Shocking Survey Results: "Get your BI Dashboard Projects on Track in 2013" Customer Poll


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Shocking results of our BI Dashboard Formula survey campaign. We asked users 'What' they want to hear and 'Who' they want to hear from in our 2012 free webinar showdown entitled 'Get your BI Dashboard Projects on Track in 2013!". We received over 2,220 votes from 450 votes in less than a week!

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Shocking Survey Results: "Get your BI Dashboard Projects on Track in 2013" Customer Poll

  1. 1. Survey Results (2,200 total votes):“Get your BI Dashboard Projects On Track in 2013” Webinar Shocking Special Report Posted by: Mico Yuk Date: Wednesday, Nov 14th, 2012 Having trouble viewing this PDF?? Please click here!
  2. 2. BIDF Survey Summary ReportFiltersSource: All Date Range: None setResponses: All Conditions: No Condition SetTime in Survey: None set Questions: AllSource Started Survey Currently in Completed Were Did not Finish Average Survey Survey Terminated Survey LengthSurvey Embed 544 2 450 0 92 01:05:05Totals 544 2 0 92 01:05:05 450 Survey ran for 5 business days… 2,215 total votes received. See rest of report!Nov 14, 2012 5:40 AM Page 1
  3. 3. Question #2Which top 3 topics would you like us to cover in the FREE Get your BI Project on Track in 2013! series?Order Answer Responses Percent1 BI Dashboard Formula Methodology 103 23%2 Dashboard Design 156 35%3 Dashboard Requirements Gathering 80 18%4 Dashboard Mobility (Design, Available Options) 172 38%5 Dashboard Connectivity (Xcelsius specific) 141 31%6 SAP Dashboard Add-ons (Centigon, Antivia, Innovista) 56 12%7 SAP Dashboards Future (3-5 years from now) 245 54%8 SAP Tool Choices (Zen, Visual Intelligence, Explorer, etc) 240 53%9 SAP Dashboard Community (Branding and Resources) 16 4%10 SAP HANA + Dashboards 116 26%Nov 14, 2012 5:40 AM Page 2
  4. 4. Order Answer Responses Percent11 Other, please specify: [Open-ended answer] 13 3% BI reporting Tools roadmap (WebI, Analysis, etc.) Change management associated with the use of dashboards within thebusiness process versus standard reporting Fix critical issues in Xcelsius (Dashboard Design) Query Browser SAP BW Netweaver SAP NetWeaver What are the names of all the dashboarding products offered by SAP? use Xcelsius 2008 and would like to upgrade that to be able I to output HTML5 for mobile devices. Also use Business Objects as a data source. What is the name of the new product that replaces Xcelsius 2008? Will it still output SWF files as well? Web Intelligence custom component development if SAP switches off of flash sdk; andmobile ... ZEN - Integration with other BO Tools Why are there so many tools again to try and achieve the same thing? Design Studio Simple explanation of SAP's intententions and pricing Total 1338Nov 14, 2012 5:40 AM Page 3
  5. 5. Question #3Vote for your top 2 speakers of choice for the topics chosen above:Order Answer Responses Percent1 Mico Yuk - BIDF Coach 328 73%2 Ryan Goodman (Centigon Solutions) 139 31%3 Donald MacCormick (Antivia) 78 17%4 Gabe Orthous (Customer, McKesson) 44 10%5 Mark Bradley (HP, Sr. Business Analytics Lead) 59 13%6 SAP Analytics Team (Product or Marketing) 213 47%7 Other, please specify: [Open-ended answer] 16 4% SAP Analytics Team (Product, NOT Marketing) Objective users of the products SAP Experts on Xcelsius connectivity Total 877Nov 14, 2012 5:40 AM Page 4
  6. 6. Mark your calendar for December 3rd, 2012 8am – 12pm EST!!It’s going to be a 2012 yearend showdown. You’ll be on camera with us! Limit: 500 Registrants Details to follow sent to our mailing list! Stay tuned.