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Dispositivos Móviles para el Aprendizaje
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Dispositivos Móviles para el Aprendizaje

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Presentación para entender mejor los móviles para el aprendizaje en el Tec de Monterrey campus Queretaro

Presentación para entender mejor los móviles para el aprendizaje en el Tec de Monterrey campus Queretaro

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  • 1. ENTENDIENDO LOS DISPOSITIVOS MÓVILES EN EL APRENDIZAJE Diseño Industrial, campus Querétaro (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 2. Cambios de actitud
    • Altas expectativas al recibir el móvil, transformadas en decepción ante problemas de operación, interface, etc
    • Sensación de potencial hacia posibles aplicaciones del dispositivo, limitadas por falta de tiempo para explorar
    • Bajas expectativas iniciales, aumentando al descubrir nuevos nichos de aplicación
    • Creación de dependencia , nuevas necesidades
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 3. Usos del dispositivo
    • Ventajas y desventajas de conexión 24/7
    • Limitaciones como teléfono
    • Orientación hacia negocios, viajes
    • Instalación de aplicaciones (suite educativa)
    • Alternativa ante riesgos de seguridad (laptop)
    • Período inicial de adaptación a interface
    • Descarga de batería
    • Modem para laptop
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 4. 24/7 communication (1)
    • Always online
      • “ I am very happy to be communicated always ”
      • “ really useful to be connected all the time ”
      • “ I reply mails… (but only short answers) ”
      • “ I can always read my mails no matter where I am ”
      • “ I like to be able to check my e-mail right away and keep in touch with my teammates ”
    • Social relations
      • “ cada vez que sacaba el telefono... alquien hacia un comentario del tipo "que presumido... con tu blackberry" ”
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 5. 24/7 communication (2)
    • Gateway
      • “ I just use it to check my mails to know if I need to check it on the computer or not ”
      • “ now I dont miss any email… good for cheking mails but not for writing ”
    • Security
      • “ I dont like to bring it everywhere because I'm afraid I might lose it ”
    • Dependency
      • “ but I also feel trapped by technology and compelled to answer e-mail right away ”
      • “ Having MSN online all day , was at first cool, but it turned annoying ”
      • “ some of us are becoming slowly adicts to the blackberry, in my case to the fact of having an Internet connection all day ”
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 6. Functionality
    • Overwhelmed
      • “ too many functions for me ”
      • “ I have so little time to really explore it… I believe there is still lots of features I have to find ”
    • Unrevealed
      • “ a lot of applications we haven't discovered ”
      • “ I want to find something more useful to do with it ”
      • “ I don't know to use a lot of applications and to configurate a lot of things ”
    • Relevance
      • “ for students like us bb is not very necesary yet. ”
      • “ if Tec made some applications specially for the BB we would use it more often for educational purposes ”
      • “ The most useful thing it had made for me is waking me up so I didn't miss a class ”
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 7. Uses (1)
    • Bored
      • “ I use it when I am very bored ”
      • “ When I'm bored or in a trip I use it ”
      • “ only when i´m bored i take it and i begin using it ”
      • “ I use it a little, only in my free time ”
      • “ The function I have used the most is the entertainment part beacuse now I have TV, messenger, games, web pages wherever I am ”
    • New scenarios
      • “ a lot of people, (teachers, security) have problems accepting this new technology ”
      • “ I have misused it being in messenger during classes ”
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 8. Uses (2)
    • Needs
      • “ being honest, it wasn't something I really needed ”
      • “ before having it I really didn´t need it ”
      • “ I have not found yet the advantage a student of Tec de Monterrey can have with a BB ”
      • “ very useful for the kinds of things that I do, is like having my laptop with me ”
      • “ it has been useful also for my outside job ”
      • “ I think that student groups can improve the performance by using it ”
    • Anxiety
      • “ when the battery is running out I feel some anxiety to charge it as soon as posible ”
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 9. “ Creative destruction”
    • Camera
      • “ I don’t have to carry my camera ”
      • “ this camera is easy to hide so people don't notice they are being captured ”
    • Phones
      • “ now I am caring 3 phones!!! ”
    • SMS
      • “ I always fought with predictive text but this cell I have begun to worship! ”
    • Computer
      • “ I still take a long time to write mails... so I rather use my computer ”
      • “ it is easier and confortable to take my lap to do any kind of homework ”
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 10. Transition (1)
    • Intuition
      • “ it hasn't been easy… certain things that weren't so intuitive ”
      • “ t he interface is not very intuitive ”
      • “ t he keyboard at first was horrible, but it is only a matter habit ”
      • “ it's quite frustrating trying to write anything ”
      • “ at first, typing was not very easy for me ”
      • “ instead of "enter" y always pressed the delete key ”
      • “ I have used the sure type mode and it is very easy for me ”
    • Excitement
      • “ I was not excited about getting it ”
      • “ at fist, is difficult to use… the first feeling is frustration ”
      • “ At the begining i was very excited… but after a week it became less charming ”
      • “ I feel happy to have it, but now it`s not as exciting as it was the first day ”
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 11. Transition (2)
    • Adaptation
      • “ I especially took me time to learn ... I'm like getting addicted to it ” [sic]
      • “ At first, it was a little complicated to get used to the interface… now it is very easy for me to work with it ”
      • “ I get used and in fact it was easy to use ”
      • “ I am used to write messages in the regular cell phone so the change is difficult to get used to ”
    • “ As time went by i used it less and less ”
    • “ I feel sometimes frustrated with it, because sometimes I don't know how to do some actions ”
    • “ I'm hopeful that the device will get better with time, and when we get used to it we can try some new possibilities with it ”
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 12. Bugs & problems
    • “ text messages arriving very late (20 min) ”
    • “ desktop manager is very very slow”
    • “ things are quite different depending on the applications”
    • “ it does not have a good communication with the user ”
    • “ the tiny screen you can't see things easily”
    • “ I will feel better when I find something to do”
    • “ webpages d not look like in a computer and it difficult to read them ”
    • “ what I dont like about it is the time the battery last ”
    • “ the device and interface are difficult to use and understand ”
    • “ it has cons too, the beeping and lighting every time I receive a spam ”
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 13.
    • Propuestas concretas
    Aprendizaje fuera del aula (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 14. Aprendizaje móvil
    • “ Sacar” el aprendizaje del aula (laptop)
    • Breves cápsulas de repaso, aplicación, aportaciones para/por los alumnos
      • Canales RSS por materia: incluir a otros profesores, graduados
    • Nuevas vías de interacción para mantener contacto fuera de la sesión (asincrónica)
      • Cuestionarios, encuestas por tema/parcial
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 15. Formato: “chunks” RSS
    • Aplicaciones relevantes por su formato, tipo de información, cantidad, temáticas...
      • http://www.litefeeds.com/
      • http://www2.mobispine.com/
      • http://www.viigo.com/
    • Propuesta: software ITESM-RSS con canales por carrera/materia
    http://www.miblackberry.com/2007/06/13/lectores-rss-para-dispositivos-blackberry.html (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 16. Interacción: Surveys
    • Aplicaciones relevantes por su duración e interactividad, útiles como guías de estudio (feedback)
      • http://www.surveymonkey.com
      • http://freeonlinesurveys.com/
    • Propuesta: aplicaciones ITESM para crear y manejar encuestas con retroalimentación
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)
  • 17. Proyecto “Carpooling”
    • Sistema móvil para coordinar trayectos compartidos casa-escuela-casa
    • Mensajes instantáneos
      • Twitter, MSN, GoogleTalk, BB messenger...
    • Masa crítica
    • Segmentación geográfica
    • Incentivos en campus (estacionamiento)
    (C) Dr. Ricardo Sosa (rdsosam@itesm.mx)