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LinkedIn Tips and Tricks
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LinkedIn Tips and Tricks


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Want to know how improve your profile and get the most out of LinkedIn? Here some quick tips and tricks that will maximize your professional networking power on LinkedIn.

Want to know how improve your profile and get the most out of LinkedIn? Here some quick tips and tricks that will maximize your professional networking power on LinkedIn.

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business

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  • LinkedIn is the best global talent pool, with a rapidly growing member base[RMs may remove this slide if context has already been set]
  • Transcript

    • 1. Rebecca Feldman – LinkedIn Solutions Consultant
    • 2. Agenda • LinkedIn Overview • Improve your profile • Network on the site • Q&A 2
    • 3. LinkedIn’s VISION: Create economic opportunity for every professional in the world
    • 4. LinkedIn: A global pool of talent 259M+ +2 new 147 M Members worldwide Members per second Monthly unique visitors US & Canada 92M+ Brazil 16M+ Asia Pacific 48M+ Europe, Middle East and Africa 74M+ Monthly uniques source:Comscore ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 4 4
    • 5. The Big Three Network Dynamics  Who am I as a person  Ways of sharing life experiences and belonging to a tribe  Friends based activities Social Professional Broadcast  Who I am as a professional  Highlighting my experiences and career aspirations  Professional activities  This is what I am thinking  My voice to the world  Without any context other than what I choose 5
    • 6. The value we bring to our members Identity Rolodex, Resume, Business Card Connect, find and be found LinkedIn Profile, Address Book, Search Insights Newspapers, Trade Magazines, Events Be great at what you do Homepage, LinkedIn Today, Groups Everywhere Work wherever our members work Desktop Mobile, APIs, Plug-Ins Opportunities that will transform the trajectory of your career 6
    • 7. LinkedIn is not just for finding a job Many types of people use it for many different activities Executives are networking on LinkedIn: connect with those in your industry
    • 8. Manage Your Professional Network with LinkedIn: The best ways to brand yourself, make connections, and get involved on LinkedIn
    • 9. Step 1: Brand Yourself The #1 thing people do on LinkedIn is look at profiles. Make sure your profile accurately represents your professional brand.
    • 10. Improve Your Profile: General Tips  Be natural – use your own language as if you’re talking to a friend  Don’t copy and paste your resume  Elevator pitch – what do you want people to remember  Keep it current, update job changes/promotions etc  Leverage your network with recommendations  Be found! Use keywords in your profile  Add a photo 10
    • 11. Improve Your Profile: The Summary • Describe what you do as if you are talking to a friend • • Describe what your company does, also as if talking to a friend • • Highlight your job, expertise, passions, and how you measure success Highlight how your work supports you and your clients Give people something they can use to break the ice when they talk to you My Summary: Before I am a marketing and advertising professional with experience primarily in the online and technology industries. I enjoy working with diverse companies to meet their hiring and marketing objectives. Currently, I am a Media Solutions Consultant at LinkedIn and a part-time MBA candidate at The Kellogg School at Northwestern University. My passion is helping companies thrive and innovate while providing their customers with a delightful experience. 11
    • 12. Improve Your Profile: Your Experience • Explain your experience • • • Point out your skills • • • Use the specialties field and optimize it for search Add your skills to the new “Skills” section Add your education experience • • Concisely say what a company does and what you did for a company Bullet point things so they are visually digestible Include your major or area of study Highlight your volunteer experience • • Add your volunteer work and board positions Indicate causes you’re interested in 12
    • 13. Improve Your Profile: Recommendations • Request with a soft approach • Ask for specifics details or certain traits that you may want highlighted • Offer to reciprocate and write a recommendation for that person when appropriate • Ask a variety of people from different aspects of your career • past managers, direct reports, peers, people from volunteer organizations 13
    • 14. Step 2: Make Connections Millions of people searches are run on LinkedIn every week. LinkedIn makes it easy to find people you may know.
    • 15. Make Connections: Add people to your network • Connections build credibility and commonality • Look for people from different areas of your career so your network has variety • • Companies, mentors, school, professional clubs, etc. Personalize your connection requests 15
    • 16. Make Connections: Tips for connecting with alumni  Join your school’s alumni group on LinkedIn  Explore the alumni that you may know
    • 17. Make Connections: Make your profile public #3 result on Google 17
    • 18. Step 3: Get Involved More than 2 million companies have pages on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn to speak to companies and people that can help make you more productive and successful.
    • 19. Get Involved: Join Groups • Join groups with topics/industries that interest you Groups • Participate in the discussions • Check out the job postings in the groups • Share articles, news, etc with groups Executive Development Entrepreneurs FinServ Professionals 19
    • 20. Get Involved: Set up job alerts • Go to the jobs tab on LinkedIn • Run a job search • Click the save button at the top of the results • Name your search and select the frequency of email alerts 20
    • 21. Get Involved: Read Industry News • Read Pulse regularly for a quick view on industry news • Pre-populated with content people in your network are reading • Subscribe to relevant industries • Add value to your network by sharing articles 21
    • 22. Get Involved: Follow Companies 22
    • 23. Get Involved: Follow Influencers 23
    • 24. Get Involved: Integrate LinkedIn with other tools and devices 24
    • 25. LinkedIn’s MISSION: Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful
    • 26. 5 things you should do in the next 24 hours Update your profile and make it public Follow companies and people that interest you Add at least 5 new connections Join the Kellogg group Set up a saved job search and alert Recruiting Solutions
    • 27. 27
    • 28. Premium Subscriptions 28