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Greg's presentation. Tech camp 6/19/2012

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  • We’re probably all familiar with self-published books. Every week self-published local authors can be found in the books section of the Sunday D&C.These books are expensive to produce are usually made as a labor of love and not for financial gain.
  • Readers can get 20 self-published books for the price of one James Patterson ebook. This gives self-published authora a more competitive edge when readers are choosing whether or not to read their book.
  • One of the main reasons self-published ebooks have grown in popularity is that they are practically free to create and distribute. The only cost associated with self-published ebooks for the author is the time they invest in writing and editing the book. The only on going costs associated with selling self-published ebooks for the retailer is the storage space on their server which extremely cheap; usually just pennies.This enables both the author and retailer to sell even a $0.99 for a profit.
  • In 2004 there were 29,000 self-published books.In 2010 there were 2,700,000 self-published books.Self-publishing ebook platforms are to aspiring authors was YouTube is to aspiring entertainer and directors. With the enough talent, the right timing and a little luck you can launch a career.
  • Self publishing intro and i books

    1. 1. Self-Published eBooks Gaining Popularity and Credibility
    2. 2. Self-Published Print Books• Print self-publishing has been fairly popular. • Xlibris, Create Space, iUniverse.• Self-published print books are expensive. • This is true for the author, retailer, and consumer. • Brick and mortar stores usually unwilling to sacrifice retail space on self- published books. • High costs prevented print self-publishing from gaining widespread popularity among readers.• Lose money and sell poorly. • Books that do sell well may only break even or gain popularity on a local level. • Self-published print books are usually just as expensive as a book written by an established author.
    3. 3. Print Books Business Model1. Print on demand • Books are sold from a web site directly to consumers. • Little to upfront cost to authors, but books are still costly for consumers.2. Limited Run • A specified number of books are printed for the author. • Can cost the author multiple thousands of dollars. • Books are costly for consumers.
    4. 4. Self-Published eBooks• eBooks can be created for little or no cost. • Usually can be created for free using free software.• Can be sold on most popular ebook web sites with no upfront cost to the author. • Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble Nook Store, Apple iBookstore,• Extremely inexpensive. • Many times self-published ebooks sell for $0.99 - $9.99. • Low cost makes readers more likely to choose a self-published book over one written by an established author.
    5. 5. eBook Business Model• Profits typically split 70/30. • Author typically keeps 70% of sale price. • Retailer typically keeps 30% of sale price. • Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Apple use some variation of this arrangement.• Highly Profitable for Authors • Authors can make more money from a self published ebook than by going through a traditional publisher.
    6. 6. Self-Publishing Explosion• 29,000 self-published books in 2004• 2,700,000 self-published books in 2010. • 2010 was the first year that the total number of self-published books was greater than the total number of traditionally published books.• Some self-published titles have been so popular that publishing companies have bought the rights to sell the books in print. • Fifty Shades of Grey • J.A. Konrath
    7. 7. Advantages of Self-Published eBooks• Very Little to No Risk • No initial cost for author. • No lost inventory space for retailers who carry self-published. • Inexpensive or free for consumers.• Higher Profit Margins for Authors • In the Garden of Beasts • J.K Rowling• Viral eBooks • Fifty Shades of Grey series • Started as a self published ebook. • Mill River Recluse • $0.99 ebook spent 16 weeks on USA Today best-seller list. • Amanda Hocking • Self-published paranormal romance author who has sold one million ebooks and earned two million dollars from sales.
    8. 8. Disadvantages of Self-Published eBooks• No marketing. • One of the major costs associated with traditional publishing is advertising.• Increased competition. • Millions of potential competing ebooks on the market.
    9. 9. Apple iBooks Author
    10. 10. iBooks Author• Free• Useful for creating visual ebooks • Cookbooks • Textbooks • Picture books
    11. 11. iBooks Author• Emphasis on interactive components • Image galleries • Interactive 3D renderings • Imbedded video
    12. 12. iBooks Author• Other Considerations • Only available for Macs • Can not use iBooks Author to make ebooks for sale in other stores.