Listing Presentation Class 1


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Listing Presentation Class 1

  1. 1. Who Am I?
  2. 2. My Goal / Mission / Passion! • Give you at least 3 ideas TODAY that will help you close at least 1 more deal a month, starting _____________ • Everything I show you today is about growing your_______and freeing up _________ • What is your _____ and _______worth? • If you double your ______ it will double your income and reduce your stress ______
  3. 3. (Free for YOU!) Every Tuesday! • • • • • Live Real Estate Training 12:00 pm Last 8 Class recordings and power points Team in place to keep you moving Private Facebook group
  4. 4. Question of the Day • Jump forward one year from today. Looking back over the past year, what has to happen in your business for you to feel happy with your progress? – No right or wrong answer – Most people aren’t specific – Most people don’t know the “why” – Most people either over estimate or underestimate which is why we will determining what you need – you may be working too hard 
  5. 5. A “Law” to live by • A successful and fulfilling business is one that safely and consistently pays you what you want – in return for doing stuff that’s fun while avoiding stuff that stinks. (i.e. sucks, isn’t fun, you hate, etc. You choose )
  6. 6. Put Your Sellers Hat On!
  7. 7. NOW…Get the Listings (we will discuss today:) • • • • Database Management Expired Listings Direct Mail Online- Facebook Ads Techniques To Attract Listings • • • • Specialize Geographic Specialization Grow And Harvest (Farm) Create A Continual Presence
  8. 8. Database Management • Build a database and use contact management software to maintain a relationship with people you know and meet. (Frequent and steady contact lets them know you take your business seriously and you want them as your clients, which is flattering to anyone) Think like a rookie again……
  9. 9. Stay Top Of Mind
  10. 10. Weekly Video’s
  11. 11. Expired Listings • Without a system of some kind you might be yet another person who tried and failed. But with one you can become an impact player and making a good living doing what you want to do • Remember, owners of expired listings have a problem that you can help resolve. But in order to get their business you must come with your "A" game. (and a system)
  12. 12. Results In Advance Listing Presentation!
  13. 13. Expired Listings • If you show up offering the most cutting edge comprehensive marketing program available you will win more listings! – Make a property site for their house and drop off business card stickers with their property domain and text info! – Then drop off….
  14. 14. Expired Listings • Strategy – Drop off Flyer (or mail) – Follow Up call – Drop off Their home flyer with link to their home site and text (mobile site)
  15. 15. Expired Listings – Drop off or mail link to Web Site With Your Flip Show
  16. 16. Your Home Featured On My /Website
  17. 17. YouTube Branding / Exposure Go live…
  18. 18. Google Branding / Exposure Go live…
  19. 19. Your Home Is Automatically Posted To 15 Of The Busiest Realty Sites
  20. 20. Easy Push To Seven Social Media Sites
  21. 21. Expired Listings • You can drop off marketing materials if the seller is not home. You should follow up with a call and keep dropping by until you meet or have a conversation with them…or in my opinion until they scream and threaten to call the police • After you have built rapport, schedule a listing appointment and let them know how you will help them!
  22. 22. Potential Listings – Have Asst. drop off sign
  23. 23. Potential Listings • Use your listings to create more listings and collect qualified buyer prospects.
  24. 24. Direct Mail • Postcards – 1000 for $40 and 2500 for $100
  25. 25. Direct Mail
  26. 26. Direct Mail
  27. 27.
  28. 28. Facebook Ads
  29. 29. Facebook Ads
  30. 30. Fan Pages
  31. 31. Online/Craigslist
  32. 32. Online/Craigslist
  33. 33. Online/Craigslist
  34. 34. Online/Craigslist
  35. 35. Techniques To Attract Listings • • • • Specialize Geographic Specialization Grow And Harvest (Farm) Create A Continual Presence
  36. 36. Specialize • Despite the policy of never turning down a listing or qualified candidate, focus on specializing on the type of property that will best suit your performance goals. • For an Agent I know, single family attached homes provide the greatest return on investment and are turning over the fastest. This is where she is really making her money.
  37. 37. Geographic Specialization • When a person decides to sell his/her house, they will find a realtor either through referral, recognition of a local representative, or through the internet. • By focusing your promotional efforts on a specific geography, you can increase your market presence so that you are the first phone call if a target client decides to sell their property, as well as first on the list if they ask a neighbor for referral. In addition, if you specialize in a specific area, people will recognize your name and be more inclined to trust you with their listing and to negotiate their deal.
  38. 38. Grow and Harvest (Farm) • Focus your marketing message on the area of geographic specialization that you have chosen. • If your area has a high rate of property turnover, then you will do very well. The most successful realtor in my area papers my door with her picture every Monday afternoon. • In addition, she includes a list of properties in my neighborhood that are listed or for sale. Looking at the sales price of other properties is a good motivator for me to list my own home and take advantage of the capital gains.
  39. 39. Create a Continual Presence • Once you have chosen the type of property to specialize in, and the neighborhoods to cultivate listings, begin promoting. • As a marketing manager, I am a big fan of postcards that are sent to target clients on a weekly basis. • Generally, it will take about fifteen pieces of promotion before a client will remember your name, but when they decide to list, you will be the first phone call.
  40. 40. Done For You And With You! • Listings Uploaded for you – What does this mean? • RIA listing presentation set up for you – What we need • • • • Weekly training One On One with Gerard, Adrian or My self Accountability What I would like For those Interested!
  41. 41. Work with people who want their success more than we want it for them.
  42. 42. Our Expectations • One Loan Closing Every OTHER Month
  43. 43. Thank You For Your Time! Richard Smith “The Richard Smith Team” Powered by LeaderOne Financial 281-994-4240