Ricochet Ideas Customer Curiosity Experience Presentation


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John Bellina and Tasso Stathopulos of Ricochet Ideas present on Day Two of R-Squared's Customer Curiosity Experience.

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Ricochet Ideas Customer Curiosity Experience Presentation

  2. 2. People stop andlook at things thatpique their curiosityevery day.
  3. 3. Sometimes it’s advertising.
  4. 4. The Stages of Involvement AWAR ENESS Getting noticed in an increasingly rushed, complex, and cluttered world.CONSID ER ATI ON Creating an attitude or point of view, with the strength to make someone question an alternative way of behaving. ENGAGEMENT A big idea and clear invitation to put a toe in the water. EVA NG ELI SM Creating a customer experience that they can own, share, and offer as experts to others.
  6. 6. Today is not about theory. It’s about reality.
  7. 7. HowSummer Reading became
  8. 8. Disrupting the conventionof summer reading. Summer Reading2009 3,330 participants 2010 3,700 participants few adults 370 adults 2011 7,092 participants 825 adults 2012 9,608 participants 1,358 adults
  9. 9. The SituationOur goal was to create a summerprogram that did more than trackand reward reading.We wanted customers to immersethemselves in a program thatsparked their interests and suitedtheir ways of learning.
  10. 10. If you want aninnovative idea the last thing you should do is brainstorm.
  11. 11. The calm before the brainstorm.
  12. 12. STEP 1 Ask, “What does success look like?”
  13. 13. The Action Brief CON V INCE: (demographic / psychographic situation in which they will receive our messaging) T H AT BY : (thinking, doing, considering, changing) T HE Y WIL L : (think, feel, do differently)WH ICH WIL L : (reach for a huge human benefit) B ECAUSE : (here’s where the product/service better deliver)
  14. 14. Action BriefCON VIN CE :Busy working parents andsummer fun focused kidswho have always been toldto read more.
  15. 15. Action BriefT HA T BY :Exploring, imagining, anddiscovering inspirationthrough the library.
  16. 16. Action BriefT HEY WIL L :Spark somethingextraordinary or unexpectedto do this summer.
  17. 17. Action BriefWHICH WILL :Stretch everyone’s intellectualand creative boundaries byparticipating in immersiveactivities far beyond reading(that don’t rely on choking hazards).
  18. 18. Action BriefB ECAU S E :Anythink is not a warehousefor books. It is a place thatsparks imagination, fuelsenthusiasm for activity, andincreases appetitefor knowledge.
  19. 19. The Action Brief is BriefC ON VIN CE : Busy working parents and summer fun focusedkids who have always been told to read more.THA T BY: Exploring, imagining, and discovering inspirationthrough the library.THEY WIL L : Spark something extraordinary or unexpected todo this summer.WHIC H WIL L : Stretch everyone’s intellectual and creativeboundaries by participating in immersive activities far beyondreading (that don’t rely on choking hazards).B EC AU SE : Anythink is not a warehouse for books. It is a placethat sparks imagination, fuels enthusiasm for activity, andincreases appetite for knowledge.
  20. 20. You’re still not ready to brainstorm.
  21. 21. Problems with BrainstormingYou killed my baby.
  22. 22. Problems with BrainstormingI agree with what she said.
  23. 23. Problems with BrainstormingThe idea murderer.
  24. 24. Problems with BrainstormingWho is the final judge?
  25. 25. STEP 2 Agree on the criteria for successful ideas.
  26. 26. CriteriaIs it hands-on and consumer focused?Does it take us out of the expert role andtransfer expertise to the participant?Does the idea have built-in interest, or have wejust borrowed something interesting? Ex: Do wehire performers, or find ways to create them?Is it daring?Is it unique to Anythink? Or are we at leastdoing it in a unique way?
  27. 27. Let the Storm Begin In two steps:IDENTIFY ConventionsHUNT FOR Disruptions
  28. 28. Start with old ideas, not new ones.
  29. 29. Duh ConventionsPeople lead busy lives.
  30. 30. Duh ConventionsTechnology leads to a better future.
  31. 31. Duh ConventionsSoft drinks are refreshing.
  32. 32. Duh ConventionsYou go to the library to check out a book.
  33. 33. Duh Conventions Become DuhCommunications.Me-and-the-guys-at-our- favorite-place beer commercial.
  34. 34. Duh Conventions Become Duh Communications. “I am” statements affirming self-esteem.“I’m a PC.” “I’m a Phoenix.” “I’m a Mormon.”
  35. 35. Duh Conventions Become Duh Communications. Glass, metal,tech, and finance cities of the future.
  36. 36. ConventionInterest participants inprizes. And tell them theyhave to read to get them.
  37. 37. Disruption is a deeperor unexpected version of the truth.
  38. 38. DisruptionInterest participants inan idea and one of thethings they will do isread about it.
  39. 39. Now on to Brainstorming.
  40. 40. RULE 1 Every department should be the creative department.
  41. 41. RULE 2 A good idea can come from anywhere— even a rotten idea.
  42. 42. RULE 3 Create something good. Or create something bad. But you cannot create something ignorable.
  43. 43. “Yes, and...”
  44. 44. Today’s real world assignment.
  45. 45. Banned Book Week
  46. 46. 10 teams1.Write your action brief • Convince... • That by... • They will... • Which will... • Because...
  47. 47. 2.Define criteria for success.3.List as many conventions as possible.4.Brainstorm your disruption.
  48. 48. The Next Hour• 15 min. Action Brief• 15 min. Criteria for Success• 10 min. Conventions• 20 min. Disruption
  49. 49. TeamPresentations(5 minutes for each team)
  50. 50. ricochet ideas