Amherst Women's Swim Team 2011 Newsletter


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Amherst Women's Swim Team 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. AWSTSummer Newsletter<br />We’re catching up with the… <br />sassiest<br />cutest<br />smiliest<br />toughest<br />silliest<br />classiest<br />Most loveable girls in the ‘CAC!<br />Read on to see what your favorite swimmin’ women have been up to this summer!<br />friendliest<br />
  2. 2. New Faces!<br />Name: Stephanie Ternello<br />Hometown: Tolland, CT<br />Interests: When this AWST-to-be isn’t out showing her moves on the dance floor, she’s most likely wearing the swimsuit pictured for her next 30-hour lifeguard shift.<br />Name: Sabrina Lee<br />Hometown: Palo Alto, CA<br />Interests: The Amherst email system may have thrown her for a loop, but her facebook profile pictures indicate that her sense of humor more than makes up for her technological ineptitude.<br />Name: Ashleigh Stoddart<br />Hometown: Winnetka, IL<br />Interests: She may be from Chicago, but looks like this girl has been kickin’ it country style this summer.  The cowgirl hat she’s been seen sporting would be a perfect party accessory!<br />Name: Aline Kim<br />Hometown: Seoul, Korea<br />Interests: While keeping in shape with swimming and Pilates, this almost first-year is taking advantage of the best Korean food has to offer before she makes the trip to Amherst, where she will undoubtedly enjoy the fine cuisine of Valentine dining hall.<br />Name: Kenzie Heaton<br />Hometown: La Canada, CA<br />Interests: It seems Kenzie may be the AWST’s number one animal lover.  Will the featured pup be joining her on campus in a few weeks?  Better warn her roomie she might be getting two new friends for the price of one!<br />Name: RickaSadovnikoff<br />Hometown: Waltham, MA<br />Interests: If her spirit last year on her recruit trip is any indication, we all can be sure this girl is ready to represent the Amherst purple proudly!  And her summer babysitting early in the morning is perfect practice for Saturday morning swim lessons. <br />Name: Courtney Flynn<br />Hometown: Somers, CT <br />Interests: While answering her email may not be her strong suit, Courtney has definitely mastered her 80s rock star look.<br />
  3. 3. Where in the World is the AWST?<br />Ricka went country…France style.  The fresh fruits and vegetables in Berulle sound like heaven, but we can’t understand why she skipped out on the pig intestines at the village BBQ; sounds pretty much like a training trip pig roast to me!<br />Hangin’ with the old men and her plastic bag<br />of beer at “the church” on Sunday, <br />it’s no surprise to hear that <br />Nance has been keeping it <br />classy over in London.  But don’t <br />forget, she brightened the <br />days of small children and gave <br />people clean water in Ghana.  <br />The AWST are exceptionally well-rounded women. <br />Susan practiced her French and spent the summer taking classes, getting cultured, and finding a thesis topic (not). She did learn a new kind of dancing though, which is almost as important. <br />BT and Catherine celebrated the end of the year with a trip to London, where they had a jolly good time experiencing the nightlife and making friends.  AWSTers<br />are notoriously friendly, after all.<br />Steph adventured to Italy, <br />where she visited the fam<br />and experienced the culture <br />in the form of gelato, pastry, <br />and pasta…as any smart traveler should.<br />Yet another Eurotripper, Aline hit up France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.  If nothing else, it would be worth it to go to those places just for the chocolate.<br />In the Galapagos Islands, Claire hopefully gave a shout out for us to the Blue-Footed Boobies, and maybe took an extra spin around the ocean with the sea lions for us too!<br />Katie and Cassandra have been in Bonn, Germany. But their research programs certainly haven’t kept them locked up in the labs.  Eurotrip much?  Hope their adventures have been as crazy as Scott, Cooper, Jamie, and Jenny’s!<br />Cassie headed to the Bahamas, where she met up with a Bahamian native, <br />our one and only Adrienne, and <br />together they explored the <br />depths of Atlantis.<br />
<br />Undoubtedly our new marine life <br />expert, Suzi will be able to teach<br /> us all about the ocean in Florida <br />this year, after her month-long sailing trip!<br />Allison lived the Italian life this <br />summer too.  She didn’t run into<br />Aline or Steph, but at least <br />this savvy traveler was able to <br />book it around the country by <br />train to make the most of her trip!<br />Marisa flew off to Prague and Budapest to experience the “fatherland” with the father himself.  Can’t wait to hear how her last name is actually pronounced. (Va-Varoosh-chka?)<br />Andrea is off in South Korea, teaching English and undoubtedly charming all the Korean men.  Maybe she’ll meet up with Aline and they can take on the town together!<br />
  4. 4. And The Winner is…<br />
  5. 5. SwimFan<br />
  6. 6. Lets Play a Game!<br />See if you can remember the participants in the following reunions, then use the highlighted letters to reveal the clue on the next page! <br />
  7. 7. Can you unscramble the letters to solve the puzzle below? It’s a super random and unpredictable answer so good luck! <br />_ W _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ V!<br />AWST Picture Roundup: Repeat Offenders!<br />Adrienne “I have so much love to share!” Lightbourne<br />Catherine “Where am I and how did I end up in this pose?” Maguire<br />Nicole “I will keep backing this thang up until I pull a muscle!” Heise<br />Andrea “Reppin’ the Asian stereotype and lookin’ cute doin’ it!” Park<br />AWST “I’d rather photo-bomb than pose!”<br />Unscramble answer: AWST SUMMER REUNIONS: SO MUCH RUV!<br />
  8. 8. Down
1. The name of the food blogMaddie has been salivating over
6. The state Malena, Suzi, and Sabrina all visited this summer
7. Her lack of coordination has led her personal trainer to forbid her to use weight machines alone, but she still gets points for hitting the gym!
8. This sea creature bit Adrienne, despite its lack of teeth
9. The nationality of the man Becca leased her apartment from in Boston, but who wasn’t exactly straightforward with the living arrangement
12. The institution in DC at which Andrea has been working<br />Across
2. One of our top crafters, this girl has been busy making a t-shirt quilt
3. The 2014 who experienced the most travel disasters this summer
4. Claire dressed up at this character to judge the games for the Harry <br />Potter Olympics
5. The name of the blog for which a handful of our teammates write
10. The group exercise phenomenon that at least a few AWSTers have <br />taken up this summer
11. Steven reintroduced Anna to these technologically advanced domestic animals
13. The type of dance/exercise Steph has been trying out.  Perhaps she can lead it this year at Let’s Move Amherst Elementary!
14. This 2013 will be chillin’ by the Eiffel Tower in Paris this fall
15. This 2014 has been spending her free time at the horse races and watching trashy television.  Sounds like a nice way to spend summer to us!<br />
  9. 9. AWST Summer Newsletter“Sexiest s’women in the ‘CAC!”<br />Thanks so much for taking the time to read this newsletter! We had a lot of fun writing it and keeping up with you crazy ladies through your emails….<br />Class of 2014: Wearing jean shorts better than Daisy Duke herself <br />We can’t wait to get back to campus to see your lovely faces in person and hang out in true AWST fashion….<br />Class of 2013: Looking sleek and classy all in black<br />Wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy end of summer. See you soon!! <br />Class of 2012: Pretty and primped for Primavera<br />