Digital Scrapbooking in the Classroom


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Saw a presentation and added to it. Not sure where but I love digital scrapbooking.

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Digital Scrapbooking in the Classroom

  1. 1. PhotoliciousApptivities
  2. 2. What is it?Digital Scrapbooking Why scrapbooking? Another form of People taking many capturing and photos quickly and preserving your easily gives the memories using opportunity to display graphics and/or and share in new and photo editing different ways. programs to design Preserves memories in your pages. a less expensive, faster, easily shareable format with many features.
  3. 3. It’s Been Around For AwhilePhoto Journaling (yearbooks) = Digital ScrapbookingSo, digital scrapbooking is the creation of a photojournal using tools such as a digital camera, scanner,computer, and image-editing programs.
  4. 4. Curriculum-Based Scrapbooking ProjectsRequire the use of reading, writing, and critical thinkingskills, as well as the development of visual literacy andbasic technology skills. Explore any topic! Reflective Learning Timeline for an Event Writing Styles Class Field Trip Favorite Piece of Literature Posters/Flyers for School Events Historical Event A to Z Alphabet Book School and/or Class Milestones Documenting an Event
  5. 5. More Projects• Make up a list of categories; most • Create a photo map or guidebooks: talkative, funniest, and so on. Poll What are the important landmarks in classmates to find the winners, then your neighborhood? Create a map or take pictures, and make them up into guidebook illustrated with photographs a yearbook. Include photos of that show things a visitor should not important school events. Start early. miss.• Tell a Story by taking a series of • Nature Hunt: What are the animals and photos that tell a story. Can the story plants of your neighborhood or school be told entirely without words? campus? Can you capture them with• Is there a spot in your neighborhood your camera? that tells what life is like there? Can • Metamorphosis: How do things change you take pictures that capture that over time and how quickly do they life? Think about what happens at change? Find something in the class or that spot at different times of the outside that you expect to change. It day. could be a caterpillar, a flower bud, or a• Weather Watch: How many different tree. Figure out how quickly it is going kinds of weather can you to change, then take pictures at regular photograph? You could start with intervals to show this change. sun, rain and fog.
  6. 6. More Projects• Students can incorporate photos into • Younger students can take pictures of one reports and multi-media presentations. another and use them in All About Me They can also edit photos to create all kinds of art. pieces at the beginning of the year. They• Some districts have their students include photos from field trips, photos of create a design for mouse pads to sell teachers, special activities, and of course, as a technology fund raiser. Students the kids themselves. Teachers put this can embellish photos of themselves for collection on CDs to give to parents at the the mouse pads. end of the school year.• Use photos on the school website, Its a way for parents to be more a part of • More ideas on Education World their childs day, and its nice for relatives who may not live near the child to feel more connected.• Encourage teachers to use the cameras with their students to adopt a section of our campus and keep a photographic record of the seasonal change.
  7. 7. Student FavoritesBFF – A student favorite, this projectallows for lots of creativity.Family HistoryPersonal JournalingEnd-of-Year Friendship BookPersonalized Cards
  8. 8. Teacher ProjectsBack-to-School toEnd-of-Year Scrapbook Take pics from the first day of school to the last day. Create scrapbook pages. Pages saved as images and used in
  9. 9. Digital Image FormatsJPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is the default settingfor most digital cameras. The format is compressed and file isfairly small. Will loose pixels when saved each time.TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is the best choice for scannedimages. Take up more space than JPEGs but are not lossy(won’t loose pixels). Best option for scrapbooking.GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) files are for online use wheresize is of primary concern. Limited color choices and highcompression. Not really appropriate for digital scrapbooking.PNG (Portable Network Graphic) files were created in responseto limitations with the GIF format. PNG images cannot beanimated like GIF images. PNG files are lossless, which means
  10. 10. Planning and PrepDecide on theme or tone.Gather all images.A storyboard can be used to write a draftof any text items you will be using.Create a layout for each page. This can besketched.
  11. 11. Working with Images• Use photos taken by you or students• Use photos taken by parents• Use photos taken by someone else (Remember Copyright) – Pics4Learning – FreeFoto – PD Photo – Photohome• Use clip-art – Open Clip Art Library – Public Domain Clip Art – – MorgueFile
  12. 12. Working with Images• Scan photos and objects to create digital images. – Any object that fits in the scan bed can be scanned.(patches, ribbons, awards) – Scan souvenirs and mementos that relate to your theme like in the
  13. 13. Working with ImagesNo Photoshop, no problem! In place of Photoshop, you canuse PicMonkey or Pixlr. These are free online photo editingsites. Pixlr is a favorite since it can be used in a variety offormats. Use in a web browser or download the Android oriOS app for your device. Pixlr - Also available as an iOS and Android app. PicMonkey - Click here to view video tutorial. BeFunky touts snazzy filters and image effects. Creative Kit allows you to crop, rotate, change exposure and edit other features of pictures you have uploaded. Formerly known as Picnik. iPiccy has tons of tools for simple online photo edits and very similar to the once known Picnik. Sumo Paint like Photoshop offers many of the photo editing giants useful tools. Pixlr Express is the basic version of Pixlr, which has a
  14. 14. Working with TextBe aware of a potential problem called fontsubstitution. This occurs when someoneopens a file that was created by someoneelse and the file uses a font that is not onthe person’s computer.
  15. 15. Tips for Building a PageYou can always add or take away anythingbefore saving the page (slide) as animage.You can put more than one picture perpage. (collage)Don’t get stuck putting everything in themiddle. Move things around and angle indifferent directions.Make sure your color choice and design fitthe theme or tone of your page.
  16. 16. PowerPoint for Digital ScrapbookingPowerPoint + Backgrounds +Graphics + Pics + Imagination= Digital ScrapbookAdvantages: Great for beginners and younger students. We already have PowerPoint so no new software is needed. Slides can be used to create scrapbook pages. Set slides to any size. Clip-art readily available. Can insert graphics, sounds, and video. Rotate, crop, and adjust pics. PowerPoint is cross platform running on both PCs and Macs.
  17. 17. PowerPoint for Digital ScrapbookingDisadvantages: Printing quality is considered low but gets the job done. Not as many options and features. Doesn’t create layers, but you can move images forward or backwards creating a layered look.
  18. 18. My Favorite Freebie Sites (will saveas a PSD file)