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Digital Marketing India - Nandan
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Digital Marketing India - Nandan


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Digital Marketing India - Nandan

Digital Marketing India - Nandan

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Marketing India Digital Medium
    • 2. Communication Objective
      • “ To project India as an unique opportunity for physical invigoration, mental rejuvenation, cultural enrichment and spiritual elevation along with other developments that make India a modern state with state of the art infrastructure”
    • 3. Internet Strategy
      • Revamped the then existing website ( in March 2002 to make it attractive, functional and resourceful to help a user plan his/her trip to India.
      • Launched First Online campaign during March 2002 – April 2002 to reach out to discerning travelers by focusing on specific destinations and themes.
      • Adopted eCRM initiatives to reinforce the brand image by sending Newsletters and mailers to the subscriber database.
    • 4. Approach adopted to Plan Online Media
      • International Travel Market
        • Focus on popular and country specific online properties - travel sites, portals and search engines
          • Horizontal properties important for reach, whereas travel properties form the most relevant genre
        • Synchronize the media spends and creative routes as per the seasonality of arrival from these countries
      • Domestic Market
        • Media spends segregated based on
          • Relevant innovations
          • A mix of high performing ad units and reach maximizing ad units
      • Focus on Innovations
        • Interactive units, concepts, content plugins, emailers and contests to form an integral part of the promotion scheme for Domestic and International.
    • 5. Online campaigns Case Study, Impact on website
    • 6. Online Campaign ( March 2002 – April 2002 )
      • First ever Online campaign for Ministry of tourism during the period of March 2002 – April 2002 .
        • Online campaign resulted in a Click through rate of 1.2% on Indian sites and 0.45% on International sites.
        • More than 75 banners used for campaign.
          • Tactical creative were used to attract maximum click-thru to the relaunched website.
        • Approx. 55% Bonus impressions delivered . Total impressions delivered were 31Million as against a committed figure of 20million.
        • Cost per unique visitor Rs9 (average of International + Indian)
    • 7. Impact on Website
        • The campaign resulted in more than 13 million hits to the website per month.
        • Page views increased from 1,409 to 2,286,805 in less than 2 months.
        • Visits increased from 245 to 10,131
    • 8. Page views (March 2002 – April 2002)
    • 9. User Sessions (March 2002 – April 2002) Reports from third party server
    • 10. Some of the creatives used
    • 11. Internet Strategy
      • A robust Response mechanism was devised to create a dialogue with the users
        • was made popular through online campaign and website.
      • With success of first online campaign and response mechanism, this has been adopted as an ongoing strategy.
        • Subsequently many more campaigns have been launched and website has been revamped to–
    • 12. Online campaign (December 2002 – March 2003)
        • Over 100 different creative created for campaign across 12 themes.
        • Innovations were planned in terms of Contests on portals to increased user interaction.
        • Resulted in more 13 Million hits, close to 2 lac user sessions and 2.70 page views per month.
      Website HITS
    • 13. Some of the Creatives
    • 14. Impact of campaign on the website
    • 15. Website Relaunched -
      • The “New and Fresh” Incredible India website was designed to be a showcase of all good things in India- Colours, technology, vastness, diversity and depth.
      • The site is a representative of modern India- The India with its roots firmly in place, yet forward looking and contemporary.
      • Navigation -
      • Design
        • The Masthead changes with every section and actually turns out to be a particularly interactive facet, because it scrolls on mouse over!
        • This makes every section have a fresh appeal, with perhaps the first 3-D masthead on an Indian travel site.
    • 16. Website Content
      • The site has the most varied content on India with respect to travel.
        • Content has been segregated according to Themes, Facts and Interactivity.
        • Neatly arranged themes cover such diverse aspects about a region as History, Geography, Religion, Best Places to visit, People and Lifestyle, among other aspects.
        • The site retains links to vernacular content for Spanish, French and German language versions.
      • A few extremely valuable features have been added on the site
        • A virtual helpdesk with information on Embassies, Baggage, currencies and Customs rules, Visa and Permit info for all States along.
        • Tool Kit section with currency, Festival calendar, maps, phone codes- make the site both interactive and informative.
        • Section on Travel agents and tour operators
        • Multimedia showcase
    • 17.  
    • 18. Online Campaign (18th August 2004 – 15th March 2005)
      • A complete 360-degree approach.
      • Innovative site captures, Road blocks and bigger size creatives.
      • Mobile marketing
      • DVD ad insert and digital brochure insert in ZDNet India’s Technology magazine.
      • Direct marketing
        • Incredible India post cards inserts along with tickets to all those who purchased railways ticket from Indian railways website.
    • 19. Online Campaign (18th August 2004 – 15th March 2005)
      • e-CRM
        • Sending newsletters and specific direct mailers to the database and registered database of esteemed travel portals.
      • Contest s and polls have been an indispensable part of the campaign. Goa contest was a big success with approx. 15,000 entries across Internet and sms.
      • In addition to this, Content integration , Image/photo gallery and Destination specials were taken across portals to enhance the “Colours of India”!
    • 20. Pop-Under on Home
    • 21. Destination of the month- North East
    • 22. Interactive Unit
    • 23. Bigger size units 1.61% 89,479 5,564,314 CTR Clicks Impressions 0.72% 31,530 4,390,043 CTR Clicks Impressions
    • 24. Innovative DHTML creative 3.51% 225,030 6,415,402 CTR Clicks Impressions
    • 25. Road Block on msn
    • 26. North East- Photogallery
    • 27. SMS Contest Through Indiatimes- Goa Contest- Around 900 entries
    • 28. CricInfo User Polls- Brought to you by Incredible India- On Home Page
    • 29. Poll results Branding
    • 30. Digit DVD Content Insertion
    • 31. Yahoo Floating East
    • 32. Google-Prime Visibility
    • 33. Search Engine advertising
    • 34. The Contest Microsite
    • 35. LIVE Chat with Incredible Indians
      • Rohit Bal
      • Euphoria
      • Shiamak Davar
      • Amman & Ayaan Ali Bangash
      • Shankar Mahadevan
      • Sanjeev Kapoor
      • Nita Mehta
      • Sonu Nigam
      • Kabir Bedi
    • 36.  
    • 37. Impact on website
      • Page views increased to more than 25 million page views per month in April 05.
      • Page views have increased by almost 4.5 times in past 5 months (Dec 04 to April 05). A 429% increase in page views.
    • 38. Website Stickiness
      • Increase in stickiness of the site could be seen
        • Number of page views generated per visit. An increase in this signifies a positive image and stickiness.
        • Time spent per page view
      • Since the site is updated very frequently and has deep and rich content, the stickiness of the website has increased.
      38.00 April 05 34.00 Mar-05 30.56 Feb-05 20.20 Jan-05 33.03 December 04 28.69 November 04 Page views per visit Months 8 April 05 10 Mar-05 12 Feb-05 5 Jan-05 7 December 8 November Time spent per visit (mins) Months
    • 39. Visitors
      • Sudden increase in Sept-Oct 04 was due to Online campaign and “Trip Planner” on the website to support the leads.
      • Feb-March05 also saw the increase due to campaign.
      • However, due to constant updating, there has been an increase in traffic on website even in April 05, despite no active online campaign.
    • 40. Geographic locations April 2005
    • 41. New Initiatives for e-Commerce facilitation
    • 42. New Initiatives for e-Commerce facilitation
      • Association with travel marts to provide online booking solutions for total travel and related services requirements.
        • To provide access to a wide pool of resources for varied options to the end users by making the site a One stop shop for all travel requirements.
        • To Extend reservation automation to various travel service providers (like taxi service providers for transfers & car hire; guest houses, hotels, heritage properties, etc… for accommodation services).
      • One to one chat on the incredibleindia website
    • 43. New Initiatives for e-Commerce facilitation
      • Providing end to end packages on the website
        • Hosting complete end to end packages on the website under the name of VISA Great Breaks
        • A new website with similar look n feel to incredibleindia site to be built as an extension of the website to enable package booking online.
      • Email tracking and Database marketing
        • Objective is to add interactivity to the service by tracking responses and hand-holding them to plan a visit to India.
        • Sending regular and relevant communication to the segregated database.
    • 44. Thus..
      • Ensuring 24 X 7 X 365 availability.
      • National access to pool of service providers in remote locations and International Accommodation booking.
      • Access to a wide pool of resources for varied options, not just limited to 10, 20, 50 / 100 service providers.
      • One stop shop for all travel requirements
        • Reliable and Secured transactions over a reliable payment gateway.
        • Easy Search and booking just at the click of a button.
    • 45. Thank You