List of Classes for Your Real Estate Team


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List of Classes for Your Real Estate Team

  1. 1. “The Richard Smith Team” 22503 Katy Freeway Suite 28, Katy TX, 77450 Phone: (281)994-4240 Fax: (281)840-6881 C/O: Richard Smith Sending you a couple topics. Would be more than happy to educate your team of agents on any or all of these topics. Facebook Marketing: This is a huge goldmine that agents are just starting to dabble in. I offer a great class that beginner and veteran agent like both walk away with a great way to get instant leads. I have had agents receive leads within 2-3 hours after taking the class and implementing the strategies. Video Marketing: I could spend 2 days on this and I can't even tell you how this has changed the lives of many agents that tie this into their marketing strategy. In one class I can teach agents how to use video marketing to get leads, become the rockstar in their area and tie it all into the Social Media segment. This is one of my favorite classes because it can bring instant results! 80/20: How to start spending 20% of your time doing what makes you 80% of your money. This is a very powerful class that helps agents focus on doing what it takes to be successful in today's Real Estate Market and how to delegate the time-consuming rest. B to B business marketing: Incredible class on how to build referral partners with local businesses. How to build relationships with local businesses that provide value back to your clients and create loyal referral partnerships. A great class that has helped generate hundreds of leads. Works in every regional market. The all inclusive-single property website class that helps agents get more listings, keep the listings they have, attract a ton of buyers and tie in social media and technology. If what I teach on this class is used, I can promise you that it will double, if not triple, any agents business in a matter of 90 days. Each class is jam packed with so much content which could be followed up with further training and accountability. Let me know if they like any of these. I am happy to talk with any of them about any of these classes. Thanks in advance. Richard Smith The Richard Smith Team LeaderOne Financial Corporation 832.887.1300 22503 Katy Freeway #28 ♦ Katy, TX 77450 Ph: 281-994-4240 ♦ Fax: 281-840-6811