Health Bridge 2013 Portfolio Overview


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HealthBridge 2013 Portfolio Overview

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Health Bridge 2013 Portfolio Overview

  1. 1. Physician & PatientPortfolio Overview 2012-2013 CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. HealthBridge: Core Physician Networks Our robust platform of Physician Networks provide unparalleled reach and proven targeted engagement Primary Cardiology Care Diabetes Infectious Oncology Disease Surgery ER Hospital CONFIDENTIAL
  3. 3. Physician Networks: Multi-Channel Solutions Each Physician Network provides a range of proven solutions designed to surround and engage your target audience Your Ad Here Specialty Direct Mail eNewsletters Monographs Spotlight Your Hospital & Custom Practice Posters Brand Wallboards Your Ad Here Your Ad Here Custom Physician QR Codes website advertisement Your Ad Here CONFIDENTIAL
  4. 4. Hospital Wallboards: 2,600 LocationsEngage your target audience in our 1,575 hospital network of highlyvisible, engaging, single sponsored wallboard poster editions Hospital Hospital Hospital Hospital General Edition Surgery Edition Cardiology Edition ER Edition Your Ad Here Your Ad Here Your Ad Here Your Ad Here Physician Lounges Surgeon Lounges Cath-Labs/Lounges ER Physician Lounges 1,460 locations 610 locations 330 locations 200 locations Weekly frequency Bi-Monthly frequency Bi-monthly frequency Bi-Monthly frequency Includes frame Includes frame Includes frame Includes frame and literature pocket and literature pocket and literature pocket and literature pocket CONFIDENTIAL
  5. 5. Hospital Wallboards: Proven ROIClient provided ROI analysis shows significant returnsGoal:• Product awareness and pull through messaging at targeted hospitalsApproach:• Bi-weekly flighting to target hospitals (formulary and/or rep coverage)Analysis:• Regression model based on actual DDD product sales, taking into account multiple variables (details, formulary status, etc…)ROI Result:• 2.3 to 1 5 CONFIDENTIAL
  6. 6. Clinic Posters: 2,700 LocationsEngage your target audience with a monthly poster edition to our network of1,500 ADA registered DSME clinics and 1,200 ACCC recognized oncologyclinics Clinic Diabetes Edition Clinic Oncology Edition Your Ad Here Your Ad Here Physician Break Rooms Physician Break Rooms 1,500 clinics 1,200 clinics Monthly frequency Monthly frequency Pocket available on request Pocket available on request CONFIDENTIAL
  7. 7. Practice Wallboards: 4,500 LocationsEngage your target audience with a monthly poster edition to our network of4,200 primary care practices and 310 HIV specialist practices Practice PCP Edition Practice ID Edition Your Ad Here Your Ad Here Physician Break Rooms Physician Break Rooms 4,200 practices 310 practices Monthly frequency Every other month Includes frame & pocket Includes frame & pocket CONFIDENTIAL
  8. 8. Wallboards: Ad Impact Benchmark StudiesStudies show significant impact in key areasBenchmarks from 27 surveys representing over 7,000 Health Care Providersshows advertising with our wallboard network provides significant lift vs.control. • Average ad recognition lift: +43% • Average product recall lift: +28% • Average message association lift: +21% • Average intent to increase +22% prescribing lift:Source: Orion Associates: Hospital Network, Ad Impact Survey, test vs. control: AdRecognition, Product Recall, & Message Association = 27 surveys/7,098 respondents: Intent toIncrease Prescribing = 8 surveys/1,397 respondents 8 CONFIDENTIAL
  9. 9. Wallboards: Custom EditionsCustom Spotlight IssuesDrive home your brand or topic messagewith a peer to peer custom Spotlight Issue. Your Peer to • Take advantage of the entire editorial Peer Clinical poster real estate Message Here • Extend your reach with customized take-one brochures • Pull-through existing approved content Your Ad or Clinical Message • Utilize our relationships with renowned Continued Here KOLs to develop new content CONFIDENTIAL
  10. 10. Wallboards: Custom Issue Benchmark StudiesStudies show significant impact with Custom IssuesBenchmarks from 19 surveys representing responses from 3,030 HealthCare Providers shows the majority find our custom Spotlight Issues to beextremely effective at: • Increasing awareness of key messages 53% • Increasing their likelihood to prescribe 54% • Providing relevant information 66%Source: Orion Associates: Hospital Network, Media Assessment Survey, top 2 box rating (4&5):Increased Awareness = 17 surveys/2,737 respondents, Intent to Increase Prescribing = 19surveys/3,030 respondents, Message Relevance = 2 surveys/447 respondents 10 CONFIDENTIAL
  11. 11. Custom Issue Case Study: Proven Results Custom Spotlight Edition: AZOR® Media Assessment Survey Results Q1: Prior to reading the poster, were you aware of the clinical trial results of the BP- CRUSH study?Q2: Having reviewed the information presented, areyou now more likely to consider prescribing AZOR®for appropriate patients with hypertension who areuncontrolled with existing monotherapyQ3: If so, how many hypertensive patientsuncontrolled on existing monotherapy would younow consider prescribing AZOR® to in the next sixmonths?Source: Orion Associates: Hospital Network, Media AssessmentSurvey, September 2011 11 CONFIDENTIAL
  12. 12. Monographs: Peer to Peer EngagementPull through your message with a peer to peer developed specialtymonograph direct mailed to your target audience Trusted Resource Limited Sponsorship Peer to Peer Content Category Exclusivity Targeted Distribution CONFIDENTIAL
  13. 13. Monographs: Engagement StatisticsOriginal peer to peer content drives engagement 65% of clinicians found the monograph informative of clinicians found the 55% information helpful in the care & management of their patients 77% read the accompanying advertisement1Franklin Communication Recognized Oncology Treatment Centers Survey 2007, N=465 CONFIDENTIAL 13
  14. 14. eNewsletters: Digital Surround SoundTake advantage of our robust and diverse database of over 260,000e-mail registrants with one of our specialty specific eNewsletters Trusted Resource Custom Content advertisement Single Sponsored Your Ad Here Dedicated Bloggers 17% Avg Open Rate 4.5% Avg Click-Thru CONFIDENTIAL
  15. 15. QR Codes: Campaign Pull-Through Take advantage of your website assets to drive and track engagement of your target audience with our custom QR Codes Posters Monographs eNewsletters advertisement Your Ad HereYour Ad Here CONFIDENTIAL
  16. 16. HealthBridge: Core Patient Networks Our platform of Patient Networks provide targeted reach and proven engagement Primary Diabetes Infectious Cardiology Care Disease CONFIDENTIAL
  17. 17. Wallboards/Digital TVs: Primary Care4,800 Practice Waiting Rooms – 16,500 High Value PCPs Wallboard Digital TV Implied Exclusiveendorsement Harvard content 90 minute loop, promo every 20-30Relevant engaging Your Ad Here content YourGuaranteed ad exposure Ad Here Single sponsor ad unitHighly visible Disease state fixture brochures Please take one with our compliments. 4,200 Practices (15,000 HCPs) 600 Practices (1,500 HCPs) 17 CONFIDENTIAL
  18. 18. Wallboards: Infectious Disease310 Practice Waiting Rooms – 950 High Value HIVSpecialists/HCPs A trusted resource Disease state brochures Highly visible fixture Your Single sponsor ad unit Guaranteed ad exposure Ad Here 18 CONFIDENTIAL
  19. 19. Online: Extended ReachPatient Ed Rx Pads distributed to 5,110 Practices drive engagement in theexam room and out of the office with our dedicated online patient website Patient Ed Rx Pad Custom Practice Landing Page Implied endorsementSimple search Robust Insulin Therapy Insulin therapybased input search Comprehensive website Practicespecific URL Dynamic advertisement results Category Your exclusive Ad Here ad unit 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  20. 20. The HealthBridge Team: Dedicated professional support • Our dedicated production team are experts in navigating the ever-changing legal and regulatory health care environment to ensure your needs are met with the highest level of compliance against tight deadlines Internal Partners Product Recalls Tight Timelines Project Team Co-Promotes Agency Partners PI/ISI Challenges Editorial Needs 20 CONFIDENTIAL
  21. 21. For a consultation or customized proposal Visit: Or Call: 1-866-713-4522 21 CONFIDENTIAL