C# Scripting with Microsoft's Project Roslyn


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At BASTA Spring 2014 conference I did a talk about C# Scripting with Microsoft's Project Roslyn. See my blog at http://www.software-architects.com for details.

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C# Scripting with Microsoft's Project Roslyn

  1. 1. C# Scripting with Project Roslyn
  2. 2. BASTA! Spring 2014 Rainer Stropek software architects gmbh C# Scripting Web http://www.timecockpit.com Mail rainer@timecockpit.com Twitter @rstropek with Project Roslyn Saves the day.
  3. 3. Why Scripting?  Typical use cases Automate routine jobs (macros) Interfaces Installation, maintenance, updates Prototyping Software factories  Advantages Possibility to customize and extend at the customer site  business opportunity No complex prerequisites (e.g. Visual Studio), just a text editor REPL and dynamic scripting is efficient in certain situations
  4. 4. Why Scripting? Software Factory Projekt A Projekt B Custom Code Custom Code Base Class Library
  5. 5. Why Scripting? Software Factory Projekt A Projekt B Model, Extensions, Configuration, Scripts Custom Component Custom Component Model, Extensions, Configuration, Scripts Common Components Base Class Library Custom Component Custom Component
  6. 6. Why Scripting? Software Factory  Use classical .NET/C# for building the foundation  Use scripting as the „glue“ between the building blocks Class libraries and APIs Complex business logic Domain-specific libraries Combine existing components to working solutions using scripts Keep simple programs simple by executing text-based code assets
  7. 7. Scripting with .NET  Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) E.g. IronPython (nuget)  JavaScript based on Google‘s V8 E.g. ClearScript (nuget), V8.NET, Javascript.NET, … Embedded browser (e.g. Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF), Awesomium, etc.)  C# or VB Scripting with Project Roslyn Roslyn home Roslyn scripting specs
  8. 8. Scripting with .NET   DLR with IronPython Part of .NET for quite a while Very good .NET integration Access to entire .NET framework Open source with active community Production-level quality Simple programming model Language is platform-independent Open source, future? JavaScript with V8 Compatibility to browsers and server (nodejs) Not core part of .NET Weaker .NET integration  C# and VB Scripting Not production yet The programming language you know and love Naturally very good .NET integration Powerful programming model (entire C# compiler pipeline) Dynamic programming (dynamic keyword) currently not supported
  9. 9. Getting Started Add nuget package Roslyn.Compilers.CSharp
  10. 10. Roslyn.Scripting.CSharp.ScriptEngine  Store a set of assembly references and imported namespaces ScriptEngine.AddReference ScriptEngine.ImportNamespace  You can create multiple engine instances in an AppDomain
  11. 11. Script Engine Setting up the basics Demo
  12. 12. Roslyn.Scripting.Session  Created based on an engine ScriptEngine.CreateSession References and Namespaces copied from engine when session is created  Add assembly references and imported namespaces to the ones defined on engine-level Session.AddReference Session.ImportNamespace  Represents a cumulative execution context E.g. define function in one code snippet, use it in the second snippet
  13. 13. Script Session Setting up the basics Demo
  14. 14. Roslyn.Scripting.Session  Executing scripts Session.Execute  returns object Session.Execute<T>  returns T Session.ExecuteFile  Host Object Script host’s object model (e.g. dedicated scripting API) Parameter to ScriptEngine.CreateSession Top-level identifiers are bound to the host object  Returning Delegates With Session.Execute<Func<…>>(…) you can return a delegate (lambda or function)
  15. 15. Script Session Having fun with scripting… Demo
  16. 16. BASTA! Spring 2014 Rainer Stropek software architects gmbh Q&A Mail rainer@timecockpit.com Web http://www.timecockpit.com Twitter @rstropek Thank your for coming! Saves the day.
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