All about england!


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All about england!

  1. 1. All about ENGLAND!
  2. 2. •I am from England.•England is part of the United Kingdom.
  3. 3. •England is in Europe.•England is a small country but lots of people live there.•More than 50 million people live in England.
  4. 4. The regions of England
  5. 5. •England has lots of different regions•They are all very different
  6. 6. The North East•I am from the NorthEast of England.•It has lots of countryside in Northumberland but it also has some big cities.
  7. 7. Newcastle
  8. 8. Sunderland
  9. 9. Durham
  10. 10. NorthumberlandNational Park
  11. 11. Bamburgh Castle
  12. 12. Alnwick Castle• The main location for the Harry Potter films
  13. 13. Chipchase CastleAlnwickCastle(Hogwarts!)
  14. 14. The Angel of the North•‘The Angel of the North’ is a huge sculpture•It is a very famous and unusual landmark in the North East of England
  15. 15. North West England•The North West iswell known for itsbig cities and a largerural area called theLake District.
  16. 16. Manchester
  17. 17. Liverpool
  18. 18. The Lake District• The Lake District is the most beautiful area in England.• It is very popular with tourists.• There are lots of hills to climb and beautiful areas to walk around. There are also lots of beautiful lakes
  19. 19. Yorkshire•Yorkshire isa very smallregion
  20. 20. Leeds
  21. 21. Sheffield
  22. 22. The Midlands • The Midlands is made up of the East Midlands and the West Midlands
  23. 23. The Midlands has England’s secondcity: Birmingham
  24. 24. Stratford-Upon-Avon• Stratford-Upon-Avon is in the West Midlands.• It is one of the most famous places in England.• It is where William Shakespeare was born.• It is a very beautiful place to visit.
  25. 25. East of England• The East of England region• It includes the counties of Essex,Hertfordshire,Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire,Norfolk and Suffolk.
  26. 26. Cambridge• The city of Cambridge has the world’s best university – The University of Cambridge.
  27. 27. Peterborough
  28. 28. St Albans
  29. 29. South East of England•The South East of England isa very large area and it isEngland’s most populousregion.It includes the Isle of Wight
  30. 30. Oxford
  31. 31. Isle of Wight
  32. 32. Windsor
  33. 33. The South West of England •The South West is the biggest region in England •It is said to be the leg of England
  34. 34. Cornwall• Cornwall has its own language, Cornish.• It is famous for its food, especially Cornish pasties.
  35. 35. Cornwall hasbeautifulbeaches andsmall towns
  36. 36. The Eden Project• The Eden project is a famous tourist attraction in Cornwall.• It is full of exotic plants
  37. 37. Torquay, Devon
  38. 38. Bath, Somerset
  39. 39. Bournemouth, Dorset
  40. 40. The Capital City•The capital city of England is London.•London is a very famous city.
  41. 41. •Lots of people go to London for their holidays.•London has lots of tourist attractions.
  42. 42. •Forexample:•Big Benand theHouses ofParliament.
  43. 43. The London Eye
  44. 44. Tower Bridge
  45. 45. London is alsofamous for…•Red buses
  46. 46. • The Underground
  47. 47. EnglishTraditions
  48. 48. Typical English food • A “Full English” • This is a very popular dish in England for breakfast • The normal ingredients are bacon, eggs, tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread and sausages.
  49. 49. Tea!• In England, it is very popular to have a cup of tea at any time during the day!
  50. 50. We usually eat scones with our teaThese arescones withclottedcream andstrawberries
  51. 51. CrumpetsAflat, small, round piece bread.They areusually eatenwith butter orjam.
  52. 52. Fish and chips
  53. 53. Yorkshire puddings (my favourite!)
  54. 54. Cumberland sausage
  55. 55. The Royal Family
  56. 56. • In England, the Royal Family is very popular.• They live at Buckingham Palace.
  57. 57. The Queen• The Queen of England is called Elizabeth II• She is 85 years old.• She has two birthdays!• Her real birthday is 21April but because she is Queen,she celebrates another onein June.
  58. 58. Prince William and Catherine, Duchessof Cambridge(William and Kate)
  59. 59. The Royal Wedding• In April 2011, William and Kate married.• It was a big celebration for everyone in England.
  60. 60. Sports
  61. 61. Football • England’s national team is very popular although we never win! • Our national stadium is Wembley
  62. 62. Wayne Rooney
  63. 63. Frank Lampard
  64. 64. Theo Walcott
  65. 65. Cricket • Another popular sport is cricket. • It is played between two teams of eleven players each who score runs (points) by running between two sets of three small, wooden posts called wickets.
  66. 66. Cricket ground
  67. 67. BallBat Stumps
  68. 68. • At the moment, England are the best cricket team in the world!
  69. 69. Wimbledon• It is the oldest tennis tournament in the world.• It is the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world• This year’s male winner was Novak Djokovic
  70. 70. At Wimbledon, all players must wearwhite clothes.
  71. 71. Famous Englishpeople you may know…
  72. 72. William Shakespeare
  73. 73. David Beckham
  74. 74. The Beatles
  75. 75. The cast of Harry Potter Rupert GrintDaniel EmmaRadcliffe Watson