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Learn about Targeted Medical Hypnosis, the Activlink Story, and the new Surgery Partner hypnosis device.

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Activlink Surgery Partner

  1. 1. Activlink Surgery PartnerTargeted Medical HypnosisClinically proven to improve surgical outcomes with lesspain, anxiety, and medication.Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  2. 2. Agenda About Activlink Surgery Partner About Targeted Medical Hypnosis Results of Literature Review Appendix A: Our Research & Patented Technology Appendix B: Activlink Products in Development2 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  3. 3. About ActivlinkSurgery PartnerClinically proven to improve surgical outcomes with lesspain, anxiety, and medication.Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  4. 4. About the Product Pre-Recorded Targeted Medical Hypnosis Tracks for Surgery Pre-Surgery Rehearsal Hypnosis Peri-Surgery In Vivo Hypnosis Recovery Room Wake-up Post Surgery Healing Hypnosis All preloaded and ready to use on a convenient clip on MP3 player4 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  5. 5. About Robert Speigel Forty years experience as a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and research scientist Holds three US patents for bio-behavioral medical technology Two-time principal investigator for NIH B.S. in experimental psychology and Master of Social Work Member of the ACSW, Board Certified Diplomate of NASW, and LiCSW Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced Certified Release Therapist, and Personal Transformation Intensive instructor. Robert Speigel is the inventor of Targeted Medical Hypnosis and Activlink products5 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  6. 6. Surgery Partner Testimonials ―Ive been using Activlink Surgery Partner with my cardiac surgery patients on a regular basis. We clip it on during pre-op, and they listen all the way through to the recovery room. We can always interact with the patient when we need to. They take the device home after discharge to listen to the post surgery healing program. Patients report less anxiety, a more satisfying surgical experience, and quicker recovery. We notice a more relaxed patient, less anesthesia and pain meds, quicker procedures, and shortened recovery times. I recommend it for any surgery including general anesthesia procedures to reduce risk, improve patient experience, and reduce time in surgery.‖ Gordon K, Seattle-Area Cardiac Surgeon6 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  7. 7. About TargetedMedical HypnosisTargeted Medical Hypnosis is effective for treating manyphysical disorders as well as behavioral and emotionaldisturbancesRobert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  8. 8. What is Targeted Medical Hypnosis?- Targeted Medical Hypnosis (TMH) protocols are designed to treat medical conditions and can be administered live or via audio playback.- Recorded hypnosis has been proven equally effective as that administered by a live hypnotherapist.- Targets specific physiologic functions for pain and healing amelioration.- Uses a general hypnosis protocol of relaxation sequences and trance induction whether the patient is conscious or not.- The treatment of choice in immediate and emergent mind-body events and diseases8 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  9. 9. How Does it Work?- Anchors patient resources (family resources, safety, trust of medical care providers, spiritual anchoring, etc.)- Places mind/body healing suggestions- Places post-hypnotic recovery and pain management suggestions- Works whether the patient is conscious or under general anesthesia- Creates a more relaxed procedure environment for both patient and medical personnel9 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  10. 10. How is TMH Different from TraditionalHypnotherapy?Traditional Hypnotherapy Targeted Medical HypnosisPrimary target is the psyche Primary target is the physiologyProcess is trance induction Process is trance induction followedfollowed by suggestions related to by suggestions related to physicalregression modulationGoal is healing the psyche through Goal is ameliorating physical andreframing past trauma emotional trauma as it occursMust be delivered by a live Effectively delivered via audiohypnotherapist in real time recording10 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  11. 11. What Disorders Can We Treat with TargetedMedical Hypnosis?Physical Behavioral & Emotional- Surgery Amelioration - Drug and Alcohol Addiction- Violent Bodily Injury - Healthy Weight Maintenance- Colitis and Irritable Bowel - Smoking Cessation- Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain - Anxiety Disorders Disorders - Depression- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - PTSD- Cancers - Fears and Phobias- Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ) - And many more…See Appendix B: Activlink Products in Development for more information11 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  12. 12. Results of Literature ReviewMeta Analysis of Surgical Hypnosis StudiesRobert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  13. 13. Significant Findings - No significant differences in clinical outcome between audio-recorded targeted medical hypnosis and a live hypnotherapist - Surgical patients in hypnosis treatment groups reported better outcomes than 89% of control group patients - Findings for patients who received audio-recorded targeted medical hypnosis: - Patients exhibited a 30% reduction in blood loss - Lower blood pressure was found in the groups that received pre- and peri-operative hypnosis - Procedures took significantly less time to perform with significant time and cost savings13 13 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  14. 14. Finding: Shorter Surgeries with Less Painand Anxiety 8 7 Standard Standard Attention 7 Attention 6 Hypnosis Hypnosis 6 5 5 Anxiety Score Pain Score 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 0 0 Procedure duration (min) Procedure duration (min)These graphs show the average pain and anxiety scores reported by patients in each of the threegroups as the time of the operation went on. (The attention group received extra attention from ahealth care professional).Lang, E. V., Benotsch, E. G., Fick, L. J., Lutgendorf, S., Berbaum, M. L., Berbaum, K. S., Logan, H., Spiegel, D. (2000). Adjunctive non-pharmacological analgesia for invasive medical procedures: a randomized trial. The Lancet, 355, 1486-1490.14 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  15. 15. Finding: Better Results, Time & CostsIn a 2007 study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers at the MountSinai School of Medicine showed that a 15-minute hypnosis session substantiallyreduced side effects including pain, nausea and emotional distress in patients undergoingbreast cancer operations.Study Highlights - Reduced the side effects from surgery - Reduced the amount of anesthesia used during the surgery - Decreased the amount of time spent in the operating room by almost 11 minutes - Resulted in an overall cost savings of about $770 per patientMontgomery GH , Bovbjerg DH, Schnur JB, David D, Goldfarb A, Weltz C, et al. A randomized clinical trial of a brief hypnosis intervention tocontrol side effects in breast surgery patients . J Natl Cancer Inst 2007; 99: 1304 –12.15 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  16. 16. Appendix AOur Research & Patented TechnologyActivlink’s hypnosis technology is clinically proven andpatentedRobert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  17. 17. Activlink Hypnosis is PatentedUnited States Patent #5,425,699June 20, 1995Method of modifying human behavior using signal triggered post-hypnoticsuggestionAbstract: A method of modifying human behavior using automatically generated active signals to elicitpost-hypnotic suggestions. When a patient is in a hypnotic state, a post-hypnotic suggestion is linkedto the active signal. After the hypnotic state has been terminated, the active signal is automaticallygenerated by an appropriate active device in the patients environ. In this manner, the suggestedbehavior is reliably elicited without the need for patient intervention.Inventor: Speigel; Robert B.Appl. No: 07/867,491Filed: April 13, 199217 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  18. 18. Targeted Medical Hypnosis is Patent-PendingTitle: Targeted Medical Hypnosis Method and DeviceA unique method of hypnosis that addresses specific body memory and physiologicprocesses, and specific cellular memory and cell processes.Abstract: With the progression of research and understanding of unique body memory and uniquecellular function that is separate and independent from the function of mind memory and function, it isevident that body and cellular function can be addressed by languaging directed specifically thesefunctions separately bypassing mind memory and function. Targeted Medical Hypnosis representsspecific and unique languaging and hypnotic suggestion directed towards body memory andfunction, and cell memory and function. In addition, the present invention provides a unique and noveldevice for delivering targeted medical hypnosis sequences in and effective and efficient manner.Inventor: Robert B. Speigel18 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  19. 19. Our Own Published ResearchThe Integration of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy and Targeted MedicalHypnosis in the Surgical/Emergency Medicine MilieuAbstract: This paper reviews an impressive body of knowledge regarding TargetedMedical Hypnosis, and specifically digital audio delivered medicalhypnosis, demonstrating its effectiveness in directly intervening with specific physiologicprocesses and modifying important physical responses during traditional medicalintervention. The author differentiates the use of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy andTargeted Medical Hypnosis in the treatment of mind-body injury and disease, andproposes a specific, convenient, efficient and low cost technology for the use of TargetedMedical Hypnosis interventions in the surgical/emergency medicine milieu.Speigel, Robert. The Integration of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy and Targeted Medical Hypnosis in the Surgical/Emergency Medicine Milieu.Journal of Heart-Centered Therapies, 2011, Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 87-106.19 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  20. 20. Phase I NIH Grant AwardSignal-Triggered Post-Hypnotic Suggestion DeviceProject Number: 1R43MH055407-01Source: National Institutes of HealthPrincipal Investigator: Robert B. SpeigelOrganization: Speigel And AssociatesProject Duration: 04/01/1996 – 09/30/1996Fiscal Year: 1996Funding Institution: National Institute of Mental HealthActivity: Small Business Innovation Research Grants (SBIR) - Phase IYears of Support: 120 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  21. 21. Phase II NIH Grant AwardTriggered Suggestion Device To Treat Nicotine-DependenceProject Number: 2R44MH055407-02A1Source: National Institutes of HealthPrincipal Investigator: Robert B. SpeigelOrganization: Progenesis, Inc.Project Duration: 01/01/1996 – 03/31/2000Fiscal Year: 1998Funding Institution: National Institute of Mental HealthActivity: Small Business Innovation Research Grants (SBIR) - Phase IIYears of Support: 221 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  22. 22. Appendix BActivlink Products in DevelopmentAll Activlink products use Targeted Medical Hypnosis tohelp people through physical and emotionalexperiencesRobert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |
  23. 23. The Activlink Product Line PARTNER PROGRAMS Because Partner Programs are used during more significant and uncommon medical events, they generally have three parts: preparing for the event; while the event is taking place; and recovery.RELEASE PROGRAMSRelease Programs are used when aspecific—and often chronic—condition isnegatively affecting the patient’s life. Thegoal of these programs are relief andultimately, remission. MANAGER PROGRAMS Manager Programs are used for maintaining health in common areas such as stress and weight.23 Robert B Speigel, LiCSW, ACHT |