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Second Life: Imaging Virtual Place Part1
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Second Life: Imaging Virtual Place Part1


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Part 1 of a presentation delivered in Gainesville, FL at the IMAGING PLACE conference February 2007

Part 1 of a presentation delivered in Gainesville, FL at the IMAGING PLACE conference February 2007

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Second Life: Imaging Virtual Place (part 1) Richard Smyth, Ph.D. Invent-L Conference 2007: Imaging Place University of Florida 24 February 2007
    • 2. Outline of Presentation
      • I. Mystory/History:
      • How I Came Here/Returned Here
      • II. Deconstruction vs. “Reconstruction”: Metaphorical Concepts of Space and Topological Alternatives
      • III. Summary of Research Interests
    • 3. Mystory/Choragraphy: Multidimensional Expression
      • wabi-sabi : wide image :: outline : argument
      • wabi-sabi has six parts: three each for tenor and vehicle of a metaphor
      • the “need to fill in each slot locates some dimensions of thought and feeling that you might have overlooked…” (Ulmer 2003, 277)
    • 4. Time Line (1-D)  lpha  etic Literacy 1100 B.C.E. Printing Press 1447 C.E. Peter Ramus 1515-1572 1820 1901 1927 1984
    • 5. Time Square (2-D)
    • 6. Time Cube (3-D) Aesthetic Temporal Mnemonic
    • 7. Part I
      • Mystory/History:
      • How I Came to Be Here/Return Here
    • 8. 10.5.06 (Temporal Axis)
      • Craig Freeman/JC Fremont introduces Smyth to Second Life
      • Abaris Brautigan is born
      Abaris Brautigan as default avatar pictured camping at Mooaleo
    • 9. 10.12.06 (Aesthetic Axis)
      • Smyth/Brautigan quoted in
      • Nomad Scholar finds home in SL
      Abaris Brautigan (before he edited self) pictured here horning in on interview ( Witte/Dena )
    • 10. 08.01.94 (Mnemonic Axis)
      • Under director Greg Ulmer, Smyth finishes dissertation “ Renaissance Mnemonics, Poststructuralism , and the Rhetoric of Hypertext Composition ”
      • He graduates from University of Florida (aka “The Florida School of Applied Grammatology”) with Ph.D. in English
    • 11. 8.27.94 (Mnemonic Axis) Craig Saper confers his Bachelors Degree upon Smyth in Florida School graduation ceremony that has yet to become a tradition.
    • 12. 10.19.06 (Temporal Axis)
      • Abaris creates Second Life group for electrate collaboration: the TGC
      Access group info by double-clicking group name in profile.
    • 13. TGC Group Insignia/Significance
      • Squares represent juxtaposed pixels
      • Pixels = next generation of juxtologic: multidimensional
      • “ Pixels are the movable type of the future.” (Stafford 288)
      colon = points ANALOGIC equal sign = lines LOGIC ? = squares JUXTOLOGIC
    • 14. How to Display Group Title Right-click on avatar, select Groups, then select group in list for display and click ACTIVATE button
    • 15. 10.22.06 (Aesthetic Axis)
      • Abaris Brautigan edits his self-image at SL replica of Stonehenge
      Right-click on avatar and choose “Appearance” to change self-image.
    • 16. Spring 1997 (Mnemonic Axis)
      • Students read children’s allegory The Phantom Tollbooth as model for project
      • Assignment: students collaborate to build an allegorical, educational environment in a M.O.O. for a 5 th grade class to experience
      • Students had to work out overall content and how each group would fit in and interconnect to the whole.
    • 17. 10.29.06 (Temporal Axis)
      • Abaris Brautigan works on electracy display at Parvenu Towers (6 th floor)
      Residual literacy in the new medium: a book and a computer terminal with websites.
    • 18. 11.1.06 (Aesthetic Axis)
      • Stephanie Hermes/Tripp creates the FRE t-shirt
      • Abaris Brautigan never takes it off
    • 19. 11.6.06 (Aesthetic Axis)
      • Smyth submits late abstract to the Craigs Freeman/Saper
      • Informs Saper that his BA degree held hostage
      • As a result of this act of blackmail, Smyth’s abstract is accepted.
    • 20. TMI (Mnemonic Axis)
      • 5.19.84—married as sophomore
      • 6.12.84—admitted to Smyth County Hospital for mental breakdown during trip to NC
      • 5/1994—Ulmer publishes review of Genetis: A Rhizography in PMC
      • 6/1994—returns to NC to finish dissertation after wife leaves with children
    • 21. Mapping These Points You Get… Representation of a Klein Bottle, a 3-D version of a Moebius strip, immersed in 3-D space.
    • 22. Contact
      • Richard Smyth, Ph.D.
      • [email_address]