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Arizona senate bill
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Arizona senate bill


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sb 1070

sb 1070

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  • 1. By: Bob DiVita
  • 2. SB 1070
    • Requires certain aliens to register with U.S. Government and to have registration documents in their possessions at all times.
    • Enforcement of restriction of sheltering and transporting illegal immigrants
    • State misdemeanor crime
    • Not an alien if the person has valid identification
    • Police have the right to stop any person if they contain “reasonable suspicion”.
  • 3. “ Enough is enough”
    • Shooting and Killing of Robert Kreutz gathers many new supporters
    • Failure to protect the border
    • Russell Pearce was the major sponsor and legislative force behind the bill
  • 4. Signing of SB 1070
    • Law was passed on April 23, 2010 and was to be effective by July 29, 2010
    • Intentions of the bill
  • 5. Influence on business
    • SB 1070 impact on private prison industry
    • ALEC played big role in passing of the bill
    • Governor Jan Brewer has ties with private prison industry
  • 6. Impact in Arizona and Mexico
    • Schools, Businesses, churches and health care facilities reported drops
    • Many immigrants moved back to Mexico or other states
    • Sharp increase in number of Hispanics in state registering
    • Bills in other states were introduced but never got passed
  • 7. Reactions of supporters
    • Something had to be done to help nations busiest gateway for human and drug smuggling from
    • The bill will deport illegal immigrants
    • Punish those whose shelter or transport immigrants
  • 8. Opposition of the bill
    • Critics say it is a violation of human rights
    • “ Reasonable suspicion” could engage in racial profiling and harassment
    • Targeting Hispanics and those who hire illegal immigrant laborers
    • Some compare to Apartheid in South Africa and Nazi Germany
    • Protests and boycotts in over 70 U.S. cities
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