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  • 1. Like Myths?
  • 2. 398 OSH
    • Myths from around the world
  • 3. F RIO
    • Sadie and Carter are looking for the Book of Ra, but will the House of Life and the Gods of Chaos stop them?
  • 4. 398.4 OTF
    • Everything you have ever wanted to know about the gods and their children…
  • 5. F NAY
    • A mixture of the tale of Peter Pan and Egyptian mythology….
  • 6. 938 TAG
    • The title says it all- from Zeus to Rome, everything you would ever want to know about the cultures surrounding mythology…
  • 7. F KES
    • Mermaids exist, but can humans get along with them?
  • 8. F RIO
    • The children of the Roman gods must save Hera, queen of Olympus….
  • 9. 398.2 BRY
    • Facebook status pages for all of the major gods…
  • 10. F RIO
    • Sadie and Carter must fight the evil Egyptian god Set to save their father.
  • 11. F RAY
    • Young men in Winter Harbour are casting themselves into the sea, and Vanessa wants to find out why.
  • 12. 398.4 KEL
    • All of the cool creatures and beast from mythology, from the Minotaur to the Cerebus…
  • 13. F RIO
    • Percy must make his way through the labyrinth if he is going to save his friends.
  • 14. 292.1 RYL
    • Retelling of the myths of Narcissus, Orpheus, Pandora, Persephone, Psyche, and Pygmalion.
  • 15. F RIO
    • How does it all end for Percy Jackson?
  • 16. 292.2 SMI
    • The top 12 Ancient Greek superheroes…
  • 17. F GAI
    • The Nordic Gods need the help of 12 year-old Odd to beat the Frost Giants.
  • 18. F CHI
    • Phoebe goes to school with the children of the gods… how in the world can she beat them in track?
  • 19. 523.8 MIT
    • Learn how the constellations of today pay homage to the Roman and Greek gods.
  • 20. 398.4 BRY
    • Facebook status updates for all of the goddesses of mythology…
  • 21. 292 COT
    • A general encyclopedia of mythology, this one has it all!
  • 22. F CHI
    • Phoebe may be a partial goddess, but she has a lot to learn to control her powers.