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A showcase, evaluation and demo of the free open source concrete5 content management system. Presented for the Free Open Source Business Apps group on 14 Nov 2013.

A showcase, evaluation and demo of the free open source concrete5 content management system. Presented for the Free Open Source Business Apps group on 14 Nov 2013.

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  • 1. concrete5 workshop Russell Searle Principal Consultant, Psicom Melbourne Business Apps Group Free Open SourceJoomla! User Group 27 March Nov 2013 14 2013
  • 2. Agenda • Overview • Feature set • Site builders • Designers • Developers • Enterprise • Marketplace • Learning concrete5 • Demos • Best bits of concrete5 • Q&A
  • 3. Overview • Content system focused on ease of use • Equally pitched to site builders, designers and developers • Register sites with community • Browse, purchase and install add-ons direct from online marketplace • Some enterprise services • Not a mature product or ecosystem yet, but very healthy and promising
  • 4. Features for site builders • Leverage content creation and authoring model • Page-centric approach • In-context WYSIWYG editing and page assembly • Lego-style page assembly: • Page types, themes, blocks, stacks, content, HTML • Drag-and-drop, cut-and-paste, clipboard • Informal and simple, short learning curve • Straightforward dashboard within easy reach • Comprehensive content authoring services
  • 5. Features for designers • Simple framework-agnostic theming • Adapt an ordinary HTML theme • Add a few lines of boilerplate PHP to the index page • Bootstrap 3.0, YAML etc themes in marketplace • Artisteer produces concrete5 themes • Theme may include several page types, single pages, attributes
  • 6. Features for developers • Standard MVC pattern • Hierarchical folder structure for overrides: • Custom objects in site root folders override core and package objects in core / package folders • Theme pages override site page types • Special rules for helpers, overrides of packages and package elements, and themes • JQuery, Zend Framework classes, ADOdb layer • Very good documentation and forums • Certification options, community badges • Good opportunity to build marketplace add-ons
  • 7. Enterprise offering • Extended content publishing workflow • Internationalisation • Site architecture and stability audit
  • 8. Marketplace features • Marketplace is emerging • Some vertical business applications, but not a full range • Most add-ons are UI widgets, content blocks, developer tools etc • Single-site licences, one-off purchases, no subscriptions • Vertical business apps: • eCommerce with many plug-ins; bridges to other shopping carts • Real estate • Directories, ad servers • Membership, sports clubs • Document library, media library • Events and bookings • Forum, social media …
  • 9. Learning concrete5 • Getting started videos • Online editor’s guide • Video training tracks for editors, designers and develo • Online expert training classes (course fees) • Developer reference • How-tos and forums • concrete5 books from Packt
  • 10. Demos
  • 11. Best bits of concrete5 • JavaScript front-end page assembly workspace (major improvements coming in v5.7) • User-friendly HTML5 content assembly • Straightforward development of add-ons • Very good documentation and training
  • 12. Q&A