Lectures Profile RSPO 2012


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Lectures Profile RSPO 2012

  2. 2. Verónica Sión de JosseVeronica Sión de Josse is the Minister of Industry and Productivityin Ecuador. She previously held various public and private positionsas: Minister of Tourism, Executive Director of the National Councilfor the Reactivation of the Production and Competitiveness,Regional Director of the National Federation of Exporters Minister of(FEDEXPOR), Director of the Competitiveness Unit CORPEI Project Industry andDirector for Technical Cooperation GTZ of Germany. Productivity Republic ofEducación: Economist, graduated from the Catholic University of EcuadorGuayaquil. Diploma in Foreign Trade, specializing in Customs, fromthe University of Espiritu Santo and graduate of the AdvancedManagement Program (GAP) of INCAE. She later studied outside ofthe country mainly in areas of Foreign Trade, International Business,Export Promotion and Investment Attraction and in theimplementation of competitive processes.
  3. 3. Francisco DávilaFrancisco Dávila is the President of the National Associationof Palm Oil Growers in Ecuador. He has 2 years promoting thepalm oil services , has renewed the technology systemtransfer and training of the palm oil growers establishinggood agricultural and environmental practices, andpositioning ANCUPA and the palm oil development as pillars Presidentof the agricultural economy of Ecuador. ANCUPA EcuadorWith 17 years experience in the Ecuadorian palm oil sectorand 10 years of experience in the financial sector, hecurrently heads the palm oil companies called Davila’sEcuadorian Group with plantations and extraction thatbenefit the palm fruit for more of 1100 small and mediumpalm producers.Education: Advanced Studies in Systems and Informatics,Specialization in Strategic Planning and Technology inBusiness Administration.
  4. 4. Darrel WebberDarrel Webber is the Secretary General of the Roundtble onSustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since January 2011. He has over 20years of experience in reputable multinational organizations.With prior work experience in NGO and private sector, is Secretarydevoted leading RSPO, a not-for-profit association that unites Generalstakeholders from 7 sectors of the palm oil industry with a goal RSPOto develop and implement global standards for sustainable palm Malaysiaoil. Webber is well positioned to provide strategic insights onthe significance of sustainable palm oil amidst and expandingenvironmentally and socially conscious in the world.Education: Graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from theUniversity of Aberdeen, Scotland.
  5. 5. Marcela AguiñagaMarcela Aguiñaga is currently the Minister of Environment in Ecuador,a position she has held for more than 4 years. Previously she was theAssistant Secretary of Aquaculture, Undersecretary of Fisheries, legaladviser at the National Fisheries Institute, and legal consultant in theFinancial Management in the Unit Project Ugafip-American Minister ofDevelopment Bank, and legal consultant in the Galapagos National EnvironmentPark. Republic of EcuadorShe has an extensive experience as a consultant on food security issuesand aquaculture fisheries resources, consulting, multidisciplinaryteams in Bills-legal environment issues, among others.Education: Attorney specialize in Environmental Law and SustainableDevelopment and Sustainable at the Catholic University of Guayaquil.
  6. 6. Jens Mesa DishingtonJens Mesa-Dishington is the Executive President from the NationalFederation of Palm Oil Growers, Fedepalma in Colombia.In the 21 years that he has become President , the palm-sector have Executivebeen multiplied by 4. The Federation has had a very important Presidentinstitutional consolidation under his direction including the creation of Fedepalmathe palm oil investigation center called Cenipalma. He has led energy Colombiainitiative from the palm oil agribusiness, Including the BiodieselNational Program, the implementation of the CDM Umbrella Projectthat captures and use the methane gas and the use of the cogerationsystems.Education: Master in Agricultural Economy from Cornell University,Economist from the University Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora delRosario, in Bogotá.
  7. 7. Anni VuohelainenAnni Vuohelainen is Project Manager at Proforest, an organizationthat works to support and guide the sustainable production anduse of natural resources globally. She has been involved in thedevelopment and review of sustainability standards in the Project Manageragricultural commodities and timber sector. Her work at Proforest Proforestalso includes providing support to growers to meet sustainability United Kingdomstandards and helping buyers, processors and investors toimplement sustainable procurement.Anni has experience with ecological research, forest conservationand sustainable agriculture and forestry in Europe, Latin Americaand Southeast Asia.Education: MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Managementfrom the University of Oxford, BSc in Biological Sciences (Ecology)from the University of Edinburgh
  8. 8. Yolanda KakabadseYolanda Kakabadse is President of WWF International sinceJanuary 2010. Previously she had the following positions:She chaired the Scientific and Technology Advisory Panel ofthe Global Environment Facility (STAP / GEF), she founded PresidentFundacion Futuro Latinoamericano, an NGO she served as WWF InternationalExecutive President until 2007 and is now its Senior EcuadorAdviser. Fundacion Futuro Latino Americano designs andorganizes policy dialogues on sustainable developmentamong decision makers in Latin American.She was the Executive Director of Fundacion Natura in Quito,where she worked until 1990. Ms. Kakabadse helpedFundacion Natura become one of Latin Americas mostimportant environmental organizations through thedevelopment of important processes for Ecuadorian societyand the international community, among others prestigiouspositions.
  9. 9. Felipe GuerreroFelipe Guerrero is the Sustainability Director from DAABONGroup, responsible for the sustainability programs andcorporate social responsibility. Is in charge for a number of Director deprograms including CDM projects and emissions neutrality. Sostenibilidad Grupo DAABONPreviously he was the Researcher at the Florida International ColombiaUniversity and the Environmental Advisor at the Q8Corporation.Education: Master in Environmental Engineering, Degree inRenewable Energy Resources Management, Graduate inEnvironmental Engineering from El Bosque University inBogota, Colombia.
  10. 10. Xavier AndrillónXavier Andrillón manages the activities of the InternationalCharity at The Forest Trust in Latin America. Manager-LatinAfter focused for 3 years on International Agricultural AmericaDevelopment in various countries (Paraguay, Spain, France, TFTIndonesia), he decided to settle in Brazil in 2008 to establish FranceTFTs regional office. Xavier developed an expertise centeredon understanding the challenges faced by farmers,processors and retailers to progress toward sustainableagriculture and forest management and in particular,economical and technical knowledge and leverage can beapplied in the supply chain.Education: Master’s Degree in agricultural development fromAgroParisTech. Agro-economist Degree.
  11. 11. Tulio DíasTulio Días is the Manager of Social and EnvironmentalResponsibility from Agropalma Group in Brazil, one of themost important companies throughout Latin America. Manager of Social and EnvironmentalFor 10 years he has devoted his career to environmental Responsibilitymanagement and social responsibility in the agribusiness, Agropalma Groupmining and railways. Since 2008 he represents the Agropalma BrazilGroup in the chair of the Sustainable Amazon ForumExecutive Board, a private organization that the objective isto promote dialogue among different sectors to guide theeconomic activities towards sustainable development in theBrazilian Amazon.Education: Master in Agribusiness. Agronomist Engineer inthe University of Sao Paulo.
  12. 12. Diego PierrendPierrend Diego is the Office Manager of Control UnionCertifications Since 2008 Colombia Ltda. GerenteHe has experience in the field of agro export certifications Control Uniónand quality systems. It has been linked in the foreign trade Colombia Ltda.sector since the beginning of their professional training. He Perúhas attended to several international events in Germany andthe Netherlands related to agriculture. Speaker at variousevents about organic, sustainable, good agriculturalpractices, quality systems and international trade.Education: Agroindustrial Engineering, specialize inInternational Business at the University of San Ignacio deLoyola in Peru.
  13. 13. Amylkar AcostaAmylkar Acosta is Member of the Colombian Academy ofEconomics, former President of the Colombian Society of Board MemberEconomists, teacher specialization in Mining, Energy and Nationalmember of the same research group, former Congress President Federation ofand author of Act 693 of 2001 on the production and marketing Biofuelsof biofuels in Colombia, founder and member of the Board of Colombiathe National Federation of biofuels and member of the Board ofthe state oil company Ecopetrol.Writer with 32 published works and columnist for majornewspapers.
  14. 14. Jorge WatedJorge Wated is the General Manager of the National FinancialCorporation (CFN). He is the Board’s main vocal of the StateBank on behalf of the Public Financial Institutions and he is one Generalthe Corpei Directors. Manager NationalPreviously he was the Advisor of the CEO in the Transit FinancialCommission of Guayas, Political Chief and Acting Governor of Corporationthe Canton, Secretary General of the Government of the EcuadorProvince of Guayas, Financial Advisor at the American FinancialCorporation, among others.Education: Marketing and Sales Engineer with a major inBusiness Administration Degree in Marketing, Bachelor ofBusiness Administration at the State University of New York.
  15. 15. Reintje Van HaeringenReintje Van Haeringen is Regional Director of SNV Latin Americaand has over 20 years of experience in Latin America, Africa andAsia, with expertise in a wide selection of areas and working withpublic, private and nonprofit organizations. Regional Director SVNShe is passionate about promoting inclusive economic and social Hollanddevelopment for low-income communities through sustainablemarket-based approaches. She has published numerous casestudies on inclusive business, inclusive public policydevelopment, and local economic development with a particularfocus on identifying the critical success factors that lead toscalability in inclusive business ventures.Education: Master in Landscape Architecture, Postgraduateeducation in Organizational Development.
  16. 16. Andrés CastroAndrés Castro is the Leader in the Planning and SocialDevelopment Sector from the National Federation of Palm OilGrowers, Fedepalma. He coordinates and develop thesectorial policy, the programs and projects of corporate social Leader in theresponsibility from the Palm Oil Growers in Colombia. Planning and Social DevelopmentPreviously he was the Secretary General of Fedepalma, FedepalmaUniversity Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, ColombiaGovernment and International Relations at the University ofRosario, Professor at the Faculty of International Relations atthe University of Jorge Tadeo Lozano and IndependentConsultant in United Nations development Program (UNDP).Education: Master in Public Administration and Lawyer at theUniversity of Rosario.
  17. 17. Lourdes Luque de JaramilloLourdes Luque is member from the Directives Board from theGuayaquil Chamber of Industries and Consultant in Corpei.Previously she had the following positions: Minister of the EnvironmentalEnvironment in Ecuador, President Director from CEDEGE, SpecialistExecutive Director of the Business Council for Sustainable CORPEIDevelopment (CEMD), Founder of the Economic Development EcuadorAgency of Guayaquil and its zone of influence ADREG, Presidentof the Foundation for People Assurance in Health, EconomicDevelopment Manager SNV Netherlands DevelopmentOrganization (SNV).Education: Master in Business Administration at the ESPOL.Environmental Management and Strategic ManagementDiploma and Social Science Educator.
  18. 18. Juan Carlos EspinosaJuan Carlos Espinosa is the Leader in the EnvironmentalPlanning and Development Sector in Fedepalma, hecoordinates activities of the guild palm around the adoption Leader in theof a model of environmental sustainability. Previously he Environmentalworked for 5 years in the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Planning andColombia, worked in the National Planning Department of Development SectorColombia in the environmental indicator systems for Fedepalmaplanning, monitoring and evaluating the regional Colombiaenvironmental management, and in the Industrial EcologyCenter at Yale University in the conceptualization of eco-industrial parks.Education: Master in Environmental Management from YaleUniversity, Industrial Engineer at the University of LosAngeles in Bogota, Colombia.
  19. 19. Valmir OrtegaValmir Ortega is the Director of Environmental PolicyProgram in the International Conservation in Brazil. Director of Environmental Policy ProgramHe previously served as Minister of Environment in the State Internationalof Pará, Vice-president of the Brazilian Institute of ConservationEnvironment and Natural Resources . He was named special Braziladviser of the Minister of Environment with the position ofNational Coordinator in the Pantanal Program, among othersprestigious positions.Education: Master in Agribusiness. Agronomist in theUniversity of Sao Paulo.
  20. 20. Max LascanoMax Lascano is the Socio Bosque General Manager in theMinistry of Environment in Ecuador. He has held variouspositions in the area of economy and environmentalcollaborating with determination in the policies design, Socio Bosquestrategies and projects that will allow the country to advance General Managerin the Sustainable Development. Ministry of Environment EcuadorHe has a wide experience in public institutions that provideshelp in the Secretariat Of Public Investment in the Ministry ofEconomy, Secretariat of the Ministry of Social Developmentand Socio Bosque Program Coordination of the Ministry ofEnvironment.Education: Master in Management and EnvironmentalPalnning, Economist at the Catholic University in Quito.
  21. 21. Javier Carvajal BarrigaJavier Carvajal is the Main Teacher and Investigator in thePontifical Catholic University (PCUE) in Quito, Ecuador. He isDirector of the Research Center for Geotropically Biomass(CNIB) and the Catholic Quito Collection of Yeasts (CLQCA), Main TeacherProject Director, Representative of Ecuador to theIberoamerican Network of Energy (REDIENE) and at the PCUEIberoamerican Society for the Development of bio-refineries Ecuador(SIADEB).Is an expert of metabolic engineering in yeast, yeastbiodiversity, biotechnological applications of yeast, biofuel fromthe fermentation, among others. Javier is currently installing abio-refinery for the production of bioethanol from biomasswaste.Education: Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology (cum laude),Master in Biotechnology, Master of Brewery Technology,Bachelor in Biological Sciences Pontifical Catholic University ofEcuador.
  22. 22. Larry PhilipLarry Philp is the General Director from CO2 SpainInnovations and Solutions, S.A., society specialized in carbonmarkets. General DirectorUnder his direction includes the development of pipeline CO2 Spainprojects that generate carbon credits by reducing emissions United Statesof greenhouse gases and advices to private and publicinstitutions. During the last 3 years he has been GeneralDirector of Aretech climate changes, where the company hasmanaged a portfolio of $ 200 million for these new titles inparticipatory projects. C02 Spain under his leadership since2003, is a pioneer in the carbon market.Education: Master in Economy and Business Management,Master in Chemical Engineering, in the TechnologicalInstitute from Massachusetts.
  23. 23. Roberto BurgosRoberto Burgos is the Director of Research and TechnologyTransfer in ANCUPA, National Association of oil palm growersin Ecuador. His experience for over 11 years has focused inthe area of ​development, extension and training in the oilpalm sector. Director of ResearchUnder his charge runs several programs including and Technologycoordination in Ecuador of the International Project "Closing TransferProductivity Gap small scale producers in Latin America and Ancupathe Caribbean" project funded by the Common Fund for EcuadorCommodities and headed to Colombia, Venezuela andEcuador for the Fund Innovation in Latin American oil palmFLIPA. He has lectured at several events in the agriculturalsector both nationally and internationally. Professor at theUniversity of Technology Equator UTE.Educación: Agricultural Engineer at the Technical Universityof Manabí.
  24. 24. Bella SosaBella Sosa is the Project Coordinator from SNV in Tegucigalpa,Honduras. She has over 15 years of experience inenvironmental management and integrated administration of Proyect Coordinatornatural resources. Project and management consulting for SNVrenewable energy, cleaner production and climate change Honduraswith the private and public sector.Counts with a wide work experience with internationalorganizations (UNDP y SNV), U.S. NGOs (AFCS y WLA) andNational Public Institutions. She has been invited as a speakerfor the IDB.Education: Master in Local Development, EnvironmentalEngineering at the Catholic University of Honduras and aDegree in Animal Science.
  25. 25. Mártides BanegasMártides Banegas is Responsible for the Rain Forest AllianceCertification, supporting the process to the 30 membercooperatives Hondupalma. He has 20 years of experience in Responsible for thethe cooperative union, affiliated with the company Rain Forest AllianceHondupalma, social enterprise dedicated to the cultivation Certificationand processing of oil palm. Extensive experience in Hondupalmamanagement and projection of the farmer cooperative Hondurasdevelopment. Experience in managing occupational safetyhygiene, and production management in the industrial andagricultural Hondupalma.Educación: He is currently studying a Masters in FinancialManagement at the Technical University of Honduras.Industrial Engineering Degree.
  26. 26. Alain RivalRival Alain is Research Coordinator for Oil Palm at CIRAD inMontpellier, France. He has participated in several RSPORoundtable from the beginning. Coordinator for OilHis research focuses on epigenetic variation in plants, this Palm Researchwork identifies early markers of abnormality monitoring Ciradprotocols for culture tissue. He spent the first years of his Francescientific work with international cooperation programs inbiotechnology overseas (Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Malaysia andCosta Rica). He is a certificate teacher of Biology andPhysiology certificate since 2002.Education: Doctorate in Plant Biotechnology, Molecularphysiologist.
  27. 27. Egbert J.A. SpaansEgbert Spaans is President and Founding Partner of ALIA2,a company that promotes the development of agroproducts from Latin America by applying the specificconcept of Precision Agriculture and Rural Development. PresidentHe was professor at EARTH University in Costa Rica. He ALIA2has dictated courses of “Properties of Soils in the Tropics“ Hollandand “Management and Conservation of Tropical Soils”.He has done consultancies and training in PrecisionAgriculture, Soil Management and Evaluation in CostaRica, Guadalupe, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua,Panama, Ecuador, USA and Dominican Republic.Education: PhD in Soils, MSC in Tropic Soils in theAgricultural University Wageningen, Holland.