Fast-Tracking your BI Career (one Dashboard at a time)


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Hosted by Xcelsius Guru and SAP Mentor, Mico Yuk and Gabe Orthous of Mckesson Corporation, this webinar will provide a first hand look at key trends and themes within the BI industry and insight on how to take your career to the next level.

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Fast-Tracking your BI Career (one Dashboard at a time)

  1. 1. Success Your Next Exit Fast-Tracking your BI CareerPresented by: Mico Yuk & Special Guest (Gabe Orthous)
  2. 2. Who is Mico Yuk? Position: Director, Sales & Business Development at Benchmarkers Business Intelligence ( Founder: (popular weblog) Founder: Xcelsius Gurus Network (more than 6,000 members to date on Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin Group, Slideshare, YouTube Channel Xcelsius Trainer/Developer/Architect/Blogger (Developed 100’s dashboards) Clients: SAP Global, US Air force, Medtronics, St. Jude Medical, McKesson, Visa, State Farm … SAP 2010 Mentor
  3. 3. Who is Gabe Orthous? Senior development manager for the Business Intelligence, McKesson Revenue Management Solutions 10+ yrs of IT managerial/architectural experience. Extensive expertise around Business Intelligence, Accounts Receivables, and Decision Analytics based on large/complex prior consulting engagements with major companies in the U.S. and abroad. Currently holds the Chair position for the Dashboarding and Visualization Special Interest Group (SIG) for ASUG Member of the ASUG Leadership Council directly reporting to ASUG’s CEO and has been inducted to the International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma in 2008. Contact Information: Gabriel Orthous Email: Linked-In -
  4. 4. Webinar Agenda Introduction Introduction of Speakers Discussion #1 The future of Xcelsius in the SAP scope of things? Can you explain the Xcelsius name Discussion #2 changes? Where can data visualization and Discussion #3 dashboarding skills be leveraged in the future? What does Benchmarkers have to offer? Conclusion Clientele, Benefits?
  5. 5. Discussion #1The future of Xcelsius in the SAP scope ofthings? Xcelsius SP3 Changes : “Death of Xcelsius Engage Server “ New Book : “Creating Dashboards with Xcelsius (PracticalGuide) “ BOE XI 4.0 (aka Aurora, BI 4.0): What to expect? Portfolio Inception: Name changes (discussed next)
  6. 6. SP3 – Death of Xcelsius EngageServerSAP did away with this version as well as made afew other changes:1. No more Flynet connectivity2. Existing XML version is limited to 2 live data connections3. Added SAP BI Connector4. Added some new components & functionality (scorecard)
  7. 7. NEW SAP-PRESS BOOK“Creating Dashboards with Xcelsius” Some interesting things to note: 1. Authors – Ray Li (formerly part of the Xcelsius product development team in Shanghai), Evan Delodder (our Flexcelsius Expert, Principal of Centigon Solutions) 2. Xcelsius Enterprise Connectivity – Only book that cover this topic 3. Flexcelsius (SDK)- Comprehensive coverage (not found anywhere else)
  8. 8. BOE XI 4.0 – aka “Aurora”, BI 4.0New Query Browser Quick access to Query Panel to add and edit queries Query summary view to see result objects, filters and prompts
  9. 9. BOE XI 4.0 – aka “Aurora”, BI 4.0Direct Data Binding Bind directly from chart and selectors to query result objects Live data preview at design time when using query data Multi-column components allow you to bind directly tomultiple result objects
  10. 10. BOE XI 4.0 – aka “Aurora”, BI 4.0Contextual Drill Down in BI Workspaces NEW: BI Workspaces as a replacement to Dashboard Builder Improved and easier Content Linking capabilities : Dashboardsto WebI, to Crystal, WebI to Crystal, etc.
  11. 11. Discussion #2Can you explain the Xcelsius namechanges?Xcelsius2008 Dashboard 4.0Xcelsius Present SAPCrystal Presentation Design (*)Xcelsius Engage SAPCrystal Dashboard Design (**)Xcelsius Enterprise SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard 4.0(*) no connectivity(**) no connectivity to BW or BOEXcelsius designer renamed to Dashboard Design tool
  12. 12. Discussion #3Dashboarding Skills Dashboard Design (UI) Not enough “talent” in market Dashboard Functionality Treated like drill down report Lack of access to end users Lack of UAT (user acceptance testing) Conducting effective Scoping Sessions Dashboard Data Connectivity Understanding of data warehouse Aggregation
  13. 13. Questions? More Information? Mico Yuk Email: Company: Twitter: Linkedin: Gabe Orthous Email: Linkedin: Everything Xcelsius Community Email: Blog: Twitter: Facebook: FanPage: LinkedIn: Search for “Xcelsius Gurus” in groups