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  • 1. Humble ISD: Greentree Elementary
    STaR Chart
  • 2. Agenda:
    What is the Texas STaRChart
    Why is the STaR Chart required?
    The 4 Key Areas
    The 4 Levels of Progress
    Greentree Elementary: STaR Chart Data
  • 3. What is the Texas Star Chart
    STAR stands for School Technology and Readiness
    The Teas Teacher Star Chart is a teacher tool for planning and self-assessing aligned with long range for technology.
  • 4. Why is the Texas Star Chart Required?
    To comply with federal and state requirements
    Framework for measuring teacher preparedness to equip students with technology knowledge and skills
    Some district funding for technology requires the Texas Star Chart be completed yearly.
  • 5. The 4 Key Areas of the STaR Chart
    Teaching and learning
    Educator Preparation andDevelopment
    Leadership, Administration, & Instrucitonal Support
    Infrastructure for Technology
    *Each Key area is divided into 6 focus areas
  • 6. The 4 Level of Progress
    Early Tech
    Developing Tech
    Advanced Tech
    Target Tech
  • 7. Greentree Elementary Totals 2007-2010
    Key area 1: Teaching and Learning: 50
    Key Area 2: Educator Preparation and Development: 47 (Weakest Area)
    Key Area 2: Administration and Support: 53
    Key Area 4: Infrastructure: 56 (Strongest Area)
  • 8. Greentree Elementary:STaR Chart Data 2007-2010
  • 9. Conclusion:
    Internet Access Connectivity
    Content Area connections
    Communication and Collaboration
    Classroom technology: mobi, elmo, smart boars.
    Online learning
    Student per computer in the classroom
    Professional development for teachers
    Areas of Strength
    Areas for Improvement
  • 10. Texas STaR Chart:
    Access the Texas Star Chart at the following site: http://starchart.esc12.net/