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  • 1. Leadership
  • 2. What is leadership?Leading peopleInfluencing peopleCommanding peopleGuiding people
  • 3. Types of LeadersLeader by the position achievedLeader by personality, charismaLeader by moral exampleLeader by power heldIntellectual leaderLeader because of ability toaccomplish things
  • 4. Managers vs. LeadersManagersFocus on thingsDo things rightPlanOrganizeDirectControlFollows therulesLeadersFocus on peopleDo the right thingsInspireInfluenceMotivateBuildShape entities
  • 5. Common ActivitiesPlanningOrganizingDirectingControlling
  • 6. PlanningManagerPlanningBudgetingSets targetsEstablishesdetailed stepsAllocatesresourcesLeaderDevises strategySets directionCreates vision
  • 7. OrganizingManagerCreatesstructureJob descriptionsStaffingHierarchyDelegatesTrainingLeaderGets people onboard for strategyCommunicationNetworks
  • 8. Directing WorkManagerSolves problemsNegotiatesBrings toconsensusLeaderEmpowerspeopleCheerleader
  • 9. ControllingManagerImplementscontrol systems PerformancemeasuresIdentifiesvariancesFixes variancesLeader MotivateInspireGives sense ofaccomplishment
  • 10. Leadership TraitsIntelligenceMore intelligentthan non-leadersScholarshipKnowledgeBeing able toget things donePhysicalDoesn’t see tobe correlatedPersonalityVerbal facilityHonestyInitiativeAggressiveSelf-confidentAmbitiousOriginalitySociabilityAdaptability
  • 11. Leadership StylesDelegatingLow relationship/low taskResponsibilityWilling employeesParticipatingHigh relationship/low taskFacilitate decisionsAble but unwillingSellingHigh task/highrelationshipExplain decisionsWilling but unableTellingHigh Task/LowrelationshipProvide instructionClosely supervise
  • 12. New Leaders Take NoteGeneral AdviceTake advantageof the transitionperiodGet advice andcounselShow empathyto predecessorLearn leadershipChallengesNeed knowledgequicklyEstablish newrelationshipsExpectationsPersonalequilibrium
  • 13. New Leader TrapsNot learningquicklyIsolationKnow-it-allKeeping existingteamTaking on toomuchCaptured bywrong peopleSuccessorsyndrome
  • 14. Seven Basic PrinciplesHave two to three years to makemeasurable financial and culturalprogressCome in knowing current strategy,goals, and challenges. Formhypothesis on operating prioritiesBalance intense focus on prioritieswith flexibility on implementation….
  • 15. Seven Basic Principles, con’tDecide about new organizationarchitectureBuild personal credibility andmomentumEarn right to transform entityRemember there is no “one” way tomanage a transition
  • 16. Core TasksCreate MomentumMastertechnologies oflearning, visioning,and coalitionbuildingManage oneself
  • 17. Create MomentumFoundation forchangeVision of howthe organizationwill lookBuild politicalbase to supportchangeModify cultureto fit visionLearn and knowabout companySecuring earlywinsFirst set shortterm goalsWhen achievedmake a big dealShould fit longterm strategy
  • 18. Create MomentumBuild credibilityDemanding butcan be satisfiedAccessible butnot too familiarFocused butflexibleActiveCan make toughcalls but humane
  • 19. Master TechnologiesLearn from internal and externalsourcesVisioning - develop strategyPush vs. pull toolsWhat values does the strategy embrace?What behaviors are needed?Communicate the visionSimple text - Best channelsClear meaning - Do it yourself!
  • 20. Enabling Technologies, con’tCoalition buildingDon’t ignore politicsTechnical change notenoughPoliticalmanagement isn’tsame as beingpoliticalPrevent blockingcoalitionsBuild political capital
  • 21. Manage OneselfBe self-awareDefine yourleadership styleGet advice andcounselAdvice is fromexpert to leaderCounsel isinsightTypes of helpTechnicalPoliticalPersonalAdvisor traitsCompetent TrustworthyEnhance yourstatus
  • 22. How Far Can You Go?