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Mob rule


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. By : Keimo Mitt
  • 2. Contents
    • Introduction
    • SOS Impresa
    • SOS Impresa report content
    • Mafia inc as reg. Company
    • Useful recession
    • Mafia inc. Revenues
    • Drug monopoly
    • Berlusconi's plan against mobs and achievements
    • Conclusion and Questions
  • 3. Try smuggling, racketeering, money laundering and intimidation . Why ?
  • 4. A s the rest of the country saw its economy shrink by over 5 percent.   Who says crime doesn't pay?
  • 5. SOS Impresa
    • ...Rome-based anti-racketeering group
    • Published seven page report
  • 6. SOS Impresa report content
    • C rime pays, and right now it pays very well
    • M afia enjoyed one of its most successful years to date
    • Mass unemployment, social unrest and rising crime - perfect breeding ground for the mob
    • A nnual profits increase 12 percent to $106.5bn
    • The mafia is more powerful than ever. 
    • Mafia Inc. doesn't fear or know crisis
  • 7. Because...  
  • 8. ...Because
    • Revenues rose 4 percent
    • Total revenue - $185.1bn
    • equates to 9 percent of Italy' s GDP
    • E xceeds the revenues of Italy's largest company by market value, oil giant Eni SpA.
  • 9. Useful recession
    • I deal breeding ground for money laundering
    • Cheap assets
    • seizing on high unemployment for loan sharking and recruitment
  • 10. Mafia inc. Revenues
    • Trafficking - $92.98bn
    • Human trafficking - $1.19bn 
    • Smuggling weapons, other goods such as cigarettes - $9.59bn
    • Transporting of goods and drug trafficking - Around $82.2bn
    • "mafia taxes“ - racketeering and loan-sharking - $32.8bn
    • Entrepreneurship -bets and gaming - $34.24bn
  • 11. Drug monopoly
    • Global slump – no affect on value of cocaine
    • supply and demand – same as previous years
    • number one income generator
    • only the mafia running the show
  • 12. Berlusconi's plan against mobs
    • B ringing in a number of anti-crime laws under a single piece of legislation
    • S pecial agency to manage and seize mafia assets
    • black list of companies who has ties with group
    • offer help towards the victims of mafia crimes
  • 13. Berlusconi's achievements
    • mafia arrests have increased 85 percent
    • $12.3bn worth of assets have been confiscated
  • 14. Conclusion
    • The mob problem is a very, very big problem
    • You have to treat the mafia as a company, and realise that this is a company that is making $106bn of profits in one year
    • Nobody can´t really ever bring it down
    • At best you can scale it down
  • 15. Berlusconi's golden words
    • "If there is a government that, more than any other, has made fighting the mafia one of its clearest goals, it is my government."
  • 16. Thank you all for listening
    • If there is any questions, I am opened to them