Controlling nursing in nepal

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  • 1. National policies and practices on Nursing services • No specific policies and practices for nursing services; • Nursing services is guided by the health services acts and regulations and other public services rules and regulation; • Quality of nursing professionals are monitored by the Nursing council; • Nursing services is an integrated part of the general health services
  • 2. Nepal Nursing Council Act 2052 • First revision 2058 • Total article 31 • According to article no 20 No one is allowed in the country to practice the nursing professional with out registering the council; • Nursing council could recognized the any degree or qualification provided by any educational institutions. • Quality control of the nursing professional including education is the responsibility of council.
  • 3. According to Health service regulation 2055 • There are two groups of nursing services: General Nursing and Public health nursing (Community nursing); • There are 20 different post of the Nursing services; • Nursing service is one the important part of the health services of Nepal.
  • 4. National Health Budget 2067/068 • Total budget: 2451 billion (24 Arab, 51 cros) NRS which counts 7.25% of total National budget; • Health is taken as basic fundamental rights; • Priority is given on: Free health services, Maternal and child health promotion, health services access to the most poor and marginalized groups, Care of the senior citizens, Safe delivery program, and Uterus prolapse treatment. • Health Insurance study for the most poor and marginalized people.
  • 5. Controlling authorities of Nursing Colleges Administrative control Academic control 1. MOHP or authorities delegated by MOHP e.g. Organization, INGOs, NGOs, CTEVT etc 1. University: Board of studies in nursing, faculty of medicine & nursing, academic council or senate. 2.University 2. Nursing council 3. Private Medical collages or organizations 3. Others: governing bodies, college administration, committee,
  • 6. Responsibility of University • Prescribe qualification teaching staff. for principal and • Approve appointment teaching staff of principal and • Formulate syllabus, rules, and regulations for admission, examination and promotion of student.
  • 7. Responsibilities of governing body • Obtain clearance from legislative assembly after full justification for establishment of the college. • Make budgetary appropriation • Provide facilities- building, equipment, library etc. • Provide post of principal and teaching staff • Formulate rule for appointment • Provide post for ancillary staff. • Approve admission rules and regulation • Approve type of fee • Provide adequate clinical facilities