Video Marketing on Steroids for Realtors


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  • Insurance agents
    Chamber of commerce
    Business owners
    On facebook
  • Send videos to remind listing appointments that you will be coming by.
  • We could do these together
  • Video Marketing on Steroids for Realtors

    1. 1. Web 2.0 Video Marketing on Steroids
    2. 2. Why Video??? Wouldn’t it be silly to have to read a commercial? Free reports are like reading a commercial Wouldn’t you rather just watch a story? Video marketing is telling a story
    3. 3. Remember This?
    4. 4. Does Anybody Really Watch? •
    5. 5. 10 Real Estate Video content Ideas
    6. 6. Must Have In All Videos
    7. 7. The Five W’s
    8. 8. Where in the world is…? One of my best strategies… Water tower or local landmark Win movie tickets Come to the office to pick up Invite referral partners to video market with you
    9. 9. Send Personal 1 View Videos
    10. 10. What works best? Blogging YouTube Direct Email BombBomb FaceBook (and fanpage)
    11. 11. Blogging Con’s • Pro’s • Free/Easy • Have to drive traffic to it • Can personalize your page • Have to keep up with it • Shows all your past videos • Doesn’t have a video • No Advertising • Cool Widgets (weather,etc) • Only you can post counter
    12. 12. YouTube • Pro’s • Great SEO -Search Engine Optimization (Google owns it) *slow way to build list • Massive audience • Validates who you are (as seen on) (billboard as seen on Youtube) • Free • Counts your views Con’s • This is HUGE!!! – Competitors can advertise on it • Can only have 10 minute videos • Have to drive traffic to it
    13. 13. Viddler • Pro’s • Free • Lots of Storage space • Holds long videos • Easy to upload and download • No competitor advertising • Counts your video views Con’s • Doesn’t do search engine optimization very well • Have to drive traffic to it
    14. 14. Instant Video Generator • Pro’s • You are in charge of advertising • Easy to use • Has an opt-in • Uses a postcard and has lots of templates Con’s • It isn’t free • Has a small video *this could be a plus if you read your scripts • Videos must be flv
    15. 15. Facebook Pro’s Con’s • Free • No video counter • Easy • Has a time limit • Built-in traffic • Cross market by posting links to your other accounts (blogs, etc)
    16. 16.
    17. 17. How to Record Videos Webcam Digital Camera Regular Camcorder Smart Phone
    18. 18. How to Edit Video Camtasia Adobe Premier Elements Windows Movie Media / iMovie Don’t Edit (BEST)
    19. 19. Editing Features Green Screening Sets the stage for your video Can go to cool interesting places Con - Sometimes people can tell Super cool site to get pics for background
    20. 20. More Features… Music ( Also sets stage for video Can fade in and out Helps diminish “dead time” Intro, captions, credits
    21. 21. It is this easy…..
    22. 22. It is this easy……
    23. 23.
    24. 24. What do I do with my Videos? Get the word out – Emails, signature lines, referral partners, flyers, other peoples newsletters Invite partners to record with you and send to their list *****HUGE!!!!! Put on your website, your Facebook and where ever else you can think of.
    25. 25. What To Do NOW! Mix it up – Some personal, some work, some funny, some serious Start TODAY Don’t be afraid – You go grocery shopping don’t you? Call Me And I’ll Help You Get Started
    26. 26. Cool Free Stuff
    27. 27. What Do I Do Now? Make the decision. Without the decision there is no action. Without action there are no results. Without results there is no success. Just…….