Branding and Beyond


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Ravi S. Kudesia / Branding and Beyond

The three things you need to know to understand, engage, and create powerful branding campaigns.

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Branding and Beyond

  1. <ul><li>thoughts on branding and beyond. </li></ul><ul><li>ravi s. kudesia / </li></ul>one. authenticity and alignment two. granularity: the macro explained through the micro. three. umbrella ideas and creative raindrops ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  2. what you do speaks so loudly that others can hardly hear what you say. be authentic. deliver the experience your brand promises. marketing is not merely packaging, packaging is part of marketing.
  3. confession. I find the buzzwords-and-models approach to marketing a little reductive; it often distracts rather than illuminates. thus my reservation in contributing my own model to the mix: a framework for increasing alignment in branding campaigns. it understands engagement as the progression of customers through three states of relationships. in doing so, firms can consistently meet customers at precious places of commonality. branding, promotion and loyalty are the three roles of marketing: creating a space, inviting users in, and then retaining them there.
  4. fig 1. the three tier marketing process
  5. true understanding of the forces that enable this process is hard to come by. yet , the physics principle of granularity may provide an insight.
  6. two. granularity: the macro explained through the micro.
  7. ex 1: the market is invariably cluttered, but perhaps not as much as the mind of a customer. previous slide: the universe explained through art by Brooklyn sculptor Josiah McElheny.
  8. the mall thought experiment imagine walking through your local mall seeing the diverse storefronts vying for attention: colors, logos, music, decorations, promotions, employees, samples. some instantly recognized, some vaguely familiar and others completely irrelevant. the mall is your mind. the size of the stores in your mental mall indicates that firm’s mind-share of you. the number of stores present is your selection set. the distance between the actual and mental storefronts measures the effectiveness of branding communications. thus we can understand the market through deeply understanding the individual.
  9. ex 2: hi everybody, my name is ravi s. kudesia, and I am a brand.
  10. <ul><li>b. </li></ul>define yourself online, or be defined by the clutter use whatever media work, there is no one answer. people, think corporate: your point of differentiation, media plan, etc. corporations, think people: your brand personality, values, etc. a. branding takes you places
  11. BIG IDEAS little ideas little ideas little ideas little ideas three. umbrella ideas and creative raindrops.
  12. be you a person or firm, formulate big ideas that unite the macro and micro apply such umbrella ideas to the three tiers and express them using myriad creative executions of the idea.
  13. branding is not easy good help is hard to find!
  14. &quot;A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it.&quot;