Ms Sql Business Inteligence With My Sql

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  • Unlike other providers SQL splits planar and non planar data into two separate types. Geometry and geography.Non planar data is all about projections. If you think about maps of the world they have to use some form of projection to convert the elliptical surface of the earth into a flat map. In other providers they store the data in a planar projection and then perform the projection to workout the geographic calculations.We mentioned earlier that the spatial data is only in 2 dimensions. Whilst you can hold two other values Z and M for points they are not used in any of the spatial methods .


  • 1. Praveen Srivatsa Director, AsthraSoft Consulting Microsoft Regional Director, Bangalore Session Code:
  • 2. Agenda Connecting to mySQL from .NET Leveraging SQL Reporting Services with mySQL Data Harvesting mySQL data into Analysis Services with SSIS
  • 3. Objective In this session, we will talk about connecting to mySQL from the .NET world. We will then see how we can use SQL Reporting services with your data in mySQL and look at best practices in working with mySQL Lastly we will look at how we can use your mySQL data with SSIS and get the data into SQL Analysis Servcies
  • 4. Leveraging your investments In the short term, migrating from mySQL is a lot of work. You can preserve your investments in mySQL and leverage features of SQL Server 2008 to get the most out of your current data. Lets take a look at how we can Use mySQL Data access from .NET Build Reporting Solutions on mySQL Transfer data for reporting and analysis using SSIS mySQL data
  • 5. ODBC Solution Requirements Access Multiple DBMSs using same source code without recompiling and relinking Simultaneously Which DBMS features should ODBC expose ? Common to all DBMSs Any feature that is available in any DBMS Solves It is a Call Level Interface(CLI) Defines Standard SQL Grammar Driver Manager -> simultaneous access to multiple DBMSs Feature Set
  • 6. ODBC Architecture Application ODBC API Driver Manager ODBC API Driver Driver Driver Driver Data Data Data Data Source Source Source Source
  • 7. Connector/ODBC with .NET • ODBC.NET Provider – Add-in component to the Microsoft.NET Framework – Directly accesses native ODBC drivers • Setup – Microsoft .NET Framework SDK – MDAC 2.6 or later (2.7 is recommended) – ODBC.NET Provider (Microsoft.Data.Odbcname space) • Installed to “C:Program FilesMicrosoft.NETOdbc.Net”
  • 8. ODBC.NET Architecture ODBC.NET Application ODBC.NET API ODBC.NET Provider ODBC API Driver Driver Connector/ODBC MySQL C API Data Data MySQL Source Source
  • 9. Developing ODBC.NET Applications Main classes OdbcCommand OdbcInfoMessageEventArgs OdbcCommandBuilder OdbcParameter OdbcConnection OdbcParameterCollection OdbcDataAdapter OdbcPermission OdbcDataReader OdbcPermissionAttribute OdbcError OdbcRowUpdatedEventArgs OdbcErrrorCollection OdbcRowUpdatingEventArgs OdbcException OdbcTransaction Enumeration Type OdbcType Ref: ODBC.NET Data Provider Reference Document
  • 10. Developing ODBC.NET Applications (cont..) • First, import the ODBC.NET namespace Imports Microsoft.Data.Odbc ( ) using Microsoft.Data.Odbc (C# ) • Connect to MySQL server by loading Connector/ODBC String myconStr= “DSN=myodbc3-test;…” OdbcConnectionmyOdbcCon= new OdbcConnection(myConStr) • Complete article on ‘Exploring MySQL in the .NET environment” can be found from here:
  • 11. mySQL Driver Programming Hints • Direct linking with the driver will drastically increase the performance by a factor of ~40-50% • Do not use the debug version of the driver DLL • Turn off all ODBC and Connector/ODBC loggers • Avoid using ODBC API calls that works on prepared results instead use it on execute call
  • 12. Using Reporting Services Harvesting your mySQL data SQL Server Reporting Services can report on data from any data source For connecting to mySQL, involves a lot of syntax changes Reports cannot be used across mySQL and SQL server easily Driver inconsistency leads to bad reporting experience
  • 13. Using Linked Server Bridging your data from mySQL to SQL Server SQL Server allows the definitions of Linked Servers Uses Data providers to connect to mySQL Shows the data as a SQL Server data to the outside world Allows for SQL syntax, but continues limitations of the drivers Enables for easy migration from mySQL to SQL Server later.
  • 14. Using RS with Linked Server Harvesting your mySQL data Leverage Linked Servers to connect to mySQL Makes connections to mySQL easier Can cache and operate on the data inside of SQL Server Makes migration to SQL Server easier with least code change Impact of performance less than 5% DO NOT USE THE DRIVER DIRECTLY!
  • 15. Using Analysis Services Integrating and Analysing mySQL data SSAS can connect to mySQL and use it as a store for OLTP reporting Very unstable Move to OLAP not smooth Performance issues with the mySQL Driver
  • 16. Using Analysis Services Integrating and Analysing mySQL data SSIS can connect to mySQL to look up information It can translate the data to OLTP in SQL or OLAP directly Excellent performance Rich pipeline transformations
  • 17. mySQL Bi Architecture ASP.NET mySQL DB ADO.NET Provider Reporting Services SSIS SQL Server DB
  • 18. mySQL Bi Architecture ASP.NET mySQL DB SQL Server Reporting DB Linked Server Services SSIS
  • 19. Summary Harvesting your mySQL data for BI The mySQL ODBC.NET Drivers provide for a way to link to your mySQL data directly from .NET Reporting Services can use the .NET Drivers directly but not all features of RS can be leveraged with this Linked servers provide an excellent bridge and migration path from mySQL to SQL Server SSIS can connect to and use mySQL data for analysis services
  • 20. Track Resources ASP.NET with mySQL ( mySQL Ado.NET Provider ( mySQL ODBC Driver (
  • 21. © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.