LEGACY District Rotaract RYLA Newsletter


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The Leader Among Youth. A special newsletter for District Rotaract RYLA 11-12 Rotary International District 3230 LEGACY- Its Our Turn.

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LEGACY District Rotaract RYLA Newsletter

  1. 1. DISTRICT ROTARACT COUNCIL 2011-12 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT 3230 The Leader Among outh A Special Newsletter for District Rotaract RYLA 2011-12 LEGACY Date: 30th September,1st & 2nd October 2011 Volume I | Issue 2 Venue:Indian Beach Date:14th Aug 2011 Resorts East Coast Road, District Rotaract Chennai Legacy has always been related to continuous glory, unassailable victory and that constancy you Hosted by: face while you achieve success. The word Legacy tends to take you back to the time of Knights and Kings when it was all about conquering unknown lands and overcoming fear. To be more precise, a ROTARACT CLUB OF Legacy starts with something new and moves along without turning back. EAST COAST Sponsored by Three months back the reins of the Annual District Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), was Rotary Club of Chennai Gemini handed over the two clubs. One of these clubs had a reputation of being a club with the most & experienced Rotaractors in the District and the other club was fast rising up and had tremendous ROTARACT CLUB OF potential – The Rotaract Clubs of East Coast and Rajalakshmi Engineering College. RAJALAKSHMIENGINEERING COLLEGE Over the years, RI District 3230 has seen some of the most vibrant RYLAs in the history of the Sponosred by movement. When the club members from the Rotaract Clubs of East Coast and Rajalakshmi Rotary Club of Chennai K.K. Nagar Engineering College met, they wanted to leave an impact. This had to be a RYLA which will leave a mark on every Rylarian, this had to be a RYLA where future leaders are born. So much rested on the event of such magnitude that, for the members from the two hosts clubs, it had to be a LEGACY! Fusion, MAD and Aurum had all created history, thanks to the tireless efforts put in by the Rtr. PP. Manikandan K. members of Rotaract Club of Loyola College, who have the unique distinction of hosting the district District Rotaract RYLA for three consecutive years in association with Rotaract Clubs of Madras Central and Loyola Representative Community over the years Its back to the basics, it is now or never! This is the main reason why the two host clubs came up with the tagline – Its Our Turn. Its our turn to celebrate leadership, its our Rtr. PP. Sasi Kumar R. turn to celebrate talent and its definitely our turn to Celebrate Differences District Rotaract Secretary With the name and the tagline decided, we needed a great design, a design that would define a positive word like Legacy. We wanted royalty, we wanted to redefine power and no other colourRtr. Pres. Aditya Mohan does it better than Gold. Chairman - Newsletters District Rotaract Council Ever since that historic day when the RYLA had been handed over to Team Legacy members fromRtr. IPP. Santhosh Kumar both the club have been meeting constantly and planning furiously to make this event a grand Chairman LEGACY success. Over the days we have bonded together like long lost brothers and whatever happens District Rotaract RYLA over the next three days, there will be one thing which each and every one of us from Team Legacy will take home – Friendship! Ironically that is what RYLA stands for doesnt it? Making friends with Rtr. Pres. Sriram R. people who you seldom know! We, the members of the host clubs have experiencing something Secretary LEGACY for the past three months that each and every Rylarian at LEGACY will be experiencing over this District Rotaract RYLA wonderful week. It is that time of the year again, a time when a Rotaractor becomes a Rylarian and transforms into a completely different individual. The time has come, lets just sit back and let RYLA transform us into new individuals.
  2. 2. District Rotaract Representative Message Dear All, Warm Rotaract Greetings!! It gives me immense pleasure to pen down this special message on the occasion of Rotary Youth Leadership Awards – RYLA Programme for the year 2011. RYLA is one of the most awaited programmes organized every year by one or more clubs along with the District Rotaract Council. A 3 day residential leadership programme aims at bringing the best out of the participants by providing them opportunity to actively participate and positively interact during the course of the programme. Its a challenge in itself to organize RYLA once, I would like to congratulate and compliment RC of Loyola College for having successfully organized it thrice. The benchmark set by last years AURIUM RYLA Organizers RC of Loyola College and RC of Loyola Community is truly phenomenal. For the first time, the District Rotaract Council invited clubs who are keen to organize RYLA to participatein the RYLA briefing session and asked for proposals to finalize the organizing clubs. The presentations were witnessed by Districtofficials. Finally the team decided RC of East Coast and RC of Rajalakhsmi Engineering College as the organizers for 2011 RYLA. Thename of the RYLA programme was chosen as LEGACY – Its Our Turn. The LEGACY team under the able leadership of chairperson Rtr.IPP. Santhosh Kumar and Secretary Rtr. Pres. Sriram R. along with the team of enthusiastic Rotaractors have keenly invested lot of timeinteracting with the past organizers and commenced the work for delivering an extra ordinary RYLA. We have also brought lots ofchanges in the RYLA format this year like getting 5 green RYLArians to attend the programme, skill based programmes and outboundactivities to convey the achieve the RYLA objective.I would like to thank Rtr. PP. Praveen TV for the inputs shared from his experience in organizing RYLA thrice with the team which helpedus in our preparations. Appreciations to Rtr. Pres. Aditya Mohan for having bringing out this RYLA Newsletter on time. We would like toalso thank all the sponsors and the Rotary Clubs for their immense support and contributions. Our sincere gratitude to Babu Seshadrisir for his constant encouragement and motivation. As we all agree Youth are not useless, they are used less. We expect that theparticipants will not only stop with learning but will internalize these learnings in to their life to their personal lives. We are sure thatby participating in this programme, the participants will also contribute immensely to themselves and to their respective clubs.Lets celebrate differences and move forward in the positive direction.Yours truly,Rtr PP Manikandan KDistrict Rotaract Secretary Message Dear Friends, it is a great opportunity for me to give this message for LEGACY - District Rotaract RYLA. This year the RYLA has seen a lot of qualitative additions and a lot of effort has been put in by the organisers from Rotaract Clubs of East Coast and Rajalakshmi Engineering College. My special regards to Rtr. IPP. Santhosh Kumar and Rtr. Pres. Sriram R. and their teams for their wonderful efforts. Kudos to Rtr. PP. Praveen T.V. and Rtr. Pres. Aditya Mohan for their efforts for the success of this RYLA. Hope the RYLA benefit completely from this year’s RYLA. Rtr. PP. Sasi Kumar R.District Chairman - Newsletters Message My warm greetings to all RYLArians. It is an honour to address you through this newsletter ‘ The Leader Among Youth’. At the very outset I would like to thank DRR Rtr. PP. Manikandan K. for the wonderful opportunity provided to me to bring out this newsletter. I remember the same time last year when I was the RYLA Host Club President. I know the amount of efforts that go into organising this mammoth event. My regards to Rtr. IPP. Santhosh and Rtr. Pres. Sriram for their efforts to make LEGACY a grand success. A special mention also of my club member Rtr.ZRR. Praveen T.V for his support to LEGACY RYLA and Rtr. Neelesh B. from RCREC for his contribution to this newsletter. I hope that the RYLArians realise that they have been participants of a globally recognised leadership programme and urge them to display leadership in all spheres of their lives. Rtr. Pres. Aditya MohanChairman - LEGACY District Rotaract RYLA Message It is a great honour to be the chairman of the District Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. I would like to thank the District Rotaract Representative Rtr. PP. Manikandan for putting faith in me and giving me this opportunity. Zone 1 ZRR Rtr. PP Praveen is a RYLA legend and he is someone we will always look up to. Thanks to the efforts taken by each and every organizer of the previous RYLAs. We are looking to carry forward that LEGACY. None of this would have been possible without the hard work put in by the Past Presidents of my club, Rotaract Club of East Coast. Last but not least, I would also like to thank Rtr. Pres Sriram and his team from Rotaract Club of Rajalakshmi Engineering College for their dedication and continuous support. Rtr. IPP. Santhosh KumarSecretary - LEGACY District Rotaract RYLA Message Hearty Rotaract Greetings to all, When I look back in time, I realize how much life has changed ever since I joined the Rotaract movement. Getting a chance to host the District RYLA – LEGACY in my clubs second year is a huge achievement for which I have to thank all the members of my club. No amount of words can express my gratitude to the DRR Rtr. PP. Manikandan and DRS Rtr. PP. Sasikumar. I would also like to thank PDRR. Rtr. SolomonVictor for his untiring support. I am very honoured to be the secretary of RYLA LEGACY. Special mention goes to Rtr. IPP Santosh and all the members from Rotaract Club of East Coast for all the support they have given me and my club. My thanks to Rtr. ZRR. Praveen T.V. and Rtr. Pres. Aditya Mohan for their support to make LEGACY District Rotaract RYLA a grand success. Best wishes to all RYLArians Rtr. Pres. Sriram R.
  3. 3. What is Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)?Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an intensive training program thatbrings together youth and young adults, ages 14-30, to further developcharacter and leadership skills and learn about Rotary. RYLAs often takethe form of a seminar, camp, or workshop, generally 3-10 days in length, What after RYLA?organized by Rotarians at the club, district, or multidistrict level. In RotaryInternational District 3230 Rotaractors are provided with the unique To maximize the benefit of theopportunity to organise RYLA for themselves, with valuable inputs from participants’ experiences, considerRotarians. ways to stay i n to u c h w i t h participants, maintain your role asParticipants are nominated by Rotaract Clubs. For these young adults, this mentor, and invite the participants torecognition offers the opportunity to build self-confidence, gain exposure to a take on new leadership roles.variety of issues and people, meet active community leaders, and learnvaluable information and career skills. Because of their familiarity with and enthusiasm for the program, pastRYLA gives Rotary Leadership the opportunity to mentor promising young RYLA alumni can act as RYLAleaders serving their own communities and beyond. Rotarians serve as ambassadors in their communities,resources for participants on the path to becoming professional and recruit and interview nominees, workcommunity leaders. In turn, RYLA can bring new energy to a Rotary district, as “junior counselors,” serve on theinspire ideas for service, increase support of community service projects, and district RYLA committee, or offer peerdevelop future Rotarians. support to current RYLA participants. Many districts establish long-lastingHistory of RYLA ties by maintaining a network that fosters interaction amongOriginating in 1959 in Queensland, Australia, RYLA was created as a festival participants and organisers.highlighting local youth organised in honor of a royal visit by Princess Victoria.Through Rotarians’ constant belief in the potential of youth, RYLA Consider creating a Facebook group,has since become an opportunity to help the next generation of leaders electronic mailing list, interactivedefine themselves and expand their skills. Officially adopted by Rotary Web site to promote communicationInternational (RI) in 1971, this exciting program engages Rotary clubs and among participants and help keepdistricts around the world. them informed about ongoing Rotary activities in the area.LEGACY - District Rotaract RYLA 11-12 Programs Coordinating follow-up events forDay I | 30th September 2011 past participants, such as a one-day03.00 P.M. Inauguration workshop, allows the organisers to04.30 P.M. Ice Breaking Session track the development of the05.00 P.M. Team Activities participants’ leadership skills and09.15 P.M. Movie Screening offer further guidance.Day II | 1st October 2011 Objectives of RYLA06.30 A.M. Aerobics10.00 A.M. Leadership Session - Thiru. VAIKO M.A., B.L. dTo demonstrate Rotary’s respect01.20 P.M. Memory Performance - Rtr. Dr. Kalai Chezhian M.A., M.Sc. PhD. and concern for youth03.30 P.M. Team Activities dTo encourage and assist young05.30 P.M Communication Session - GYANA Training Academy people in responsible and effective07.00 P.M. Project Planning voluntary youth leadership by09.15 P.M. Camp Fire providing them with a valuable training experienceDay III | 2nd October 2011 dTo foster continued and stronger06.30 A.M. OBL Activities leadership of youth by youth09.45 A.M. Skill Building Session dTo publicly recognize the many11.30 A.M. Passion Vs. Career PDRR Sujith Peter (HR Head Infosys) young people who are rendering02.00 P.M. Farewell Session PDRR Rtr. Solomon Victor K. service to their communities as02.45 P.M. Group Photo Session youth leaders03.15 P.M. Valeditory
  4. 4. PHOTO GALLERYLEGACY District Rotaract RYLA Pre-Production