of 3230, celebrating 26th years of Rotaraction. The club has the strength of nearly 28 Rotaractors dynamicRotaractors with candle your vision as the ThemeSome of the major Projects are Celebration of Independence Day with inmates of Kilpauk Mental Hospital by providingBreakfast to more than 1800 inmates, J.K.Samyuktha Cricket Tournament and Vizhudugal – Nalaya Thoongal a careerdevelopment program. Last year the club has bagged best ongoing project for Kilpauk Mental hospital Project, BestHost, and Star of the award for Rtr.IPP.Yalini and Best District Official award for Rtr.PP.Ramkumar Raju.NEW COLLEGE:Rotaract club of New College chartered on 14th Nov sponsored by Rotary club of Madras. It is one of the active & oldestclub in R.I.Dist 3230 & celebrating its 36th year in the movement. One of the largest club with 1800 Rotaractors.Few of the ongoing projects are Marumalarchi, Blood Donation camp thrice in a year, Hidden Kids, Personalitydevelopment Program, Medical camp, School adoption, Village adoption, Puvi Project. Last year the club has baggedaward for Puvi Project and Best secretary award for Rtr.Thanvir Ahmad.PRESIDENCY CANDLES:Rotaract club of Presidency Candles (RCPC) has been in existence for past 11 years. One of the oldest communitybased club which got revived in the year 2006. Rotary Club of Chennai Presidency is the parent club who has beenextensively supporting in all the activities throughout the year. Every year the club celebrates its charter day on 22ndAugust year theme is Together Everyone Achieves More.One of the highlighted projects is Hearts it‟s a fundraising Project. Last year the club bagged award for best ongoingProject for HEARTS and Star of the Rotaract award for Rtr.IPP.Ajith.SCHOOL OF ARCHITECHTURE AND PLANNING:Rotaract Club of School of Architechture & Planning sponsored by Rotary club of Madras Shakthi. The club has 100Rotaractors.Some of the highlighted Projects are Painting of Day Care Centre, Distribution of School Bags to Orphonage Home andSpecial days Celebration.
  5. 5. SHREE CHANDRAPRABHU JAIN COLLEGE:Rotaract club of Shree chandraprabhu Jain college sponsored by Rotary club of Madras Esplanande. with 200rotaractors actively participating.Few highlight Projects are adopted 11 villages and had done a TB Awareness through Pamplets, announcing throughauto mike and conducted Rally it was sponsored by Actor Surya, Blood Donation camp and cancer awareness throughExhibition.SIDDHANTH:Rotaract club of Siddanth chartered on 24th March, Sponsored by Rotary club of Madras Chenna Patna.Some of the ongoing projects Highlighted projects are Anbumalar it‟s a celebration of Independence Day in Anbu MalarSpecial School for mentally retarded and How to face the Interview? This year the club bagged outstanding Project forAnbumalar & How to face the interview and Best Secetary & best treasury team for Rtr.Anisha.SMK FOMRA:Rotaract club of SMK Fomra sponsored by Rotary club of Madras Industrial City. One of the Highlighted Project isSamyuktham it‟s an ongoing cultural event.SRI KANYAKA PARAMESHWARI COLLEGE:Rotaract club of Sri Kanyaka Parameshwari College sponsored by Rotary club of Madras Mid Town. The club has thestrength of 200 rotaractorsSome of the highlighted projects are joy of giving week, Thanks giving day, charity to Don Bosco anbu illam and ERABOOK BANK. This year the club bagged Best club service for Thanks giving day project.SRI VENKATESHWARA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING:Rotaract club of Sri Venkateshwara college of Engineering chartered on 21 st May sponsored by Madras Pallava. WithNearly 450 rotaractors actively participating .Few projects are visits to SEED – a visit to special children (mentally challenged), blood donation camp, tree plantingcamp, eye donation awareness.SRM EASWARI ENGINEERING COLLEGERotaract Club of SRM Easwari Engineering College sponsored by Rotary club of Chennai Mambalam. The club has thestrength of 600 Roatarctors participating in clubs activity.The club had joined hands with Rotaract club of Akash as a joint project which was a massive hit by organising 100projects in one day. We conducted Larzius a school level science expo for all the schools. Around 1000 students cameand exhibited their talent and they were well appreciated for their talent. Last year Rtr.Varshini bagged star of Rotaractaward.TAMILNADU INSTITUTE OF LABOUR STUDIES:Rotaract club of Tamilnadu Institute of Labour Studies Sponsored by Rotary club of Madras Mylapore uptown.
  6. 6. DISTRICT ASSEMBLY – SIRAGUGAL: Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.Every person goes through the wonderful phase of learning somewhere or the other in their life. Without Learning there is no execution. Every year, the District Rotaract Council organizes various events for the benefit of the Rotaractors. These events train the Rotaractors to develop themselves, learn various things and mould them to be a better individual. Assembly is the kick start event which sets the vision and mission for the Rotaractors and the Rotaract clubs.For the green Rotaractors, assembly is the gateway which gives the insight about the Rotary and the Rotaractmovement. This event has been an eye opener for many young Rotaractors to get motivated and continue in thismovementThis year the District Rotaract Council is organizing a District Assembly, “SIRAGUGAL”. This event will be held on 28thAugust, 2011 at Chettinad Vidhyashram School Auditorium, R.A. Puram, Chennai. This event enjoys a turnout of morethan 1,500 Rotaractors from various spheres and colleges in Chennai and is indeed a treat to Rotaractors providingthem with clean Infotainment. District Assembly is basically an orientation and training programme, which paves theway for the Rotaractors to know their roles and duties assigned to them. Rotarians and experienced Rotaractors willshare their views on the various responsibilities that have to be fulfilled during a Rotary Year.District Assembly “SIRAGUGAL” will help the Presidents and Secretaries to set the goals for their clubs and plans toexecute their ideas. Assembly is a great plat form for the members to interact with other club members and share thethoughts and views. We have organized experienced Rotarians who will enlighten the Rotaractors. Key note addressedby one of the most eminent speaker. A part from the Infotainment we also have planned for wonderful kit which hasnever been given in assembly. We request our clubs to register for District Assembly “SIRAGUGAL” and support us inthe delivering the event successfully.BLOOD DONATION CAMP:It‟s been pleasure to give away my first ever article in my Rotaract career for a Zonal newsletter. Myself here to share some points on Blood and Blood Donation. Everyone in this worldis very much needed of blood to live - because we do not have anything in alternative forblood. That too when a person is in an emergency that undergoes a major or immediatesurgery, Blood is an essential thing.Blood have four types - A, B, O, AB in positive (+ve) and negative (-ve). Out of these O-vedonors are called as Universal Donors (they can donate blood to any one) and AB+ve donorsare called as Universal Receivers (they can receive blood from any one). Blood have 4components such as red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma.From the age of 18 years, Men/Women who weight around 50 kg can donate blood. Healthy Men/Women can donateblood once in every 3 months A healthy men have 6 litres of blood in his body and A healthy women have 5 litres ofblood in her body. From this, only 350ml of blood will be taken in blood donation camps which will reproduce withintwo days.Every year our nation requires about 4 Crore units of blood, out of which only a meager 40 Lakh units ofblood are available.FYI - In India, the percentage of O+ve - 36.5% , A+ve - 22.1% , , B+ve - 30.9% , AB+ve - 6.4% , O-ve - 2.0% , A-ve - 0.8% , B-ve - 1.1%, AB-ve - 0.2%.This year 2011-2012, District Rotaract Council has taken initiative to organize Blood donation camps along with anOrientation about Blood and Blood donation jointly with TTK - VHS Hospital Blood Bank. Our motto is "ONE SHOULDKNOW WHY THEY DONATE BLOOD, BEFORE THEY DO!”. Every student who donates blood must know about the Bloodand their essential things, This Orientation will have PPT & Video presentations explained by a doctor from VHShospital with a Q&A session. We request all clubs to organize orientation and blood donation camps along with DistrictRotaract Council & TTK - VHS hospital blood bank in their respective college campus before 3 days of Blood donationcamp. So that students will get knowledge and come forward to donate blood in blood donation camps.I would like tothank ZRR.Rtr.Yuvabala and Zone 6 Rotaractors who gave me chance to share my thoughts.
  7. 7. DID YOU KNOW WHEN IS TERRY FOX RUN “I was rudely awakened by the feelings that surrounded and coursed through the cancer clinic. There were faces with brave smiles, and the ones who had given up smiling. There were the feelings of hopeful denial, and the feelings of despair. My quest would not be a selfish one. I could not leave knowing these faces and feelings would still exist, even though I would be set free from mine. Somewhere the hurting must stop….and I was determined to take myself to the limit for the cause.” Terry Fox wrote in a letter requesting support for his Run to collect funds for cancer research 30 years back. His thoughts still resonate with not just cancer patients but those who have been affected by it indirectly too. Chennai‟s commitment to aid Cancer research to eliminate this disease for future generations was seen in their participation for the past 2 years in the Terry Fox Run. In spite of busy schedules & other commitments, Chennai stayed true to spreading the message of hope and more than 3000 participants showed their support last year on 22 nd Aug 2010 at IIT Madras. With over Rs 17 Lakhsdonation collected, Chennaiites had surely done their bit to save future lives. From kids on roller skates to the Navy to toddlers inprams..they were all there, pouring in by 6.30 am to do their bit for raising awareness about cancer. A blank white „Quit Smo kingPledge‟ board and a „Message‟ board were filled with colours of positivisms, sadness, hope, enthusiasm, determination and grief. The6.4 kms stretch at the beautiful lush green IIT campus was strewn with cancer prevention and anti smoking messages while all eagerparticipants made a run past these to show they care. It was a pleasure to see known and unknown people running or walking orcycling on the other side of the road and waving their hands at eachother with a huge grin on their faces..a grin which says „This feelsgood and am glad you are enjoying it too!‟. A sense of togetherness engulfed all those present and a sense of certainty that thisdisease will not cripple the existence of human life in future prevailed in the moist fresh air of Chennai. The flag off in 2 010 was doneby DGP Letika Saran, US Consul general (Chennai) Andrew Simkin and actor Vikram while Anu Hassan had graced the occasion in2009. This year too we hope for similar eminent personalities to do the honour and support the cause.Akash Dube, the humble & calm 19 year old cancer survivor always says “I‟m alive today because of the money spent on researchmany years back”. It was he who ideated this run in Chennai while he was undergoing his treatment in Apollo Hospital in 2009. Theparticipants and donations in the past two Chennai Terry Fox Runs have ensured that they have made a huge difference in the vastocean of the Terry Fox foundation so that more survivors get to say what Akash says. Cheers to a cancer free society! And it is withthis feeling and hope that Akash, along with Rotary club of Madras east and IIT, are enthusiastically geared for the run this year too.Be there on 21st Aug 2011 at IIT-M between 8am-11am to show you care too! Registration Amount is FREE.MONTH SPECIAL – MADRAS DAYMadras Day is a day of celebrations organised in the city of Madras(Chennai), the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Chennaiformerly known as Madras or Madarasapatinam, located on theCoromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is celebrated on 22 Augustevery year, and is named after Madras. It commemorates the foundingof the modern city by establishing Fort St George on a small piece ofland acquired from the last King of Chandragiri in 1639 by the British East India Company. The idea to celebrate the birth of the cityevery year was born when journalists Shashi Nair and Vincent DSouza met the citys historian and Editor of Madras Musings, SMuthiah at his residence for coffee. It was based on the success of another event called Mylapore Festival which DSouza had beenorganising every year in January. It was decided by the trio to start celebrating Madras Day from 2004.Chennai is the fourth most populous metropolitan area and the fifth most populour city in India, and also the worlds 36th largestmetropolitan area. Chennai had a population of 4.34 million in the 2001 census within the area administered by the Corporation ofChennai and an extended metropolitan population of 6.5 million. The urban agglomeration of metropolitan Chennai has an estimatedpopulation over 8.2 million people. According to an A.C. Nielsen survey, Chennai is regarded as one of the cleanest cities in India.Chennais economy has a broad industrial base in the automobile, computer, technology, hardware manufacturing and healthcareindustries. The city is Indias second largest exporter of software, information technology (IT) and information-technology-enabledservices (ITES). Chennai is an important centre for Carnatic music and hosts a large cultural event, the annual Madras Music Season,which includes performances by hundreds of artists. The city has a vibrant theatre scene and is an important centre for the BharataNatyam, a classical dance form. The Tamil film industry, one of the largest film industries in India, is based in the city; thesoundtracks of the films dominate its music scene.
  8. 8. TEN COMMANDMENTS – FOR THE ROTARACT MOVEMENT “WE” instead of “I” Respect others as you respect yourself Volunteer to take up responsibilities Movement First, Self next Honor Commitments Value my time & others Time Be open to learn from everyone. Give constructive feedback to others Be accessible Learn to give, accept and acknowledge compliments.ZONE 6 CONTACTS:ROTARACT CLUB PRESIDENT CONTACT NO SECRETARY CONTACT NOCEG Rtr.AnandhaRam 9566270540 Rtr.Aijay 9042989003Madras Central Rtr.Ezhil 9884105106 Rtr.Vignesh 9962779291New College Rtr.Mohammed Zia 8695948328 Rtr.Siva 9043701033Presidency Candles Rtr.Yuvaraj 9500025068 Rtr.Abilash 9884068679School Of Architecture and Planning Rtr.Archana 9790907077 Rtr.Anisha 9176579155Shree Chandra prabhu Jain College Rtr.Maniarasan 8056074572 Rtr.Sathish Kumar 8939763808Siddhanth Rtr.Rhea Vaishnav 9884304481 Rtr.Muzamil 9884477290SMK Fomra Institute of TechnologySri Kannika Parameshwari Rtr.S. Nivedha 8015796079 Rtr.Nirmala 8056118276SRM Eswari Engineering College Rtr.Shravan Chidambaram 9566046148 Rtr.Varshini 9677198611SVCE – Venkateshwara 9884025888 Rtr.Joshua Jacob Samuel Rtr.Johan 9176767888TILS
  10. 10. Today’s  Cancer  Researchis  tomorrow’s  cure……. TERRY FOX RUN 2011 CHENNAI Let’s  run  to  outrun  Cancer   Who is Terry Fox ? He was a Canadian athlete whose leg was amputated due to bone cancer. In spite of this, he ran a 5300 km marathon across Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast collecting $ 24 million for cancer research. As a tribute, every year a “ Terry Fox Run “ is held in 53 countries with over 600 event sites and the funds collected is used for cancer research. Further details can be found at website www.terryfoxrun.org Purpose: It’s all about reaching out to the people and making them aware that “Cancer Prevention is better than Cure” and collect funds for Cancer Research. What happens? Participants collect pledges and can RUN, WALK, BiCYCLE, ROLLER SKATE either the full route or a part of it. So where is it ? Venue : IIT Madras Campus Date : 21st August 2011 ( SUNDAY ) Time : 8.00 to 11.00 AM Distance : 6 Kms Registration : on website www.terryfoxrunchennai.in or at Venue ( NO Registration Fee ) Donations: All funds collected are used only for Cancer research and will be routed to Tata Memorial Hospitals, Mumbai -­ the designated organisation by Terry Fox Foundation. All are welcome to participate Ideated by : Akash Dube Supported By : Rotary Club of Madras East INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MADRAS Contact : Badri : 09840744381 www.terryfoxrunchennai.in Bhavik : 09840882022 Email: terryfoxrunchennai@gmail.com