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  • 1. “Shocking News”TheASTONISHING TRUTHAbout The Response-BoostingMarketing Strategies Offered By Rufus Thibodeaux is FINALLY Revealed . . .
  • 2. Case Study #1:
    Company: Approved Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc – Lake In The Hills, IL
    Profile: This is an HVAC company that sells and repairs furnaces and central air conditioning units for homeowners.
    Problem: The company was running a boring newspaper ad that was offering a “me too” type of “special” commonly offered by many of their competitors that was producing poor response. The objective was to create a print campaign that stood out from competitors and increased response.
    Action: He conducted a focus group with the owner and staff, contacted past customers, and did a competitive analysis of their key competitors . Then he compiled all of the information gained to create a direct response ad campaign with more persuasive copy and a more compelling offer.
    Go to the next two slides to see the ad and discover the results.
  • 3.
  • 4. Here’s What Danny Had To Say About The Results:
    “He doubled the response to my newspaper ad without increasing the size or the cost of the ad!” Dan & Tammy Martin, Approved Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning - Lake In The Hills, IL
  • 5. Case Study #2:
    Company: WYLL Radio Station – Elk Grove Village, IL
    Profile: Larry Chapel, a Senior Sales Consultant, sold radio advertising and programming to churches in the Chicagoland area.
    Problem: Larry was mailing out a letter to a targeted list of pastors to generate new business. The problem was that he was attempting to “sell” the pastors discounted air time. However, that wasn’t what the pastors wanted to “buy”. The objective was to increase the number of pastors that responsded to the letter.
    Action: I conducted marketing research to discover what his prospects REALLY wanted, wrote motivational copy that created an irresistible buying urge, and created a lead generation campaign that made pastors want his service – and call to ask him for an appointment.
    Go to the next two slides to see the letter and discover the results.
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  • 7. Here’s What Larry Had To Say About The Results:
    “The letter he wrote persuaded twice as many busy pastors to pick up the phone and call to ask me for an appointment.”Larry Chapel, WYLL Radio, Elk Grove, Village, IL
  • 8. Case Study #3:
    Company: Big Business Credit, LLC. – Aurora, IL
    Profile: This company helps owners of start-up businesses to secure lines of credit without personal guarantees.
    Problem: Their current lead generation strategies were not bringing in enough leads. And their sales presentation was only converting 1 out of 10 prospects to customers. The objective was to increase the number of qualified prospects and improve the sales closing ratios.
    Action: I conducted a focus group with owner and staff, contacted past customers, did competitive analysis, and created a USP that gave their prospective customers a compelling reason why they should choose them over their competitors. Further, I analyzed their prospect to customer process and identified strategies that could be implemented to improve sales closing ratios, developed packages and up-sell strategies. Finally, I used the new USP as a headline for a new lead generation letter campaign.
    Go to next two slides to see letter and discover the results.
  • 9.
  • 10. Here’s What Trenton Had To Say About The Results:
    “ I mailed the letter he wrote to a cold list of 800 and got 64 people to call me. That was an 8% response rate. And he improved sales closing ratios by over 40%.” Trenton Teat, Big Business Credit, Aurora, IL
  • 11. Now It’s YOUR Turn!
    Let’s take a look at 3 benefits waiting for you when you hire Rufus:
  • 12. BENEFIT #1: YOU Will Compel More Qualified Prospects To Respond & Buy!
    The copy he writes for you will give you the power to “control the decisions” your prospects make. How? By tapping into their “primal” buying emotions. Arousing their inner buying drive. And “forcing” them to obey your hidden sales push without resistance. All withinminutes of seeing your ad, letter, email, website, talking to you on the phone, or in person.
  • 13. BENEFIT #2: YOU Will Achieve A Greater Return On Your Marketing Investment!
    You see, marketing is only an expense if it doesn’t work. Otherwise, it’s an investment. And the scientifically tested and proven direct response marketing strategies he puts to work for you will improve your response, sales and profits by 200% to 300% or more, without increasing your marketing budget!
  • 14. BENEFIT #3: YOU Will Protect and GUARANTEE Your Profits!
    At last, no more sleepless nights worrying whether or not your marketing will make you money! No more putting up with poor sales! And no more getting ripped off by advertising sales people who don’t care about your results! Why? Because any money invested in his services will be recouped, almost immediately, in the way of increased revenue or profits generated. If not, he will continue to work for you at no additional charge until your investment is fully covered. You never risk a penny!
  • 15. How Much Money Will YOU Miss Out On Next Month By Not Using These Response-Boosting Strategies?
    Don’t let that happen to YOU! Call Rufus to find out how he can increase your current response, sales and profits by 200% to 300% or more - without increasing your marketing budget – GUARANTEED!