Digital scrapbooking in the classroom


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Digital scrapbooking in the classroom

  1. 1. Photolicious Apptivities
  2. 2. What is it?Digital Scrapbooking Why scrapbooking?!   Another form of capturing and !   People taking many photos preserving your memories quickly and easily gives the using graphics  and/or photo opportunity to display and editing programs to design share in new and different ways. your pages. !   Preserves memories in a less   expensive, faster, easily shareable format with many features. !   Storage on CDs and/or DVDs easier to maintain.
  3. 3. It’s Been Around For AwhilePhoto  Journaling  (yearbooks)  =  Digital  Scrapbooking    So,  digital  scrapbooking  is  the  crea<on  of  a  photo  journal    using  tools  such  as  a  digital  camera,  scanner,  computer,  and  image-­‐edi<ng  programs.            
  4. 4. Curriculum-Based Scrapbooking ProjectsRequire the use of reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, as well as thedevelopment of visual literacy and basic technology skills. Explore any topic!!   Reflective Learning!   Timeline for an Event!   Writing Styles!   Class Field Trip!   Favorite Piece of Literature!   Posters/Flyers for School Events!   Historical Event!   A to Z Alphabet Book!   School and/or Class Milestones!   Documenting an Event
  5. 5. More Projects•  Make  up  a  list  of  categories;  most   •  Create  a  photo  map  or  guidebooks:   talka<ve,  funniest,  and  so  on.  Poll   What  are  the  important  landmarks  in   classmates  to  find  the  winners,  then   your  neighborhood?  Create  a  map  or   take  pictures,  and  make  them  up  into   guidebook  illustrated  with  photographs   a  yearbook.  Include  photos  of   that  show  things  a  visitor  should  not   important  school  events.  Start  early.   miss.  •  Tell  a  Story  by  taking  a  series  of   •  Nature  Hunt:  What  are  the  animals  and   photos  that  tell  a  story.  Can  the  story   plants  of  your  neighborhood  or  school   be  told  en<rely  without  words?   campus?  Can  you  capture  them  with  •  Is  there  a  spot  in  your  neighborhood   your  camera?   that  tells  what  life  is  like  there?  Can   •  Metamorphosis:  How  do  things  change   you  take  pictures  that  capture  that   over  <me  and  how  quickly  do  they   life?  Think  about  what  happens  at   change?  Find  something  in  the  class  or   that  spot  at  different  <mes  of  the   outside  that  you  expect  to  change.  It   day.   could  be  a  caterpillar,  a  flower  bud,  or  a  •  Weather  Watch:  How  many  different   tree.  Figure  out  how  quickly  it  is  going   kinds  of  weather  can  you   to  change,  then  take  pictures  at  regular   photograph?  You  could  start  with   intervals  to  show  this  change.   sun,  rain  and  fog.  
  6. 6. More Projects•    Students  can  incorporate  photos  into   •  Younger  students  can  take  pictures  of  one     reports  and  mul<-­‐media  presenta<ons.   another  and  use  them  in  All  About  Me   They  can  also  edit    photos  to  create  all   kinds  of  art.     pieces  at  the  beginning  of  the  year.  They  •  Some  districts  have  their  students   include  photos  from  field  trips,  photos  of   create  a  design  for  mouse  pads  to  sell   teachers,  special  ac<vi<es,  and  of  course,   as  a  technology  fund  raiser.  Students   the  kids  themselves.  Teachers  put  this   can  embellish  photos  of  themselves  for   collec<on  on  CDs  to  give  to  parents  at  the   the  mouse  pads.  •  Use  photos  on  the  school  website,  Its  a   end  of  the  school  year.     way  for  parents  to  be  more  a  part  of   •  More  ideas  on  Educa<on  World   their  childs  day,  and  its  nice  for     rela<ves  who  may  not  live  near  the   child  to  feel  more  connected.    •  Encourage  teachers  to  use  the  cameras   with  their  students  to  adopt  a  sec<on   of  our  campus  and  keep  a   photographic  record  of  the  seasonal   change.  
  7. 7. Student Favorites!  BFF – A student favorite, this project allows for lots of creativity.!  Family History!  Personal Journaling!  End-of-Year Friendship Book!  Personalized Cards
  8. 8. Teacher ProjectsBack-to-School to End-of-YearScrapbook!  Take pics from the first day of school to the last day.!  Create scrapbook pages.!  Pages saved as images and used in videos.
  9. 9. Digital Image FormatsJPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is the default seing for most digitalcameras. The format is compressed and file is fairly small. Will loose pixels when savedeach time.TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is the best choice for scanned images. Take up morespace than JPEGs but are not lossy (won’t loose pixels). Best option for scrapbooking.GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) files are for online use where size is of primaryconcern. Limited color choices and high compression. Not really appropriate for digitalscrapbooking.        PNG (Portable Network Graphic) files were created in response to limitations with theGIF format. PNG images cannot be animated like GIF images. PNG files are lossless,which means that they do not lose quality during editing.
  10. 10. Planning and Prep!  Decide on theme or tone.!  Gather all images.!  A storyboard can be used to write a draft of any text items you will be using.!  Create a layout for each page. This can be sketched.
  11. 11. Working with Images•  Use photos taken by you or students•  Use photos taken by parents•  Use photos taken by someone else (Remember Copyright) –  Pics4Learning –  FreeFoto –  PD Photo –  Photohome•  Use clip-art –  Open Clip Art Library –  Public Domain Clip Art – –  MorgueFile
  12. 12. Working with Images•  Scan photos and objects to create digital images. –  Any object that fits in the scan bed can be scanned.(patches, ribbons, awards) –  Scan souvenirs and mementos that relate to your theme like in the example shown here.
  13. 13. Working with ImagesNo Photoshop, no problem! In place of Photoshop, you can use PicMonkey or Pixlr.These are free online photo editing sites. Pixlr is a favorite since it can be used in avariety of formats. Use in a web browser or download the Android or iOS app foryour device.! Pixlr - Also available as an iOS and Android app.! PicMonkey - Click here to view video tutorial.! BeFunky touts snazzy filters and image effects.! Creative Kit allows you to crop, rotate, change exposure and edit other features of pictures you have uploaded. Formerly known as Picnik.! iPiccy has tons of tools for simple online photo edits and very similar to the once known Picnik.! Sumo Paint like Photoshop offers many of the photo editing giants useful tools.! Pixlr Express is the basic version of Pixlr, which has a more advanced online photo editor with tools similar to Photoshop.! Thumba offers all the basic photo edit necessities.
  14. 14. Working with TextBe aware of a potential problem called font substitution.This occurs when someone opens a file that was created bysomeone else and the file uses a font that is not on theperson’s computer.
  15. 15. Tips for Building a Page!  You can always add or take away anything before saving the page (slide) as an image.!  You can put more than one picture per page. (collage)!  Don’t get stuck puing everything in the middle. Move things around and angle in different directions.!  Make sure your color choice and design fit the theme or tone of your page.
  16. 16. PowerPoint for Digital ScrapbookingPowerPoint + Backgrounds +Graphics + Pics + Imagination = Digital ScrapbookAdvantages: !   Great for beginners and younger students. !   We already have PowerPoint so no new software is needed. !   Slides can be used to create scrapbook pages. !   Set slides to any size. !   Clip-art readily available. !   Can insert graphics, sounds, and video. !   Rotate, crop, and adjust pics. !   PowerPoint is cross platform running on both PCs and Macs. !   Can animate pics and embellishments.
  17. 17. PowerPoint for Digital ScrapbookingDisadvantages: !   Printing quality is considered low but gets the job done. !   Not as many options and features. !   Doesn’t create layers, but you can move images forward or backwards creating a layered look.
  18. 18. My Favorite Freebie Sites! hp://! hp://! hp:// (will save as a PSD file)