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  • A QR Code is a two-dimensional bar code created by the Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994.
    It was originally developed for commercial tracking and is currently in use by companies such as UPS.
    It is now being used for marketing in the mobile phone industry. Some mobile phones have QR Code scanners built in, and when they scan a QR Code they get back the information contained in the code.
    It is used heavily in Japan for this purpose.
    What Do I Do With This?
    You can create a QR Code for your mobile site and use it in any promotional material you may have.
  • Real Estate is a very competitive market space and every real estate agent knows that in order to compete in that market you need to stand out. In the technology realm there are several ways that a real estate agent can stand out:
    1. Virtual Tours – Sure not all properties need a virtual tour, but there are those properties that people just have to see in order to believe the value.   These tours can be uploaded to popular video sites such as YouTube to increase the exposure.
    2. Multi Site Dispersement – There are so many places online where a real estate agent can have a listing placed.  Some of the more common at this point are Zillow, Trulia, and Homes, these of course are in addition to the real estate agent’s own web site and the web site of the agency they are working with.
    3. Blogging – Not only can a real estate agent showcase a property they can now use tools like blogging to showcase their expertise.  In many cases real estate can require an agent with very specialized skills, what better way to highlight the availability of those skills than blogging about the topic.   In particular, there is a very specialized skill set required for commercial property, blogging allows the real estate agent to educate the market, provide helpful information, and in the end become a resident expert in the community.
  • Video – Video walk through can be directly linked using a QR code to any print material that you are using.  Imagine a prospective buyer driving up in front of a home for sale and being able to scan a code from their car that would take them on a virtual tour of the home.
    Extended Brochure – That same buyer may also want to scan a code that will give them an extended brochure, maybe they don’t even want to get out of their car to go pick up a print brochure and the only way to get information to them is through an easy virtual means.
    Contact Form – Send the potential buyer to a very specific page that allows them to contact the agent about that specific property.  Make it a simple form so the buyer is not trying to fill out ten fields on their smartphone, but rather the basic information needed to establish initial contact.
    Other Properties – Take that potential buyer on a tour!  Have a QR Code that points to a map of the next property.  This allows the real estate agent to virtually hand hold a potential buyer through a tour of like properties.
    Coupon – Coupon in real estate?  Why of course!  Give the buyer a reason to buy from you!  Look at ways to offer the buyer added value for knowing how to use your QR code, maybe it is a free inspection, or appraisal.   It doesn’t matter what the offer is, as long as the buyer would find value in it.
  • QR Codes can be fun and with a little imagination you can turn your print material into a treasure hunt for your customers.  In the end the marketing power of a QR code goes well beyond the novelty and it crosses into marketing with your customers through a secret handshake.  As clandestine as that sounds it is a way to connect with customers and develop conversations that last long after the ad in the paper or the billboard – yes I said billboard.
    Before further ado, here are 10 ways that you can use QR codes in your print advertising that will connect people to your online presence and the call to action that you want them to see.
    1. Billboards – in Japan it is not uncommon to come across a billboard with a QR code on it – it may be new here in the Grand Valley, but innovation does have its benefits, getting people to use QR codes will eventually happen through a partnership in educating the community and the implementations.  A billboard is a very BIG way to step into using QR codes.
    2. Business Cards – Go beyond a phone number, email, and address, use the back of your business card to put in a QR code that points people to a very specific welcome page.  Again a little secret handshake that lets they know you are happy to have them investigating your business further, and you would love to sit down and have coffee to learn more about their business.
    3. Newspaper Ads – No your add does not have to take a quarter of the page, actually a QR code can be effective in as small as a 2 1/2 square inch footprint.  This means that you could extend your advertising by pointing to a coupon that is only available through using the QR code that makes your advertised special even better!
    4. Brochures – Take your potential customers on a treasure hunt through your business using QR codes.  Sure this is a little more advanced, but done right your potential customers can take that tour with or without the QR codes, but either way they will see that your business is fun to deal with.
    5. Trade Show Flyers – Ever want to continue the conversation with people past a trade show.  Give them something to think about when they are at your booth that would require action after the trade show.  Putting a QR code on a flyer with a special trade show deal will encourage those that attend to connect with you after the show, even if it is through the click of a button.
    6. In Store Signs – Give your customers a hidden coupon.  Hint that somewhere around the store is a killer deal and print a sign with a QR code that when scanned on their smart phone gives them a coupon that could be used that very day to save on their purchases.
    7. Event Posters - Having an event?  Give people a way to get a deal on tickets by using the QR code that you printed on your posters.  Maybe it is just getting something free when they mention a code word that was given to them through the QR code.
    8. Direct Mail Pieces – Getting people to see information that is only meant for them is possible using the combination of personal URLs or purls and the QR code!  This is extreme power that can be used to hit a target spot on with information that is custom designed for the individual receiving the mailing.
    9. Real Estate Sales Signs - Ever want to capture a person that is walking by the house you have for sale.  Do it through using a QR code to walk people through a virtual tour of the house.  They can sit in their car, click on the QR code and instantly be taking a tour of the house, and probably taking that very next step of closing the sale!
    10. Information Kiosks – There are times when we can provide information somewhere, but we can’t be there manning the station to answer all the questions.  Take the curiosity of those walking by and use a QR code to point to a video of you talking about the product they are interested in.  Talk about making sales without even needing to be present!
    QR codes are a way to connect with your customer in ways that you have never been able to connect before.  They may be new in the Grand Valley, but just imagine if your customer could easily make a couple of taps on their smartphone and be watching a video, seeing an exclusive welcome, grabbing an extra savings through a coupon, or any of the other ways discussed above.
  • QR Codes

    1. 1. What is a Tag?
    2. 2. Tags http://tag.microsoft.com
    3. 3. Example
    4. 4. Usage Scenarios: Exploring the Possibilities... • Editorials, advertisements, product packaging, signs, storefronts, single property websites, video, opt in pages • Gain instant access to Websites, videos, reviews, schedules, contact information, social networks, discounts, promotions and more!
    5. 5. QR Codes in Real Estate • Virtual Tours • Multi Site Dispersement A. Zillow, Trulia, and Homes • MWS, facebook, linked, twitter, blogs
    6. 6. 5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use QR Codes On a Sign • • • • • Video Extended Brochure Contact Form Other Properties Coupon
    7. 7. 10 Ways to Use QR Codes in Print Material • • • • • • • • • • Billboards Business Cards Newspaper Ads Brochures Trade Show Flyers In Store Signs Event Posters Direct Mail Pieces Real Estate Sales Signs Information Kiosks
    8. 8. Killer Sites for QR Codes • http://www.qrstuff.com/ • http://beqrious.com/generator
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