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Coding Like the Wind - Tips and Tricks for the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 C# IDE
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Coding Like the Wind - Tips and Tricks for the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 C# IDE


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Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 contains a bunch of productivity features for C# developers. Rainer Stropek, MVP for Windows Azure, summarizes his top tips for the new VS2012 C# IDE in this presentation

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 contains a bunch of productivity features for C# developers. Rainer Stropek, MVP for Windows Azure, summarizes his top tips for the new VS2012 C# IDE in this presentation

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Rainer Stropek | software architectsCoding Like the Wind
  • 2. Introduction• software architects gmbh• Rainer Stropek – Developer, Speaker, Trainer – MVP for Windows Azure – – @rstropek
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  • 5. Abstract (German)Richtiger Umgang mit der IDE von Visual Studiomacht einen echten Unterschied in SachenProduktivität. In der Session zeigen IhnenRoman Schacherl und Rainer Stropek Tippsund Tricks für Visual Studio C#, die Ihnenhelfen, besser im Code zu navigieren, schnellerCode zu schreiben, Fehler zu finden und vielesmehr. Die gesamte Session wird bereits mit derVersion 2012 von Visual Studio gemacht.
  • 6. Intro• VS 2012 – should I? – Development of Windows Store Apps (requires Windows 8 also on developer pc) – Enhancements are shown in this session – but many tips and tricks work in VS 2010) – System requirements: Windows 7 or higher – Project files are compatible to VS 2010• Main target: show productivity tips for your day-to-day work
  • 8. Call Hierarchy (1/2)• Shows… – …calls from/in selected member – …interface implementations – …virtual or abstract implementations• „Find all references (Ctrl+K, R) on steroids“ – Context menu for any member, View Call History – Ctrl+K, T
  • 9. Call Hierarchy (1/2)• Improvements compared to Find all references – Hierarchical visualization – Scope can be specified – Deferred execution – More proper results (see OnPropertyChanged)• Limitations – Use outside of C# Code (e.g. XAML)
  • 10. Code Definition Window• View, Code Definition Window (Ctrl+W, D)• Shows the symbol definition based on – Sourcecode or – Referenced binary Assemblies• Reacts to – Current cursor position – Current selection in Class View, Object Browser or Call Browser
  • 11. Quick Launch• Jump to Quick Launch with Ctrl+Q• Searches for menus and options• Specify search scope: – @menu … (limit to menu items) – @opt … (limit to settings) – @mru (Most recently used)
  • 12. Navigate To (1/3)• Improved Search – IMHO better than Object Browser (Ctrl+W, J) – Searching for file names  (e.g. „DBQ“ finds „DbClientQuery.cs“) – CamelCaseSearch (e.g. „MAN“ finds „MarkAsNew“)• Edit, Navigate To (Ctrl+,)• Tips – Search word in lower case  case insensitive – Upper and lower case  case sensitive – space = And-conjunction
  • 13. Navigate To (2/3)• When is Find better? – Quick Find (Ctrl+F) vs. Find In Files (Ctrl+Shift+F) – Tip: Quick Replace (Ctrl+H) vs. Replace In Files (Ctrl+Shift+H) – Regular Expressions• Rarely known, but useful – Go to next result in Quick Find (F3) – Go to definition (F12) works also without having the source code
  • 14. Navigate To (3/3)• Tip: F8, to move to the next element in lists (go to next location) • Build Errors • Find Results • Etc.• Tip: Ctrl+Minus, to navigate to the last shown source code line (navigate backward)
  • 15. TODO Lists (1/3)• // TODO: …
  • 16. TODO Lists (2/3)• Bookmarks (Ctrl+B, T)• Can be named
  • 17. TODO Lists (3/3)• Task List Shortcuts (Ctrl+E, T)
  • 18. Reference Highlighting• All symbol references are highlighted • references = everything found by Find All References (Ctrl+K, R)• Ctrl+Shift+ and Ctrl+Shift+ to jump between references• Can be enabled/disabled in the settings• Colors can be configured in the settings
  • 19. Outlining• Outlining as known • Collapse to definitions (Ctrl+M, O) • Toggle outlining (Ctrl+M, M)• Tip: #region Code Snippet• Tip: Ad Hoc Blocks • Select the code block • Hide Selection (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+H) •  Ad Hoc Block gets created
  • 21. Generate From Usage• Useful with TDD• Accessible via… • …Mouse (Smart Tag = Pain) • …Ctrl+. (=Pain Killer)• Generates Type, Field, Property or Method • Tip: Generate New Type if code should be generated in a different project (e.g. test projects)
  • 22. IntelliSense (1/2)• Modes • Completion Mode (as known) • Suggestion Mode (for TDD; see Generate From Usage)• Switch completion mode with Ctrl+Alt+Space• How to get the member list manually? • Ctrl+K, L (or Ctrl+J)
  • 23. IntelliSense (2/2)• Parameter informations are displayed with Ctrl+Shift+Space• Show Quick Info (Ctrl+K, I)
  • 24. IntelliSense (2/2)• Parameter informations are displayed with Ctrl+Shift+Space• Show Quick Info (Ctrl+K, I)
  • 25. C# Code documentation• Tooltips• Sandcastle • Sandcastle Help File Builder • MAML for concept files • GhostDoc
  • 26. Snippets (1/2)• Insert prepared code blocks• Optional • Parameter • using Statements • References• Code Snippet UI (Ctrl+K, X)• Code Snippet Manager (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B)• Tip: Snippet Designer on Codeplex
  • 27. Snippets (2/2)• Surround code block with snippet: Ctrl+K, S
  • 28. Code Snippets in ASP.NET
  • 29. Item and Project Templates (1/4)
  • 30. Item and Project Templates (2/4)• Generates a ZIP file containing the template• Has to be deployed manually• Use VSIX projects to create installer
  • 31. Item and Project Templates (3/4)
  • 32. Item and Project Templates (4/4)• Install Visual Studio 2012 SDK for Extensibility project types• Read more about item/project templates in VS2012:
  • 33. T4 Templates• Integrated Template engine in Visual Studio• Use e.g. for – Code generation – Generation of XML or HTML• Development Time / Compile Time / Runtime• Read more about T4:
  • 34. T4 (Development- and Design Time)
  • 35. T4 (Runtime)
  • 37. Solution Explorer • Search • Expand tree down to Methods • Open multiple Solution Explorers with different scopes • Show Base/Derived Types
  • 38. Test Explorer• Replaces the Test Toolbar• Demo: Analyze test coverage
  • 39. „New Project“-Dialog Ctrl+E
  • 40. Fast Add Reference  Ctrl+E
  • 41. Docking• Document Windows • Docking also in Document Frame • Tip: Multi-monitor support• Tip: Ctrl+Doubleclick on window title to get it back to the last position
  • 42. BTW – Did you know?• Go to open file (Ctrl+Alt+Down)• Split Window• Track Active Item in Solution Explorer (Ctrl+Q, @opt track)
  • 43. Zoom• Zoom in text window with Ctrl+Mousewheel• Doesn‘t work in windows with icons
  • 44. Selection• Boxed Selection with Alt+Click&Drag• Multi-Line Insert (also with zero-length boxes): Alt+Click&Drag
  • 45. BTW – Did you know?
  • 47. Conditional Breakpoints• Breakpoint hits only, if the given condition is true• Be careful: slows down execution!
  • 48. IntelliTrace• Record errors in scenarios, where you don‘t have Visual Studio – and debug them locally afterwards• Record specific Events during execution (e.g. all sent SQL statements and exceptions)• Unfortunately only Ultimate Edition
  • 49. IntelliTrace
  • 50. Immediate Window• Ctrl+D,I• Execute code during Design Time or Debugging
  • 51. Data Tips (1/2)• Present in the debugger for variables of current scope • Pin to source: Data Tip is linked to source code position and scrolls with the text • Comments on pinned data tips
  • 52. Data Tips (2/2)• Pinning Subexpressions• Tip: Object-IDs
  • 53. DLR Support• Specific support of dynamic data type in Debugger
  • 54. Thank youfor your