Digital story project


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An overview of a digital story project completed by pre-service teachers.

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Digital story project

  1. 1. Digital Stories for Future Teachers: Showing My Kids How to Do ItRick SnoeyinkProfessor of EducationTrinity Christian CollegePalos Heights, IL
  2. 2. The Project Create a digital story that helps teach a concept• Write your story – first-person account• Personalize the concept with your own photos, narration, music, art, etc.• Clearly connect to at least one of the Illinois Learning Standards• Your digital story serves as an example for your K-12 students
  3. 3. Curricular ConnectionsIllinois Professional Teaching Standards 1. Teaching Diverse Students 2. Content Area and Pedagogical Knowledge 3. Planning for Differentiated Instruction 6. Reading, Writing, and Oral CommunicationIllinois Learning StandardsYour choice – whatever you plan to teach
  4. 4. CATEGORY 5 3 2 1Purpose of Establishes a purpose early on Establishes a purpose early on There are a few lapses in It is difficult to figureStory and maintains a clear focus and maintains focus for most focus; the purpose is out the purpose of the throughout. Creatively teaches of the presentation. Teaches a somewhat vague. Does presentation. academic content clearly tied to concept loosely tied to ILS; not really teach a concept ILS, presented as a personal may be rather impersonal. or no connection to ILS. story.Choice of Plenty of large quality images Enough quality images create Image choice is not always No attempt to useImages used consistently to create a an atmosphere or tone and logical or do not match contents to create an distinct atmosphere or tone and that match most of the story. the story, or not enough appropriate that continuously match the quality images. atmosphere/tone. Not story. enough images and/or poor quality imagesEffects Effects were used purposefully Effects create an atmosphere Some attempt to use Ken No Ken Burns effects to create a distinct atmosphere or tone that matches some Burns effects but they used; other random or tone that enhances the story. parts of the story. Limited use appear random, sporadic, effects or transitions Ken Burns effects were used of Ken Burns effects. thoughtless, or convey the serve to distract. consistently, extensively, and wrong meaning. well; layering used effectivelyEconomy of The story is told with exactly the The story composition is The story seems to need The story needsStory Detail right amount of detail typically good, though it seems more editing. It is extensive editing. It is throughout. It does not seem to drag somewhat OR needs noticeably too long or too too long or too short to too short nor does it seem too slightly more detail in one or short in more than one be interesting. Too long long. 2-5 minutes two sections. Too long or too section. Too long or too or too short by more short by 1-30 seconds short by 31-45 seconds than 45 secondsMusic Music stirs a rich emotional Music is mostly appropriate Music distracts more than Music is distracting or response that matches the story for content and usually enhances; choices seem inappropriate; not line and content well. Images coordinates with images and inappropriate; volume coordinated with and narration coordinated with narration; volume could be levels are mostly too loud narration or images; the music. The volume is adjusted in a few places. or too soft; too much volume is consistently adjusted up and down content without music. too loud or soft; may effectively for narration pauses need much more and never drowns out music. narration.
  5. 5. Voice Voice quality is clear, Voice quality is clear, Voice quality is lacking in Voice quality and/or expressive, free of ambient expressive, and at the right much of the narration; expression is noise, and at the right volume volume through most of the volume may not be right consistently lacking; throughout the presentation; presentation; pacing may be a in relation to other audio; narration is rushed or pauses are used effectively; bit rushed or may drag excessive ambient noise; drags throughout; pacing fits the story well. somewhat in places. pacing is often too fast or technical quality is slow. poor; volume in relation to other audio is consistently wrong. 4 2 1 0Grammar and Grammar and usage are correct Grammar and usage were Repeated errors inLanguage (for the dialect chosen) and typically correct but some grammar and usageUsage contributed to clarity, style, and errors detracted from story. distracted greatly from character development. the story.Title/Credits Title and credits capture the Title and credits work but Title and credits seem Missing both title and essence and mood of the seem utilitarian. Text is legible disconnected from credits project. Text is easy to read, and visible long enough to content. Text may be timed well, and completely read. ILS may be missing our difficult to read, not on visible for just the right amount not written out screen long enough, of time. Font choice/s is perfect and/or partly concealed. for the mood. Credits include Font choice/s are not ILS written out appropriate; may be missing either title or credits 2 1 0Sound Effects Sound effects are used Attempt to use at least No discernible sound effectively at least 2 times one appropriate sound effects effect
  6. 6. Lessons Learned1. Stretching in order to personalize is a good thing2. Be prepared for the emotional investment3. Slow movement and no transitions are more effective4. Writing is still the most important part of creating a digital story