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This is a presentation about Profile of Sami Direct and Its Nutraceutical Range. …

This is a presentation about Profile of Sami Direct and Its Nutraceutical Range.
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    SAMIDIRECT में BINARY के साथ एक करोड़ के रिवार्ड्स और REPURCHASE का सुनहरा प्लान भी है. कंपनी 1700000 एक्रंड में अपनी FARMING करती है और अब तक 81 patent करा चुकी है. कंपनी में JOIN करने के LEYE तीन आप्शन है 2800 , 5000 , 9000 अधिक जानकारी के लिए जरुर संपर्क करे:-sanjeet singh - 7208135352 , 8384881391, 8976832232.
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  • 1. “Many people spend their Health gaining Wealth,and then have to spend their Wealth to regain theirHealth” A.J.Reb Materi
  • 2. Our Founder  Obtained his degree in pharmacy in 1973 and migrated to USA  MS in Industrial Pharmacy from Long Island University , New York  Doctorate in the same field from St Johns University, New York  Worked with Pfizer Inc, Carter-Wallace and Paco Research. The World Ambassador of Ayurveda DR. MUHAMMED MAJEED A VISIONARY & THE ARCHITECT OF SAMI DIRECTCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 3. ABOUT US > History 1988 - Sabinsa Corporation Founded in New Jersey, USA 24 Years of Research & Development in Health ScienceCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 4. Sami Labs – Research Facility 1991 - Sami Labs set up in Bangalore • Multi-Disciplinary & State-of-the-art R&D • NABL Certified Biological & Chemical Research LabCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 5. Our Scientific Community Dr. Reza Kamarei Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Kamarei received his M.S. and Ph.D. in food science & technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has worked for companies such as Clintec Nutrition (a Joint Venture between Nestle and Baxter) and National Starch in R&D management capacities. Dr. Kamarei was Senior Manager, Nutritional Juices and Product and Ingredient Sciences with Coca-Cola North America where he developed neutralized fruit juice technology which was the basis of Coca-Colas 2008 top R&D prize for innovative products. Dr. Kamarei is inventor and co-inventor of more than twenty patents and author of numerous peer-reviewed papers. Dr. Raj Bammi Dr. Kalyanam Chairman, SAMI LABS. President, Sabinsa R&D Group MS and Ph.D from the University Dr. S.Natarajan Ph.D from Baylor University, Sr.Advisor, R&D of Berkeley, California Texas. Over 30+ years experience in 35+ years of Experience in the 35+ years experience in Research and Development. Pharmaceutical industry Pharma industry. Ph.D. from University of 8+ Years with Sabinsa Madras.Copyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 6. Our BusinessCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 7. Intellectual Property Patents as on March 2012 Patent Coverage: India, U.S.A., European Patent Office, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, France, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Russia.Copyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 8. Our Facilities 2002 – Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) Facility Set up at Nelamangala, Bangalore 2000 – Biotechnology Centre Established at Nelamangala, BangaloreCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 9. Our Facilities Sabinsa Manufacturing, Utah, USA Manufacturing facility at Kunigal, Bangalore Manufacturing facility at Hyderabad Manufacturing facility at DobaspetCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 10. Achievements & Recognitions Ranked # 77 in 1996 and # 90 in the 1997 Inc. 500 list Ranked # 4 in 1996 and # 7 in 1997, in the State of New Jersey among the 50 fastest growing technology companiesCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 11. Achievements & Recognitions 1995 - Received National Award for Quality 2002 – Award for R&D Efforts by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Scientific & and Innovation from President of India Industrial Research (DSIR), New Delhi 1997 – Award for Export Performance from 2008 – Certificate of Excellence for Exports from Federation of Indian President of India Export Organisations. Award given by the Union Minister of Textiles Mr. Shankar Singh Vaghela in the presence of Smt. Pratibha Patil, The President of IndiaCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 12. Achievements & Recognitions Thomas Alva Edison Patent Awards 2004 - Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award (R & D 2005 - Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for THP Council, NJ USA) for ForsLean, US Patent # 5,804,596 2009 - Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for GarcitrinCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 13. Achievements & Recognitions 2004 – Dr. Majeed Received the Prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor 2010 – Dr. Majeed received the Daniel B. Stateman Award for Distinguished Alumni at Long Island 2010 – Dr. Majeed Received Distinguished Alumni Award of University’s 121st Graduation ceremony in Brooklyn, Trivandrum Medical College from Hon. Vayalar Ravi, Minister for New York Overseas Indian AffairsCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 14. Achievements & Recognitions 2000 – Spices Board Award for Export 2002 – Award for Export Achievement from 2007 – Export Excellence Award from Performance Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Government of India Commerce & Industry 2009 – Received the Herbal Industry 2008 – Certificate of Excellence for Export Leader Award from the American 2011 – Export Excellence Award from Achievement from the Ministry of Herbal Products Association Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce, Government of India Commerce & IndustryCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 15. Achievements & RecognitionsSami Labs receives ISO 17025:2005 Accreditation Certificate from NABL for our Biological and Analytical R&D 2001 – ForsLean® Voted as the Best New Product of the Year by Nutraceutical Industry ISO 22000 Association – Nutracon in the US Certification 2008 – Received Frost & Sullivan’s North American Personal Care Ingredient Green Excellence of the Year AwardCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 16. Cultivation Sami Labs initiates Contract Farming considering the importance of biodiversity of medicinal plants and to maintain the sustainability for future generationsCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 17. Sami in NewsCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 18. Sami in NewsCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 19. Sami in News STEPPING OUT OF THE BRAIN DRAIN The famous book STEPPING OUT OF THE BRAIN DRAIN illustrates Dr. Majeeds Achievements & Contributions : "The example of Sabinsa illustrates how a process that starts with what is certainly in some sense an immediate loss - the departure of a talented national can in the end redound to the benefit of the original homeland as well as benefit the new home and indeed the world. And it is a process that is by no means rare." - Authors : Michele R.Pistone and John J.HoeffneCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 20. Sami in News 2005 – Sami Labs invited for talks with Government of Malaysia Dr.Majeed with the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia – Dato’ Sri Najib Tun RazakCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 21. Sami in News 2006 – Sami Labs invited for the Indian Exposition at Geneva Organized by AYUSH Ministry of Health Government of India by the side lines of World Health Assembly Dr. Majeed addressing the international Gathering at Geneva Dr. Majeed with Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss, Union Minister for Health in India, Minister of Bhutan Gigmey singey, Maurtious Health Minister and Dr. RA Mashelkar Dr. Majeed with Mr. Vijay Singh IAS Secretary AYUSH, Ministry of Health Government of IndiaCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 22. Sami in News 2011 – Sami Labs inks Research Collaboration Agreement with National Institute of Medicinal Materials (NIMM), Ministry of Health, Vietnam Dr. Muhammed Majeed, Founder & Managing Director of Sami Labs, and Dr. Sc. Nguyen Minh Khoi, Director of NIMMCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 23. Global PresenceCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 24. Global PresenceCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 25. Achievements & Recognitions First 2 natural drugs to go through full fledged clinical documentation to obtain a drug approval Sornip – from Boswellia serrata (Patented by Sami Labs & marketed by Cipla) Ocufors – from Coleus forskohlii Application in Glaucoma BASELINE VISIT FINAL VISIT The Psoriasis Trial An open Multicentric Phase III clinical trial to investigate the Normal vision Same scene as viewed by a efficacy and safety of a natural compound formulation for person with glaucoma management of Psoriasis - study has been successfully completed and approved by DCGI.Copyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 26. SAMI Direct Marketing A Creation of Sami Labs & Sabinsa Corportion® Established to Promote our very own Highly Researched Nutraceutical & Cosmeceutical Products through Direct SellingCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 27. Products What you get when you choose Sami Direct Products Ingredients MEANS ? Research & Development since 24 years Constant Innovation & Development of New products Pioneer in Standardized Extracts Means Scientifically Validated Products Capability to create 1000’s of Finished Pioneered 140+ Herbal Molecules products 73 US & International Patents Proprietary & Strong Intellectual Property 120 Scientists, 1000+ work force Strong foundation & support Own R&D and 6 state-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities Products you get are from “Design to Delivery” Recipient of Various awards Globally and from India Trusted World over DSIR Award & NABL Status Approved & recognized by the Government of India cGMP compliant as per USFDA proposed rules and approved by FDA Meets International Standards ISO22000 Certification Meets highest food safety standards Research Paper supporting the Actions & Benefits of the Clinical Studies product. NO GUESS WORK”Copyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 28. Approach DETOX PREVENTION NUTRITION MANAGEMENTCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 29. ToxiFlush™ CAUSE ? ACTIONS & BENEFITS Retention and Accumulation of Toxic Supports the body’s natural mechanisms to eliminate toxins substances in the digestive tract are the main reasons Supports healthy digestion Supports the maintenance of normal liver functions WHY WE NEED ? According to the Royal Society of Medicine DOSAGE (England) more than 65% of different health problems are caused by TOXIC COLONS 1 Capsule once daily X 30 days There has been an alarming increase in the Repeat Every 3 -6 months incidence of COLON CANCER over the past few decades Irritable bowel syndrome is the WHEN TO START ? major concern in the Indian Sub-continent After 18 Years Toxins Detox Good Digestive HealthCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 30. Bioprotectant™ CAUSE ? ACTIONS & BENEFITS Provides anti-aging protection against degenerative Oxidation process – When a substance diseases combines with oxygen Prevents aging of cells and overall body • Smoking – Active and Passive Stronger immunity / defense system against flu, • Alcohol viruses and infections •Exposure to chemicals, Radiation and Reduced risk of cholesterol-oxidation and heart Pollution disease WHY WE NEED ? DOSAGE Free radicals can cause great damage to human 2 Softgels twice daily body •Play a role in more than 60 different health conditions including AGING and more… WHEN TO START ? • Free radicals are highly reactive After 12 Years compounds that are created in the body during normal metabolism PREVENTION Cellular DamageCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 31. OsteoStrong® CAUSE ? ACTIONS & BENEFITS OsteoStrong not only strengthens the bones from Menopause within but also helps prevent osteoporosis, and postmenopausal symptoms in women. is the permanent cessation of reproductive fertility some time before the end of the natural lifespan •Soy extract + Red clover extract provide all 4 isofavones which together mimic the role of estrogen. The decline in Estrogen levels associated with menopause puts women at increased risk for declining bone density and fractures Estrogen without calcium is of no use Calcium citrate malate is the best bioavailable form of Calcium WHY WE NEED ? DOSAGE One in two women of age 50 Usually suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture 2 Tablets twice daily in their lifetime •Chances of developing Osteoporosis increase with age. WHEN TO START ? After 40 Years PREVENTION OsteoporosisCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 32. LivStrong™ WHY WE NEED ? ACTIONS & BENEFITS •Liver is the 2nd largest Organ in • Effectively eliminates acetaldehyde, the toxic by-product of alcohol intake the Body •Plays a major role in Metabolism • Helps maintain healthy liver functions •Helps remove Toxins from Blood •Liver is the main site of RBC Production •Alcohol, Drugs & Chemicals cause damage DOSAGE to the liver 2 Tablets twice daily •When Alcohol is consumed, the Liver Breaks it down primarily into a toxic substance called Acetaldehyde WHEN TO START ? After 18 Years PREVENTION Liver DamageCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 33. CoQ Energizer™ CAUSE ? ACTIONS & BENEFITS Increasing AGE Supports vitality and energy Level Dependency on certain medications like STATINS Supports improved exercise tolerance and athletic performance reduce the level of CoQ10 Supports healthy Aging and longevity WHY WE NEED ? Assists in improving Cardiac Health & Heart diseases 95% of the human body’s energy is generated Assists in treating male infertility by CoQ10 DOSAGE CoQ10 is involved in generating energy in the form of ATP 2 Softgels twice daily Organs with the highest energy requirements— such as the HEART, LIVER and KIDNEYS – have the highest concentrations of CoQ10 WHEN TO START ? Deficiency in CoQ10 affects cellular functions, After 25 Years metabolic processes & Energy generation Nutrition Cellular EnergyCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 34. Organic Spirulina WHY WE NEED ? ACTIONS & BENEFITS Body requires 46 Essential Spirulina provides good source of Energy nutrients Promotes Cellular Health Nutrients are Essential for Cell Supports Metabolism growth, maintenance and repair DOSAGE Spirulina Provides all the 46 essential nutrients 2 Tablets twice daily 1 Kg of Spirulina = 1000 Kg of Assorted Fruits and Vegetables WHEN TO START ? (Source : NASA) 12 Years Nutrition Nutritious FoodCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 35. Omega BioPlus™ WHY WE NEED ? ACTIONS & BENEFITS Helps in maintaining normal blood pressure and cholesterol 60% of the Brain is made of levels. Omega3 fatty acids Supports cardiovascular health and wellness. Supports Joint health , Neuronal health and healthy skin, hair Essential to keep the good fat and and nails. eliminate the bad fat Supports a healthy immune system Fats have various functions in the body Helps to Lower LDL and Total Cholesterol - Energy reserve - Conserve body temperature DOSAGE Omega 3 Fatty Acids cannot be synthesized 2 Softgel twice daily by the body Thus it has to be obtained from Dietary sources WHEN TO START ? 12 Years Brain Health Nutrition Good FatCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 36. GlycaCare® CAUSE ? ACTIONS & BENEFITS Hereditary, Increasing trend in obesity, GlycCare®is a unique composition containing Increasing Age herbal extracts and nutrients that help to support healthy blood sugar level Unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyle Maintains healthy blood sugar levels Support the body’s natural ability to utilize WHY WE NEED ? insulin Diabetes is a Chronic metabolic Maintains a healthy life style disorder Diabetes is a life-threatening condition DOSAGE 1 in Every 8 in India is a 2 Tablets twice daily , 1 hour before meal Diabetic. Source : ICMR No.of Diabetic people in India is expected DURATION to increase from 51 Million in 2010 to 3 MONTHS 87 Million by 2030 Source : WHO Management Manage DiabetesCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 37. R3 Power™ WHY WE NEED ? ACTIONS & BENEFITS Rebuilds decayed bone, by Re-establishing bone density Arthritis Is a group of conditions involving damage Relieves joint pains subsequent to trauma or injury to the joints of the Body Restores normal bone function subsequent to arthritis, It is basically a Symptom and not a tendonitis or bursitis Disease which affects every individual Prevents inflammation of joints or arthritis at some point of their life including Children Prevents inflammation of the tendons or tendonitis Prevents inflammation of the bursa or bursitis Most Common is Osteoarthritis CDC Reports 50 Million U.S. Adults Have DOSAGE Arthritis Friday October 8, 2010 2 Tablets twice daily DURATION 3 MONTHS Management Manage ArthritisCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 38. LeanGard® WHY WE NEED ? ACTIONS & BENEFITS LeanGard® is an effective and safe Dietary Intervention for OBESITY Weight Management support Increases lean body mass is the Mother of all Diseases Decreases body fat accumulation Slated to be an epidemic in the next few years Stimulates the release of fatty acids from the body fat for Obese people have an increased incidence of energy uptake heart disease, and thus fall victim to heart Supports satiety attack, congestive heart failure More than 80% of people with Type 2 diabetes are Obese or Overweight. DOSAGE Source :Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2 Capsules twice daily DURATION 3 MONTHS Management Weight ManagementCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 39. LeanGard® Protein Drink Mix WHY WE NEED ? ACTIONS & BENEFITS Increases lean body mass It is an IDEAL PROTEIN RICH DIET. Helps in weight management Helps in WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Increases satiety Contains ESSENTIAL MICRONUTRIENTS Prevents lactose intolerance Contains unique DIGESTIVE INTOLERANCE BLEND (DIB) Enhances protein digestion Reduces the load on the kidneys DOSAGE Helps to maintain good gut health 25 gms in 200 ml Milk Provides easily absorbable minerals Decreases the serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels Stabilizes the post prandial blood glucose level Reduces the rise of blood glucose level following a meal Management Meal ReplacementCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 40. Curcumin C3 Power™ Cardiovasuclar diseases Cholestrol, platelet aggregation, Multiple inhibition of smooth muscle cell sclerosis proliferation Alzheimer disease Diabetes Chemotherapeutic Nephrotoxicity Chemopreventive Skin, liver, colon, stomach Antioxidant Antiflammatory Gall-stones formation Arthritis Prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease & Cancer in South Asia is much less compared to the US & Europe Cataract formation Lung fibrosis Cardiotoxicity HIV replication Wound healing Adopted from Dr.Bharat Aggarwal, MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, Texas Detox Prevention ManagementCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 41. BioPerine® Mean serum CoQ10 values during supplementation of 120 mg of CoQ10 with and without 5 mg of piperine Illustration based on Clinical Studies 100mg of CoQ10 Supplement = 20 mg Absorption 100mg of CoQ10 + 5mgBioperine = 20+30, Total 50mg Absorption MORE ABSORPTION = GOOD HEALTH + SAVE MONEY AbsorptionCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 42. Our Future NEXT 5 YEARS SAMI DIRECT IS COMMITTED TO BECOME A 1000 CRORE COMPANY ARE YOU A PART OF IT ?Copyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved
  • 43. The World is Yours………. THANK YOUCopyright © Sami Direct. All Rights Reserved