Olpc design analysis

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  • 1. OLPC DESIGN ANALYSIS “One laptop per child”
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  • 28. Members of the OLPC team, working with product design firm Squid Labs, in Alameda, Calif., found that a small child, using her arms to power a hand crank, could produce only 5 to 10 watts for a few minutes before her arms got tired. It would take about 10 minutes of cranking out 5 W to power the machine for 20 minutes in its color graphics mode. The OLPC designers considered solar cells but rejected them as too expensive. They then turned to Squid Labs, which came up with an ingenious solution: a microgenerator powered by a pull string, similar to the assembly used to start a lawn mower. http://spectrum.ieee.org/computing/hardware/the-laptop-crusade/0http://www.technologyreview.com/news/406141/powering-the-100-laptop/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dvdOoXfHwI
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  • 33. I believe feature-wise, and its purpose is bang on. However I tend to question the aesthetic. What I question is does it match the devices purpose?... Having been to areas where this is intended to be used the aesthetic doesnt match. For a lack of better word, it is over-stylized. Will something that looks "cool" become a beacon for theft? Functionally, there are 4 hinges (if you count each antenna "ear" as each having a hinge). Africa in particular is innundated with pervasive red dirt. The stuff gets EVERYWHERE. Tweet: jonwinebrenner youre absolutely correct, it appears to have no connection to its stated purpose. I think most of these designed items for the 3rdworld, "bringing technology to the worlds kids", are design and media exercises for their creators. by pier » April 11th, 2007 http://boards.core77.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12621
  • 34. its designerly aesthetic seems remarkably similar to this: except not as cool... by yo » April 10th, 2007 i just want to see how the I keep thinking of the Apple power crank works... eMate circa 1997 twitter.com/madhero101 by cg » April 11th, 2007 If this thing is durable, Unless there is an but looks like a toy, isarmed guard these that a good designthings are a beacon decision? for theft. Tweet: jonwinebrenner Tweet: jonwinebrenner http://boards.core77.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12621
  • 35. So my concern is more the design of the product. This thing is slick and very modern looking. It LOOKS better and more expensive than $130. Even ifthese devices get into children’s hands, is having them look the way they do going to attract more attention? I suppose 1M units going to Nigeria could effectively flood the market and make this point moot. But I still question the aesthetic of a product that looks like it should be sitting on my desk next to my iPod in the environment that it is going to. http://www.aialone.com/ youre absolutely correct, it appears to have no connection to its stated purpose. I think most of these designed items for the 3rdworld, "bringing technology to the worlds kids", are design and media exercises for their creators. by pier » April 11th, 2007 http://inhabitat.com/fuseprojects-award-winning-xo-laptop/
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